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Types of cactus trees

Bring home these pretty cactus plants to add a mermerizing decor item to your interiors

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Golden Barrel cactus

Grows in hot, arid climates & blooms red and yellow flowers in May & June

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Saguaro cactus

Grows slowly upto a height of 40 feet & produces white-funnel flowers & edible red fruits

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Bunny Ears cactus

Also known as Angel Wing Cactus. It develops crimson fruits & white flowers in summer

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Rat Tail cactus

Can endure extreme temperatures & produces vibrant magenta flowers

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Ric Rac cactus

An ornamental plant with zigzag or fishbone stems & fragrant flowers

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Fairy Castle cactus

An ideal decor item due to its variety of stems which mimic castle turrets

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Christmas cactus

Unlike other cactus varieties, it requires a humid environment & more water to grow

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For more information on the benefits, growth, care of cactus plants, visit our full article

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