Ceiling decoration ideas

Explore 2023's best ceiling decor ideas to make a major statement!

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Scandinavian ceiling

Embrace simplicity with natural wood beams, exuding a sense of warmth

© Image from Benjamin Johnston

Make it luxe with lacquer

Adds a striking modern touch, reflecting light & creating a sleek look

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Mix it up

Infuse vibrancy with bold ceiling colours and geometric patterns

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Say yes to shiplap

Coastal elegance meets rustic texture, elevating your space

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Be creative 

Apply wallpaper to the ceiling to introduce textures in the space

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Prioritise a special corner

Bring charm to a particular section of your room by personalising it

© Image from Elizabeth Krueger Design

Adorn it with medallions

Choose styles that match overall design theme for a cohesive look

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© Image from Kara Childress

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© Image from Lucinda Loya Interiors

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