The Appetite Amongst Architects, Interior Designers and Builders For Quality Solutions Is Increasing: Alok Aggarwal

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Mr., Managing Director,



One of India’s prominent players in the building products segment – Ozone Overseas, has been at the forefront of launching solutions in the ‘void’ pockets of the market. The company identifies the ‘space’ and, with it’s trademark-style agility, provides the solutions that the market demands.



Magnetic Sliding Doors By Ozone



In an exclusive interaction with during the recently concluded BAU in Munich, Germany, the company’s Managing Director Mr. Alok Aggarwal talked on various aspects of the market. Said Mr.Aggarwal,’The Indian market has started to pay more for better quality products. This essentially means that we, at Ozone, get better prices than the competition. The competition has started lowering it’s prices due to their weakening demand. So, a competition which was selling it’s products at a premium than our’s, has, introduced cheaper products with diluted specifications. This has strengthened our brand even further. The market – Architects, Interior Designers and Builders see such trends and as a result, our brand equity in the market has only increased.’


Software Based Door Locks For The Hotel Industry



Ozone has been a regular exhibitor at BAU. Organised every alternate year, BAU in Munich is one of the largest exhibitions on building products in the world. Sharing his opinion of BAU, Mr.Aggarwal added,’ We meet our international and domestic customers at BAU. The show has been good for us as we have had a steady increase in business at BAU. Today, Ozone has customers across the world, and a show like BAU only adds to our international business.’


Ozone Glass To Glass Hinge In Coloured Finish


On the trends that will be played out in the Indian market over the next few years, Mr.Aggarwal commented, ‘As I said, quality will be a big differentiator in the Indian market, and the customer is ready to pay a better price for better solutions. With the new tax system in place, smaller players are under stress, and this stress will continue to increase. Online sales will add to the stress. Our App is getting popular (it shows in the increased downloads). There will be market consolidation, as is evident across different industries. At Ozone, we are fully geared to address the growing and evolving needs of the market.’





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