Popular mirror shapes

Browse through our collection of statement-making mirror designs

© Image from Maisonvalentina.net

Round mirrors

This shape is a slight change from the traditional square mirrors

© Image from Pinterest.com

Oval mirrors

These mirrors make a style statement with their eccentric shape

© Image from Flairglass.in

Organic mirrors

These mirrors resemble the curvilinear shapes found in nature

© Image from Wallmantra.com

Rectangular mirrors

These are the most common types of mirrors used in households

© Image from Overstock.com

Semi-circle mirrors

These look stunningly unique and are very popular these days

© Image from Luxurybathrooms.eu

Hexagonal mirrors

These mirrors have the most distinctive and offbeat appearance

© Image from  Ebay.com

Triangular mirrors

These mirrors can be used to create a beautiful decorative display

© Image from Lowes.com

© Image from Vision Visual on Behance

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