Ornamental flowers

Ornamental flowers

Peace lily plant along an azure background
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Peace Lily: Ideal guide for growing & caring (13+decor ideas)

× In today’s urban world, indoor air pollution has become a major threat to our health. However, there are plants easily available in the market …

wwhite orchid flowers, beautiful arrangement of orchids on the table, living room decor, sofa, cushions
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How to grow 12+ Orchid types for exquisite home decor? (Buy now)

× Decorating your home with beautiful plants can be a pleasant yet challenging task. This happens because a lot of time is spent looking for …

Pink flower

Hibiscus: Guide to growing, caring & decorating (32+designs)

× Hibiscus plants belong to the Mallow family, Malvaceae and are one of the most common ornamental flowering plants. The Hibiscus family has over 200 …

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