countertop design

countertop design

open plan living room with a cooking space, black marble countertop, grey metallic body of countertop, side table with chairs, hanging light above the table, flooring, beige walls, small pantry, built-in oven, glass cabinet with light
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Design of island kitchen: Things to know & 15 ideas to steal

When planning or renovating a kitchen, there is a lot to consider. From layout and appliances to the colour scheme and material palette, there are …

Modern design for kitchen in black colour with pendant lights and bar stools
accessories for kitchenappliances for kitchencountertop design

Modern design for kitchen: 49+ ideas offering endless versatility

The kitchen is likely the area in your home that gets used the most, and if it isn’t, we’re going to change that with these …

grey and brown glossy modular kitchen
accessories for kitchenappliances for kitchenArchitectural, Furniture, Kitchen Fittings & Hardware

Designing a Kitchen: Unraveling 23+ tips to upgrade your kitchen

The kitchen is a fundamental part of the house, and designing it is extremely subjective. From storage space to kitchen tiles, everything needs careful planning …

marble accent wall
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Marble: How to pick the right type for timeless interiors? (+buying options)

Marble is an incredibly strong and beautiful metamorphic rock that can be sculptured into custom shapes for various applications such as flooring, countertops, and more. …

minimalistic kitchen
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Shift towards minimalist interior kitchen design

In the building and interiors industry, we often hear the word ‘Minimalism’. What does this word imply and how does it translate into the elements …

Countertop Neolith
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Countertop designs & materials: Spoil yourself with never ending options. (40+ designs)

Countertop designs such as marble, granite, quartz, quartzite, steel, and more catch the attention of the user instantly. Also, it is a solution that has …

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Designer Kitchens: 50+ ritzy ideas and brands

Luxury modern modular kitchens not only provide greater efficiency but also reflect class and supreme aesthetics. Such kitchens have excellent designer kitchen cabinets, designer kitchen …

modular kitchen design
appliances for kitchenchaircountertop design

Modular kitchen design – Everything you need to know (+27 ideas)

Whether it is a small kitchen or a designer kitchen, planning a kitchen layout is a great hurdle. It requires careful planning and a big …

hafele ceaserstone quartz countertop for kitchen
accessories for kitchencountertop designdesign

Hafele’s Caesarstone Metropolitan Collection: Kitchen countertops with dimensional surfaces and unpolished colours

The Caesarstone Metropolitan Collection by Hafele is crafted beauty reflective of the layers found in industrial art and architecture, highlighting dimensional surfaces and unpolished colours …

modular kitchen price
accessories for kitchenappliances for kitchenArchitects

Modular kitchen price: How much do they cost?

Modular kitchens are not well-explained, and as a result, not a well-appreciated subject. When you are in the market for premium kitchens, their countertop, cabinets, …

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