7+ designer bathroom ideas

Get the ultimate decor inspiration for a designer look

© Image from Ahmed El Gendy on Behance

Go for twin mirrors

Mirrors effectively enhance the aesthetic of your bathroom

© Image from Nada Shehab on luxurybathrooms.eu

Embrace a maximalist decor

Go for a bold decor scheme if you have a spacious bathroom

© Image from Richard Mishaan

Add metallic accents

Using accent details subtly enhances the beauty of any space

© Image from Steven Gambrel

Go for a serene look

Keeping it simple is key to achieving elegance and class

© Image from Darryl Carter

Add a romantic touch

Embrace a delicate bathroom decor for a soft romantic vibe

© Image from Ceara Donnelley

Opt for a vintage design

Going with a vintage style will make your bathroom stand out!

© Image from Todd Romano’s San Antonio bath

Maximise on views

Use large windows to enjoy those beautiful scenic views

© Image from Al and Parker Platt

© Image from Pinterest.com

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© Image from Heidi Caillier

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