gypsum boards

gypsum boards

wooden false ceiling in an open plan bedroom of a holiday home
bedroom false ceilingceiling colourCeiling Solutions

False ceiling contractors in Mumbai | Pune | Bhopal | Indore

False ceilings are basically fitted ceilings that hang a few inches below the original ceiling in a room. Getting a false ceiling is so common …

A beautiful false ceiling grid.
Architecturebedroom false ceilingceiling colour

False ceiling in Lucknow | Jaipur | Kanpur (Price incl.)

False ceilings are a hot trend nowadays as they can dramatically change the overall look of our house. They are known to uplift the aesthetics …

A beautiful gypsum board false ceiling at a reasonable price.
bedroom false ceilingceiling colourCeiling Solutions

False ceiling price per square feet: Steps & factors to analyze price (Enquire now!)

A beautiful false ceiling completes the look of your room in the most exquisite way possible. Over the years, it has gained a lot of …

A beautiful false ceiling grid.
Architecturebedroom false ceilingCeiling Solutions

False ceiling in Gurgaon | Noida | Delhi | Chandigarh | Faridabad

False ceilings are a popular ceiling solution in modern homes. These are different from the standard ceilings and are made up of materials like wood, …

gypsum false ceiling
Bathroombedroom false ceilingBuilding Materials

Gypsum false ceiling : A definitive guide for you (Prices included)

Gypsum false ceiling boards go by many names. You have probably heard of them before as drywalls, plasterboards, or wallboards. So, let us now understand …

pop false ceiling design
Bathroombedroom false ceilingceiling colour

POP false ceiling: 9 things nobody tells you! (Designs included)

Since you are here, you must be planning to build a POP false ceiling sooner or later. We understand the confusion you must be feeling …

simple false ceiling designs
ArchitectsCeiling Solutionscove lighting

25 simple false ceiling designs to prove that less is more

 The paradox of this world is that people run after opulence while forgetting that simplicity is crucial in every aspect of life, including the design …

Mr. Sammeer Pakvasa, Managing Director, Eleganz Interiors Private Limited, contractors for WPP campus at bay 99, a display of drywalls and ecophon ceilings for better performance and office design
Architect TalkArchitectsBuilding Materials

User-centric approach would become the norm in office design: Mr. Sammeer Pakvasa, Eleganz Interiors (Turnkey contractors in Mumbai)

With new requirements and expectations that mix physical spaces with technologically-assisted ways of working, the workplace is becoming a center for creativity. The office building …

hotel room interiors
Building MaterialsBuilding ProductsDrywalls

Gypsum Drywalls – The comfort solution for interior spaces

We spend around 90% of our time indoors, whether at home, work, school, entertainment, or any other place. Therefore, it is critical that the buildings …

Mr. Anil Zadoo, Founder & Director, AJMS Engineers Private Limited - interior contractors in Delhi
Architect TalkArchitectsBuilding Materials

Drywalls are setting new standards in hotel design & construction: Mr. Anil Zadoo, AJMS Engineers Private Limited (Interior contractors in Delhi)

A city’s tendency to flourish without constraint is a commonly noticed trend. To put it another way, their growth is absolutely dynamic and flexible. When …

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