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Stunning designs of bookshelf

7+ designs of bookshelf to organize your books more efficiently

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Angular bookshelf

An angular bookshelf creates a great difference and can often become the focal point of the room

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Straight bookshelf

Straight bookshelf comes wth an elegant appeal and adds a simplistic charm to your home library

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Freeform bookshelf

Freeform bookshelf has no definite pattern or shape and can be inspired by daily articles

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Geometric bookshelf

Geometric bookshelves come in a horizontal, vertical, or diagonal structure to give a playful look

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Book Tree

A tree-shaped bookshelf brings your books up on the wall and looks distinctive

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Floor-to-ceiling bookshelf

A floor-to-ceiling bookshelf gives you huge space to store all your favorite novels.

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Antique bookshelf

Antique bookshelf comes with extraordinary hand-carved details that make it look extravagant

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