Outdoor Lighting

Outdoor Lighting

round wall lights adding beauty to your space
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How to accentuate your rooms with designer wall lights? (Buy here!)

The perfect lighting can do wonders for your house by transforming the rooms from dull and gloomy to vibrant and gorgeous. Whether you are illuminating …

Diwali lights for home decor
cove lightingdecordecorative lights for home

Diwali lights decor: Irresistible lighting ideas to try in 2022 (Buy it)

Diwali is around the corner. Everything about this festival is divine, and home decoration is the most essential part of it. Diwali decoration is incomplete …

Bathroomcove lightingdecor

Home lighting design concept & techniques: A specialist’s guide

Lighting design is a much more elaborate process than just selecting the right fixtures. When talking about home lighting design, ensure that various types of …

Best Decorative Lights
Bathroomcove lightingdecorative lights for home

Decorative Lighting- A “how to” digest that interior designers swear by (39+ images)

So, your room has natural lights entering from the proper doors and window systems and some dull decorative lights as well. But, there’s something amiss. …

ceiling lights for home
Bathroomchaircove lighting

Ceiling lights: Things to consider before buying!

Ceiling lights come in different LED designs & price ranges. These decorative lights play an important role in deciding the ambiance of the house. Along …

All you need to know about home and building automation
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Building automation systems: All you need to know about intelligent buildings

Who wouldn’t like their building to be smartly self-sufficient? Building automation gives this efficiency to it. The intelligent building or home automation is the centralized …

Street lighting

Street Lighting: How to ensure long lasting brightness at low costs? (Visual guide)

Street lighting is an important infrastructural lighting form. Without proper outdoor lights, traveling at night becomes a great challenge. It involves LED street & solar …

Solar Lighting _ Panels
decordesigndesigner lights

Solar lighting: How to choose the right one? (All FAQs Answered)

Solar lighting is one of the most efficient breakthroughs in technology. It comes with numerous benefits over conventional lighting methods. The new and advanced solar …

LED lighting
Bathroomdecorative lights for homedesign

LED lighting : A comprehensive guide for professionals! (shop online)

LED lighting has revolutionized the game of the home and commercial illumination. LED lights such as strip, ceiling panel, bulb, tracks, etc. and their exceptional …

Landscaping 101: Features, designs, and ideas
Architecture With Woodchairdecorative lights for home

Landscaping 101: Increase quality of life & value of your house

All of us are very particular about what goes into the interiors of our houses, but often we end up ignoring a very crucial aspect …

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