Best Diwali lights for decoration

Best Diwali lights that give an elegant and sophisticated look to the overall Diwali decor

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Scented candles

Keep up with the warm ambience of the celebrations with a waft of your favourite scent

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Colourful diyas

Light colourful diyas that add a dash of colour and beauty to your Diwali decorations

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LED lights

Use LED lights to create focal areas of different colours and brightness around your home

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Handmade lanterns

Deck up your home with handmade lanterns that emit a beautiful kaleidoscopic effect on your walls

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Fairy lights

Wrap fairy lights around glass bottles or jars and keep them in different corners of your room to create a warm ambience

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Tea lights

Use tea lights in decorative bowls filled with water, flower petals, and glitter at the entrance of your home to add extravagance during Diwali

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Oil lamps

Create a rangoli at the entrance of your home and add oil lamps to make it look more attractive

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