Kitchen Faucets

Kitchen Faucets

washbasin mixer taps in chrome finish, electronic sensor fittings and products for sustainable plumbing
BathroomBathroom design ideaBathroom Fittings, Accessories & Furniture

SCHELL electronic sensor fittings are the new standard for hygiene

× Modern sensor technology has made bathrooms more reliable. Contactless fittings and technologies have become necessary over time to maintain a clean atmosphere, particularly after …

Modern design for kitchen in black colour with pendant lights and bar stools
accessories for kitchenappliances for kitchencountertop design

Modern design for kitchen: 49+ ideas offering endless versatility

× The kitchen is likely the area in your home that gets used the most, and if it isn’t, we’re going to change that with …

Top modular kitchen brands in India with the best kitchen fittings for a seamless cooking experience
accessories for kitchenappliances for kitchendecor

Top 10 modular kitchen brands | Best modular kitchen brands

× Modular kitchens are a key element of every modern home. They are elegant, attractive, and packed with the best quality accessories and appliances. As …

grey and brown glossy modular kitchen
accessories for kitchenappliances for kitchenArchitectural, Furniture, Kitchen Fittings & Hardware

Designing a Kitchen: Unraveling 23+ tips to upgrade your kitchen

× The kitchen is a fundamental part of the house, and designing it is extremely subjective. From storage space to kitchen tiles, everything needs careful …

modern kitchen design with latest decor ideas using pendant lights, faux plants, cabinet lightings, accent furniture, and backlit marble backsplash
designdoor design for homeDoors

61+ Ideas for kitchen decor that are defining 2022

× Often referred to as the heart of the home, the kitchen is an integral part of any household. Therefore, special care must be taken …

minimalistic kitchen
appliances for kitchencountertop designdesign

Shift towards minimalist interior kitchen design

× In the building and interiors industry, we often hear the word ‘Minimalism’. What does this word imply and how does it translate into the …

Hansgrohe rebris e - single liver basin mixer for bathrooms, new product at aqua days 2022
ArchitectsBathroomBathroom design idea

Hansgrohe at Aqua Days 2022: Featuring new additions to the sustainability-focused product mix

× Bathroom products major, Hansgrohe, has unveiled innovative solutions at the 2nd edition of Aqua Days. Here’s a look at some of the products which …

Hansgrohe Ace Tech Delhi_11zon (1)
ArchitectsBathroomBathroom design idea

Unique design innovations and new products by Hansgrohe India at Acetech, Delhi

× At Acetech Delhi, a leading trade exhibition for architecture, interior design, building materials and art, Hansgrohe India, with brands AXOR and hansgrohe, created a …

axor one collection by hansgrohe, bathroom shower system and kitchen products for luxurious bathrooms
ArchitectsBathroomBathroom design idea

Hansgrohe India at ET Acetech, Mumbai & Delhi: Presenting ground-breaking innovations in bathroom and kitchen products

× Asia’s leading trade fair for architecture, design, construction materials, and engineering – Acetech, opens its doors in just a few weeks. This year, hansgrohe …

hansgrohe Jocolino shower heads for children
BathroomBathroom design ideaBathroom Fittings, Accessories & Furniture

Hansgrohe launches Jocolino shower heads: The secret to children showering without tears!

× Hansgrohe, a leading premium German brand in the bath and kitchen industry, has launched Jocolino, an innovative bathroom shower head and hand shower design …

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