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Table Chair Design – Innovative design meets functionality in Numo and Casattava

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Designers across the globe are working relentlessly on the design aspects of various items like design, in order to improve their . The idea behind is to offer maximum comfort & convenience to the users, especially for those who use it for extended hours and multiple purposes. Out of all such designs, there are a few that catch our fancy, purely because of the deep thought that has gone behind these designs, and the simplicity with which they deliver the comfort and functionality; thus solving some issues in a highly scientific manner.  This entails the detailed study of the usage pattern of these furniture items, identification of areas of improvement and application of basic design & scientific principles to find the most appropriate solution.


We present to you two such furniture pieces –  A table and a chair and you would know exactly what we meant in the previous paragraph.

Casattava – / Table



FLAT, EASY and FAST – That is the design philosophy behind Casattava, which is meant to deliver pure functionality.


Casattava is a 100 per cent birch plywood desk that adapts to the everyday activities and growth of its users at different ages. The flatpack desk, with its interlocking system of joints, is quickly assembled and disassembled without any tools, and the height can be adjusted for the user. Casattava has two blackboard covers which can be used to take notes and hide the storage compartments. The same blackboard finishing is used for the upper round bar, where you can also attach a clamp lamp or a paper roll. An engraving serves to hold pens and the tubular bar offers space for a clamp lamp or even a roll of paper. Single components can be substituted once broken, without buying the whole new product. Casattava can be easily personalized and organized with its clever functionalities, and truly support the everyday activities of user’s life.









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Someone is going back to school, someone else is going back to work, but everyone needs a desk! #casattava is the desk that follows you from 5 years old up to 100! It is able to change its height following the one of its user, providing all is needed! Casattava is #flat #easy and #fast. Completely designed with a joints interlocking system, it doesn't require any tool to be mounted. It's packaging is flat and light, as all its pieces, in order to be easy storage. Casattava has been selected as one of the finalist and best project of #fscdesignaward2017. Design by: @design_prode + @herraheikki Produced by: @studioarredi #designprode #studioarredi #desk #furnituredesign #interiordesign #wood #joints #fast #easy #flat #kids #office #house #interlocking #study #work #design #italy #finland #denmark🇩🇰 #turin🇮🇹 #copenhagen #olu #fsc #fscdesignaward2017 #sustainable #sustainabledesign #designforcomponets #designforassembly

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Casattava has won the international Red Dot Design Award 2019, and has been chosen as one of the finalists of FSC Design 2017 in Denmark.


As per the Red Dot Jury


The well-thought-out and straightforward design of the height adjustable Casattava desk is to a high degree focused on delivering functionality.

Manufacturer: Studio Arredi S.r.l., Narzole (Cuneo), Italy

Design: Prode Matteo Zaghi Turin, Italy       Pistejaviiva, Heikki Herranen, Oulu, Finland



Aeris Numo – Chair



Aeris Numo offers a unique form of movement. Thanks to the clever design and a special movement mechanism, no force is required.


The aim in designing the numo chair was to lend the familiar cantilever chair a new form, enhanced by an additional dimension. Classic forms were to be combined with innovative technology. At its core is an aeris kinematic system consisting of four flex points, which has been consistently integrated between the frame and the plastic seat shell. This allows the seated person to swing not only backwards, but also forwards. Thus, numo offers excellent ergonomic features and great comfort even when sitting for a long time.


The posture is optimally supported in every position: in a prone sitting position while eating or writing as well as in a relaxed, reclined position when discussing, pondering or reading.


Thanks to its timeless and functional design, this chair opens up a wide range of possibilities for use, such as meeting rooms in the office, waiting rooms, restaurants, lounges, but also the home office and dining table.


In addition, the version with skid frame is also suitable for outdoor use. Offering five different colours and four frame models, the chair concept provides for numerous customisable design arrangements. This is complemented by the option of freely combinable non-slip seat cushions in matching or contrasting colours. The surprisingly versatile numo chair is fun and offers “moving” features also in a figurative sense.


Aeris Numo is the winner of prestigious Design Award 2019.

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As per Designer Andreas Ostwald


“The movement scheme: This parallel guide with crossed lever arms that are not mounted on axles but between double Desmopan discs one would almost like to call the spinal disc principle of the spine – in any case there is a self-regulating damping and an adaptation of the movement that corresponds to the human anatomy no defined axes of rotation, but dynamically moving points correspond to the human movement patterns. The mechanism: The principle of the sheared scales – a normal seesaw works with the shift of the center of gravity and requires force / weight to be able to leave the respective stable state again · The sheared scale works without this penalty of previous movement patterns there are no unstable or stable conditions and that’s why Numo is so comfortable ..- The graphic pattern shown is the symbolic trajectory of the mechanics”

Manufacturer: aeris GmbH, Haar, Germany
Designostwalddesign, Andreas Ostwald, Hamburg, Germany


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