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Thyssenkrupp Flow2 Stairlift – For Extra Comfort, Convenience & Safety.

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The award-winning Flow2 can be truly considered one of the world’s leading stairlifts. Manufactured using the very latest , the can be installed on nearly any type of staircase – Straight or curved. The is fitted onto your staircase and not your wall allowing the lift to be installed quickly, easily and with minimal disruption to your home.



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The Flow2 uses a single unobtrusive system with a diameter of just 80mm. This allows the to be installed very low and close to the wall, minimising space wastage. Also, unlike others, the Thyssenkrupp Flow2 Stairlift gives you the freedom to install on either side of the staircase, allowing multiple floor installations without any obstructions.


When not in use, the Flow2 can be folded away, freeing up maximum space for other staircase users.


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Flow 2 has a patented technology – (Automatic swivel and technology) which allows the Flow2 to be fitted on staircases as narrow as 610 mm and as steep as 70°.


ASL technology enables the Flow2 stairlift to rotate and stay perfectly level while in motion. By rotating during travel, you’re always in the safest and most comfortable position.


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ASL technology enables all components to operate in one fluid motion. No stopping, stuttering, readjusting and restarting. The Flow2 footrest swivels with the seat, even in the tightest of staircases. This enables your feet, legs and waist to remain in a natural position throughout the journey, ensuring maximum comfort and safety.





  • Flow2 has been designed keeping your comfort in mind. It has an ergonomically-shaped seat which provides you with an enjoyable and comfortable ride
  • It is quite compact and discreet. When not in use the Flow2 is folded away to only 340mm on any landing, out of the way of other staircase users.
  • The Flow2 stairlift is certified to machine directive 2006/42/EG and BS EN 81-40, hence it is assured that it is highly safe to use.
  • You can choose from a range of colours and materials for both the rail and the seat covering. You can choose to have a signature look or discreet look that can blend in easily with the surroundings.
  • The seat is always in the correct position to get on and off safely. The Flow2 swivels as it travels, this means that getting on and off the lift at either end of the staircase is quick and easy. At the top of the staircase the seat can rotate away from the open staircase, allowing a safe exit from the seat.
  • Even in cases where the staircase is narrow and steep, the Flow2 can be installed closer to the step and on either side of the staircase. Your stairlift will be less obtrusive and your staircase remains accessible for other family members in your home.
  • ASL technology ensures that the footrest swivels with the seat ensuring your legs and feet remain in a natural and comfortable position, relieving any additional strain on your joints.
  • Battery powered, to enable use even during a power cut.
  • ‘Obstruction-stop’ equipped, ensuring that the stairlift will come to an immediate stop upon encountering an obstruction.
  • Height adjustable, ensuring getting on and off is as easy as possible.
  • Standard retractable seat belt for additional safety.
  • Choice of straight or wrap-around armrests to cater to individual needs of safety and comfort.

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Technical Specification


  • Speed :Max 0.15 m/s
  • Drive Type: Rack and pinion
  • Motor Wattage: 350 W – Drive Motor
  • Weight Capacity: 125 kg
  • Batteries: 2 x 12 V batteries; total 24V
  • Operation: Joystick control as standard
  • Staircase Incline: Up to 70°
  • Certification: Machine Directive 2006/42/EG BS EN 81-40
  • Automatic Stop: Yes
  • Footrest: Yes
  • Retractable Safety Belt: Yesa


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