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Laminate vs Veneer

Find the difference between laminates and veneers

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Laminate (Finish)

Gives a plastic-like finish to various surfaces of your home

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Veneer (Finish)

Gives a natural wood-like finish to various surfaces of your living space

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Laminate (Maintenance)

Requires almost no maintenance to last long

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Veneer (Maintenance)

Requires time-to-time polishing to maintain lustre & last longer

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Laminate (Cost)

Comparatively cheaper, as it is manufactured in the factory

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Veneer (Cost)

Veneers are more expensive due to its high cost of production

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Laminate (Resistance)

Scratch and abrasion resistant, as it has a hard surface

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Veneer (Resistance)

Veneers are not resistant to scratch, abrasion, and moisture

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