SCHELL WC Flushing Solutions

Get a deep dive into the top-quality WC flushing solutions offered by SCHELL

SCHELL WC flushing solutions

Exposed WC flush valve SCHELLOMAT silent eco - Simple installation as well as easy maintenance

SCHELLOMAT silent eco

The SCHELLOMAT fitting features an impressive design with economical water use. The product range offers a large selection of durable and practical solutions

SCHELL WC flushing solutions

Concealed WC flush valve - compact II with operating plate - Always ready to flush and a cost-effective solution

Compact II with operating plate

It is quiet, easy to install & ensures reliable operation that cuts water usage. EDITION & AMBITION series WC controls & operating panels are ideal for use with it.

SCHELL WC flushing solutions

WC cistern system by SCHELL montus module with konkav operating panel - Its function & design are in perfect harmony

Montus module with operating panel

From dual flush & start/stop function to Braille marking for convenient, contactless & hygienic WC flush with IR sensor, MONTUS offers versions with all such features

If you want to buy SCHELL WC flushing solutions for both commercial and residential projects, contact here: Email: Mobile: +91 96670 26662

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