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Toto Flotation Tub Is Your Personal Massage Therapist That Gives Zero Gravity Experience

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Toto is a brand that is known for designing and launching innovative products to give you deep relaxation. In line with its tradition, the company has launched Toto which offers Toto research team studied the human anatomy deeply to understand the specific points in your body that get fatigued due to daily activities and found that massaging those pressure points will take you in a state of relaxation and rejuvenate you completely.

Toto_ flotation Tub_ZERO DIMENSION Bathing

Having understood these points in a human body, they studied the conventional bathtubs and their limitation in providing such a deep meditative to you. This information lead them to design the concept of ZERO DIMENSION bathing, which is nothing but a bathing experience that brings freedom from releasing stress on joints and encouraging ultimate relaxation. This mimics the experience of an astronaut resting in space, in zero . The is designed to give you a of an astronaut and a unique bathing position. (refer image below)


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Conventional bathtub has low water level and a rounded low back, which make it difficult for you to attain complete relaxation. The shoulder and neck area do not receive warmth from soaking and the bathing position can feel tight and cramped. (refer image below)

Toto flotation Tub _ZERO DIMENSION Bathing_ 2

Research Studies also showed that the ZERO DIMENSION bathing posture reduces activity in the part of the brain that houses the language function, taking the brain in a state of tranquility. This is the reason Zero Dimension bathing feels calming and relaxing.


Toto went far beyond this to make the bathing experience truly meditative; introduced .


HYDROHANDS is a dynamic water that flows randomly around targeted muscles to release tension. This powerful, constantly-moving stream gives the stimulating sensation of a masseuse’s hands at work.Free of air bubbles and noise, HYDROHANDS encourages a deep sense of relaxation.


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HYDROHANDS works quite differently as compared to jet bath. It propels powerful water currents without air bubbles, delivering a firmer “touch” to the body. The water flow is soundless. It targets lower back muscles that commonly fatigue from daily activity and also provides a stimulating foot massage.

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In the Zero Dimension bathing position where body and mind are drawn toward to a meditative state, the stimulating water massage encourages even deeper relaxation.


Floatation Tub has the following exclusive features that make every bath a luxurious experience.


With variable pillow positions ensuring stability, people of all body shapes can enjoy warm bathing above the shoulders to the neck.


Toto flotation Tub _ ZERO DIMENSION Bathing_ 7


Fluctuating streams of air bubbles rise from below and envelop the body with a soothing sensation.


Toto flotation Tub _ ZERO DIMENSION Bathing_ 8


In the outer perimeter of the tub’s base, LED LIGHTING supplies a dream-like ambience.

Toto flotation Tub _ ZERO DIMENSION Bathing_ 9

The electrostatic CONTROLLER is operated by the slightest touch.

Toto flotation Tub _ZERO DIMENSION Bathing_ 10

Offering outstanding durability, the tub is made of GALALATO artificial marble and constructed using TOTO’s innovative sandwich configuration.

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