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Types of laminates

Incoporate durability and strength in your home using laminates

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Matte-finish laminate has a flat and moderately reflective surface, that is easy to clean, scratch and dust resistant, and gives a stylish look

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High gloss

High gloss laminates have a highly reflective surface and give a premium look with a mirror-like sheen

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Textured laminate amplifies the look of natural surfaces like leather, suede, stone, etc., by adding depth and character to them

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Polyvinyl Chloride

Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) laminates are moisture-resistant and are highly suitable for wet areas such as the kitchen and bathroom

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Metallic laminates add a luxurious, sophisticated, and modern look to your house by adding a metallic lustre to various surfaces

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Acrylic laminates are made of polymer fiber, that is extremely durable and provide a glossy finish to any surface

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Glass laminate is a fantastic alternative to ordinary glass, made by gluing together two or more pieces of a glass sheet

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