SICAM Furniture Components Show 2021

The 12th edition of SICAM – the international show on furniture components returns in 2021

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One of the world’s leading international trade shows on SICAM, held in Pordenone, Italy every year in the month of October, has skipped the 2020 edition and has announced the dates for it’s 12th edition in 2021. The dates: October 12-15 next year at the Pordenone trade fair grounds. is the latest in a series of shows that have given 2020 a pass. The 2019 edition of welcomed over 8,000 enterprises to the trade fair to create business for the over 600 companies exhibiting their technology and design products at the highest global level throughout the ten halls of the fair grounds containing 16,500 square metres of stands.



The decision to skip the 2020 edition was taken by the SICAM organisers in light of the continuing deadlock of global trade, with borders starting to reopen but with heavy limitations and scaled-down international flights and with operating plans for the coming months still uncertain. Moreover, the trade fair sector is further penalised due to the lack of support measures established at any level and the restrictive and penalising safety regulations in place for organisers and participants that are not always clear or defined in terms of liability.





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SICAM organisers decided to delay no further in taking a decision in order to protect the entire components and accessories segment, directly setting the date for the 12th edition of SICAM for October 2021. ‘The current economic situation and the serious problems that have been generated by the pandemic across the globe have convinced us to postpone the 12th edition of SICAM to next year. We have taken this decision after much careful consideration,’ the organiser of the event Mr.Carlo Giobbi explains, ‘thinking about the industry’s businesses, already heavily punished by the current situation and seeking to recover for the 2021 season which we hope will mark the revival of the industry. We hope to see all operators in Pordenone in October 2021 to give them the opportunity to present their products to the market to the best of their abilities. The 12th edition of SICAM will be huge, international and full of ideas and projects, just like previous editions, in classic “SICAM style” and with the strong business relations that make it the most important development opportunity of the season for the industry’s businesses.’




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