Upcycling furniture

The art of breathing new life into old furniture pieces

© Image from @easyontheeyes_customfurniture on instagram.com

Furniture hunting

Find suitable pieces in thrift stores, sales and online marketplaces

© Image from tima-miroshnichenko on Pexel.com

Necessary supplies

Research and gather the essential tools and materials for upcycling

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Prepping the piece

Make the necessary repairs followed by cleaning and sanding

© Image from Ian-schneider on Unsplash.com

Elegant design inspiratons

Create a mood board with modish design options

© Image from Raftfurniture.co.uk

Finishing touches

Customise the piece with different painting and finishing techniques

© Image from @Blackcat on Gettyimages.com

Adding hardware details

Update the hardware and incorporate decorative elements

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Textile transformations

Explore ideas for reupholstering or adding fabric elements

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© Image from alexandra-gorn on Unsplash.com

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