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Tips to care for areca palms

Follow these basic caring tips to grow healthy & green areca palms

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Proper light

Areca palm prefers bright light, so place it close to a source of light

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Suitable soil

Areca palm flourishes in a well-drained & peat-based potting mix

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Timely watering

Areca palms enjoy moist soil but are sensitive to overwatering

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Right temperature

Keep the plant in normal temperatures of 65 to 75 degrees Fahrenheit

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Good humidity

Requires high humidity level to maintain its best appearance

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Applying fertilizer

Treat the plant with a liquid fertilizer from spring to early fall

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Potting & repotting

Repot every other year in a slightly congested pot with lots of drainage holes

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To know how to grow, propagate and care for areca palms, visit our full article

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