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Types of Jasmine plants

Checkout the different types of jasmines for beautiful and fragnant home interiors

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Common Jasmine

Also known as Poets’ Jasmine. It has five petals, pointed leaves, & a strong scent

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Arabian Jasmine

Also known as Mogra, it grows all year round in different states of India

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Yellow Jasmine

The flowers are fragrant with a distinct yellow colour & thrive well in cold temperatures

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Cape Jasmine

Has radiant emerald green foliage and thrives well in warm climate

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Night blossoming Jasmine

Gives scented blooms at least four times a year & survives well in subtropical climate

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Wild Jasmine

Requires low-maintenance and gives white flowers without any scent

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Royal Jasmine

Largest among all the varieties with a subtle scent & used in herbal medicines

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For more information on the benefits, growth, care of jasmine plants, visit our full article

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