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Best false ceiling materials

Explore durable false ceiling materials that uplift the look and feel of your home

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Plaster of Paris

POP is a durable and popular false ceiling material that looks gorgeous after painting and illumination

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Gypsum Board

Gypsum is widely used to make false ceilings as it is strong and looks nice after installation

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Wood can be used with gypsum, glass, metal, etc. to make beautiful false ceilings in any shape or size

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PVC is a lightweight, inexpensive, and low-maintenance material for making chic false ceilings

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Metal false ceilings are mostly made up of aluminium, iron, or steel, and widely used for commercial purposes

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Fiber false ceilings are durable and soundproof, and widely used in commercial buildings

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Glass comes in various shapes, sizes, and colours, and can be used the form of panels to make false ceilings

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