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Top architects in Bangalore

Explore the best architects of Bangalore to design your dream home

© Image from Biome Environmental Solutions

Biome Solutions

Led by Chitra Vishwanath who is known for her works in themes of ecology & sustainable architecture

© Image from Flying Elephant Studio

Flying Elephant Studio

A sought-after architectural firm in Bangalore that creates innovative & advanced designs

© Image from GDK Designs

GDK Designs

Est. in 2000, this firm offers comprehensive designs for beautiful & intimate results

© Image from In-Ch Lab

In-Ch Lab

Offers a multidisciplinary approach to architecture, culture, art, and society

© Image from DKP Architects

DKP Architects

A prominent architectural firm in Bangalore, founded by Indraneel Dutta & Brinda Kannan

© Image from Between Spaces

Between Spaces

Est. in 2010, this firm emphasizes on balance between innovation & nature

© Image from Mistry Architects

Mistry Architects

Led by Sarukh Mistry who believes in sustainability & environmental responsibility

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