Door Hardware

Door Hardware

grand home wooden door design
BathroomBuilding With Wooddecor

50+ Wooden door design ideas you don’t wanna miss in 2023

Doors provide a hint of what lies inside and add flair and style to your home. For making doors, nothing can be more beautiful, versatile, …

latest sliding glass door designs for bathroom, wardrobe etc from top brands in India
BathroomBuilding Materialsdecor

71+ Glass doors designs & types for refreshing interiors (Enquire here)

Doors are the sliding or hinged barriers that separate an entryway from being closed or opened. These entryway barriers are very crucial fittings for any …

silver latch, types of latches for sliding or bathroom doors with locks
Architectural, Furniture, Kitchen Fittings & HardwareBathroomBuilding Products

Door latches: The simplest guide to types & materials (Shop here!)

In our modern lives, it is necessary to elevate the security of our space. To fulfill this need, we have a plethora of devices at …

eternia duranium aluminium doors with glass
Aluminium Doors and Windowsdesigndoor design for home

Duranium® for stunning, sleek & sustainable- Eternia windows and doors

The fenestration market in India has witnessed drastic growth in recent decades. This is one of the reasons why innovations in windows and doors are …

antique finish bolt on wooden double doors
Architectural, Furniture, Kitchen Fittings & HardwareBathroomdecor

Tower bolts: Buyer’s guide to top notch door fittings (Buy now)

If you’re looking to upgrade your security, tower bolts are the perfect solution for you. They are durable and easy-to-install security solutions. These tower bolt …

Door mesh or screen with best net design that restricts mosquito entry and perfect for sliding and folding doors.
Aluminium Doors and Windowsdecordesign

Door mesh digest: All you need to know before installing (Buy it!)

Door mesh is well-known for providing your home with the first line of defense. It is either nailed or bead-braided to the vertical stiles and …

Sliding door hardware with small locks and keys, handle design from top folding and sliding door brands
Aluminium Doors and WindowsArchitectural, Furniture, Kitchen Fittings & Hardwaredesign

Sliding door hardware: Decoding the best hardware & brands

Sliding doors are trending nowadays. The ideal sliding door for your home depends on numerous factors, such as the design, glass type, and hardware, like …

different hinges
Architectural, Furniture, Kitchen Fittings & Hardwaredecordesign

Hinges: Everything you need to know! (Buy here)

Hinges are the unsung heroes behind every properly functioning door or window. The smooth performance of all types of doors depends on the quality of …

Hardwares in the wholesale hardware shops 'near me'.
accessories for kitchenArchitectural, Furniture, Kitchen Fittings & HardwareBuilding Materials

Hardware shop near me: Best brands in hardware stores near you

Hardware components constitute the skeleton that shapes your entire space. It is rightly said that hardware is the most critical addition to any commercial or …

door closer in a brown door
Architectural, Furniture, Kitchen Fittings & HardwareDoor HardwareDoors

Door closer: Everything you should know! (Shop @ wholesale)

Slamming doors might seem like a mere inconvenience but it’s much more than that. A violently closing door can cause minor to major injuries especially …

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