Hallway decor ideas

Introduce fresh style into your hallway with these decor ideas

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  Gallery wall  

Create a gallery wall to add personality & visual interest

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   Accent lighting   

Illuminate your hallway in style with aesthetic accent lighting

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   Patterned wallpaper   

Enliven your walls with the help of wallpapers or wall decals

  © Image from Dana Gallagher   

Statement carpet

A cosy carpet is a perfect way to add colour & texture to the hallway

  © Image from sonyawinner.com

  Mirrored wall  

Install a large mirror or a series of smaller mirrors on one wall

   © Image from wallmirrors.eu  

  Console table  

Place a console table against one wall & decorate it as per your liking


   Plant display   

Place plants along the hallway to invite greenery into your home

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