Reading nook ideas

Create the perfect sanctuary for literary adventures with us!

© Image from Elizabeth Cooper

Window seat escape

Enhance comfort with plush cushions, throw pillows & a blanket

© Image from William Abranowicz

Under-the-stairs library

Install built-in shelves for your book collection, add a comfortable chair

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Hammock haven

Choose a corner & pile the hammock high with soft cushions & throws

© Image from Atelier ND

Cosy closet hideaway

Install shelves from top to bottom & fill them with your beloved books

© Image from Lindsay Cisewski

Add a splash of colour

Vibrant rugs & accessories can add liveliness to the overall decor

© Image from Casa Watkins Living

A functional space

Install wall-to-wall floating shelves for a linear and clean display

© Image from Shapeless Studio

Refreshing green buddies

Embrace eco-friendly, natural materials to elevate the boho decor

© Image from Black & Blooms

© Image from Rikki Synder

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© Image from Beatriz Da Costa

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