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Types of veneers

Incorporate veneers in your house to give a natural wood-like finish to different surfaces

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Natural Veneer

Natural veneer preserves the unique texture of wood as it is made by sawing, peeling, or chipping a thin sheet of solid wood

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Fine-line Veneer

Fine-line veneer is reconstructed from softwood rotary cut veneer by gluing veneer sheets together and forming them into blocks

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Rotary Cut Veneer

Rotary cut veneer is a low-cost veneer, made from oak, pine, birch, etc. by removing it from the log, using the thin “lust” technology

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Sliced wood veneer

Sliced veneer is made from valuable wood species like elm, ash, mahogany, beech, oak, etc. and has a unique texture

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Shop-sawn Veneer

Shop-sawn veneer is an expensive natural veneer, manufactured by sawing the workpiece into planks of required thickness

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Roll Veneer

Roll veneer is a durable and flexible veneer, made by using very thin planed sheets of high quality wood spliced to the required size

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Decorative Veneer

Decorative veneer is made of natural wood and painted in different shades over the surface, but preserving all the important features of wood

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