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Irresistible wall art painting ideas

7+ wall art painting ideas to make your walls the most enchanting thing ever

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Place on accent walls

The right backdrop for all your paintings give warmth and vibrancy to your space, and also create a big impact on your home decor

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Arrange above furniture

Hang your artwork just above the furniture, like the sofa, bed, or fireplace at one hand’s width above them

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Sync art to decor

Wall paintings should always complement the colour scheme and other decor items in the room, by introducing an extra accent hue

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Monochromatic fit

A wide display of black and white wall art paintings complements the neutral tones and minimalistic display in just the right amount

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Arrange in straight lines

Arrange wall art paintings in straight lines above your furniture, and make sure that your artwork is at least two-thirds the size of your furniture

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Symmetric Placement

Place your wall hanging artworks symmetrically, that are similar in subject matter, size, and shape, to create a visual balance

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Go for grids

Arranging in grids is a great way to display all your artistic wall art paintings to suit any subtle or sombre decor in your room

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