designer lights

designer lights

Simple small modern white colour living room with neutral colour scheme
chairdecordecorative lights for home

29+ budget-friendly living room decoration ideas

The living room, more than any other room in your house, demands consideration in terms of interior design ideas and decorating items. You spend as …

brown modern bedroom with hanging lights, chandelier, simple white room rug design, side table and indoor plants, door design
Bedroom Decorbedroom false ceilingBedroom furniture

Simple bedroom design: 30+ Opulent ideas, mistakes & remedies

The right design elements in home decor can have a positive impact on your mental health and well-being. An effective home design can reduce stress, …

brown with white toilet, mirrors, hanging lights, with cabinets, shelves, and ceiling lights, and washbasin in a small designer bathroom idea
BathroomBathroom design ideaBathroom Fittings, Accessories & Furniture

20 Designer bathroom ideas for fancy & functional decor inspiration

You don’t have to be a bubble bath enthusiast to enjoy and appreciate a beautifully designed bathing space. A bathroom has become a place where …

beautiful living room with floor lamps, biophilic touch with indoor plants, sofa
Bedroom Decorchairdecor

Floor lamps: Choosing the right style for trendy decor (Shop online)

Interior decor elements play an important role in making a house feel like “home”. Nowadays, we have numerous options booming in the market which makes it …

modern and maximalist living room design with blue sofa, black floral printed curtains, wall paintings, glass table and fireplace
Bedroom DecorBedroom furnitureBedroom wall design

Home decorating ideas: Top 10 trends to portray your personality

People can flaunt their modern taste and unique style in their homes with ease. While it can be overwhelming to consider designing and renovating your …

beautiful and classic living room with designer ceiling lights, sofa, coffee table, rug
chairdecordecorative lights for home

7 Living room design mistakes: Expert advice & interior decor ideas

Whether you’re working on an empty space while designing or a crowded room while remodelling, knowing where to start can be difficult. Although professionals make …

Graceful Christmas decoration ideas and decor items for your tree and home
decordecorative lights for homedesign

Christmas decorations: 19+ decor ideas to amplify the festive vibes

Christmas is around the corner. Hence, there is no better way to get into the season’s spirit than by gathering all the best decor ideas …

Simple bedroom decor ideas to decorate both small and large rooms various decorating items
Bedroom Decorbedroom false ceilingBedroom furniture

Bedroom decor ideas: Revealing 23+ ideas only experts know

The bedroom is where your soul dwells as it serves as your tranquil haven, where you retire after a long day. Hence, it makes sense …

Diwali lights for home decor
cove lightingdecordecorative lights for home

Diwali lights decor: Irresistible lighting ideas to try in 2022 (Buy it)

Diwali is around the corner. Everything about this festival is divine, and home decoration is the most essential part of it. Diwali decoration is incomplete …

hanging lights in a dining space with marble top dining table and accent chairs
Bathroomdecordecorative lights for home

Hanging lights simplified: Dimensions, drawings & designs (Buy now!)

Proper lighting is an absolute essential that makes any space workable and liveable. Whether it’s your office or home, a proper lighting plan is a …

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