Tile wall designs

Upgrade your home decor with these beautifully diverse designs

© Image from Capietra.com

Contemporary design

This timeless tile design adds a style statement to modern homes

© Image from Cilecindyhattersleydesign.com

Herringbone design

Use this design in living room to create a one-of-a-kind look

© Image from Adoratile.com

Hexagonal design

This tile pattern adds luxury and exclusiveness to your home

© Image from Marazzigroup.com

Marble design

To give an aristocratic appearance to any of your walls, use marble 

© Image from Tiles247.co.uk

Moroccan design

This wall tile design is perfect if you want your space to standout

© Image from Etsystatic.com

Mosaic design

This wall tile design is best for creating a designer wall texture

© Image from 2lgstudio.com

Terrazzo design

This design can be used to add an artistic touch to your room decor

© Image from Pinterest.co.uk

© Image from Iconworldoftile.com

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