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Varieties of peace lily

Grow these lovely peace lily flowers in your home garden

The flowers of this variety can last upto 2 months

Sensation peace lily

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This is a medium-sized plant that grows upto a height of 2–3 feet

Mauna loa peace lily

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This variety has elegant green foliage & grows upto 20-25 inches

Jetty peace lily

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This variety has white blotches on the surface of dark green leaves

Domino peace lily

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This is a small variety of peace lily that grows only upto 45cm

Power petite peace lily

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This variety is widely grown and blooms flowers in late summer

Mojo peace lily

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This is a dwarf variety of peace lily with beautiful white flowers

Starlight peace lily

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For more information on the varieties & care of peace lily flowers, visit our full article

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