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Varieties of jade plant

Explore these pretty jade plants to surround your house with greenery

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Silver Dollar Jade

Has silver-blue leaves with burgundy edges & is also called blue buddha bush

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Gollum Jade

Has protruding finger-like foliage & gives pink-white flowers in winters

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Variegated Gollum Jade

Slightly bigger than the ‘Gollum’ jade & has green leaves with an orange tint & red tip

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Normal Jade

Most common & popular Jade variety with oval-shaped thick dark green leaves

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Harbor Lights

An attractive variety of Jade with red tinges on the tips of green plumped leaves

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Has a dwarf structure, fleshy green leaves, and does not grow more than 10-12 inches

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Lady Fingers Jade

Has narrow, finger-like leaves, and looks somewhat similar to Gollum, Hobbit, etc.

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