Amazing DIY Diwali decor ideas

Top 7 Diwali decor ideas that give a festive and elegant look to your home

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Add artificial flowers

Create centrepieces for your tables or make gorgeous wall and door hangings with garlands of artificial flowers

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Use handmade lanterns

Make your own fringed lanterns with coloured paper, cardboard, sequins etc. to decorate your balcony or living room

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Make colourful torans

Use real flowers and mango leaves to make torans and add a colourful essence to the festive decor

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Create beautiful rangoli

Make colourful rangolis anywhere in the house, using stencils or freehand designs to add a festive look and feel to your home

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Hang wall hangings

Decorate with traditional ornaments, motifs, dreamcatchers, seashell or bead hangings as wall hangings to decorate your walls for Diwali

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Decorate with diyas and candles

Use diyas, tea lights, or floating candles in antique bowls to give a warm glow to your Diwali decor

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Add colourful decor items

Unpack your favourite vintage candle holders, Zari cushion covers, and other colourful furnishings for Diwali decor

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