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Types of banana trees

Explore the different types of banana trees to pick one for your home garden

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Cavendish banana trees

Most common variety of banana tree & widely grown for its fruits

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Lady finger banana trees

Native to Southeast Asia & Australia, with leaf stalks growing straight from the soil

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Native to India and can thrive well in  cool climates

Banana dwarf red Dacca trees

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Blue Java banana trees

A hybrid between Musa balbisiana & Musa acuminate. It can tolerate extreme temperatures

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Also known as Pink Banana. It is relatively short & native to India

Musa velutina trees

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Goldfinger banana trees

An easy-to-maintain variety that produces the tastiest fruit

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Praying hands banana trees

An unusual variety that produces fruits looking like two adjoining ‘hands’

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For more information on the benefits, growth, care of banana trees, visit our full article

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