Wall designs for home

Wall designs for home

Anuj tiles catalogue products for steps, roof, elevation, etc. in prices as per their 2022 list, in stores 'near me'
BathroomBathroom design ideadecor

Anuj Tiles: Things you must know (Price | Catalogue | Dealers)

× Tiles are getting more and more popular in Indian homes, nowadays. This is because these are not only easy to maintain but also come …

Orientbell tiles catalogue products have the best reviews and come in affordable prices in stores near 'me'.
BathroomBedroom Decordecor

Orientbell tiles: A comprehensive digest (Price | Catalogue | Dealers)

× Tiles impact the decor and longevity of a space to a great extent. This is because they come in a variety of colour schemes …

white, black and grey KAG tiles designs in showroom near me with catalogue and price list

KAG tiles: Everything you must know (Price | Catalogue | Dealers)

× Tiles are a go-to option for interior designers and architects looking to instantly enhance the beauty of their projects. When it comes to tiles, …

Nitco tiles catalog products for kitchen, bathroom, etc. in affordable price at stores 'near me'
ArchitectsBathroomBedroom wall design

Nitco tiles: Know all about it (Price | Catalogue | Dealers)

× Tiles are designer surface options that come in a wide variety of designs and styles. Tiles are frequently used to create wall and floor …

Varmora tiles catalogue floor tiles come in affordable price and have the best reviews.

Varmora tiles: Know all about it (Price | Catalogue | Dealers)

× Tiles are more than just safe flooring for your home’s interior spaces. These contribute significantly to the interior design of your house by fostering …

white floor Exxaro tiles catalogue and price list review from their official website

Exxaro tiles: Know all about it (Price | Catalogue | Dealers)

× Tiles are typically used as wall or floor coverings. These can be made from numerous materials like stone, ceramic, baked clay, metal or sometimes …

Kota stone of Rajasthan at a budget-friendly price for various flooring designs
BathroomdesignDesigner Flooring Tiles

Kota Stone: A go-to guide for useful insights & best designs (Buy it)

× Kota Stone is found in Kota, Rajasthan. It is a naturally occurring, fine-grained form of limestone that is often used in both the interiors …

geometric pattern vitrified tiles by kajaria
BathroomBathroom design ideadecor

Kajaria tiles: Know all about it (Price | Catalogue | Dealers)

× Tiles are a great asset to home decor as these breathe character into a space. These tiles come in a wide range of designs …

white tiled flooring with chair, table, sofa from somany tiles for bathroom floors catalogue with price

Somany tiles: Know all about it (Price | Catalogue | Dealers)

× Tiles can be effectively used as an easy hack to enhance the decor of any space. Many people associate tiles with bathrooms or floors, …

modern home decor idea for a dark themed living room with black accent wall, blue sofa, black centre table, colourful throw cushions
Bedroom DecorBedroom wall designceiling colour

49+ home decor ideas for a trendy & timeless design update

× Home decor has gained popularity in the last few decades. With the onset of social media, people have started posting their lives online. Therefore, …

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