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Varieties of snake plant

Bring home these pretty indoor snake plants to surround yourself with a lush of greenery

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Also known as the bird’s nest snake plant, this variety can only grow upto 6 inches

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Cylinder snake plant

This variety can thrive even if it is neglected for a long time, and is ideal for first-timers

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Golden snake plant

This variety has dark-green leaves outlined  by yellow margins, and can thrive in indirect sunlight

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Twisted sister snake plant

This snake plant variety has twisted leaves in bright yellow and light green colour

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Snake plant compacta

This snake plant variety is a good air purifier and requires low light conditions to thrive

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Mother-in-law's tongue

This variety has sword-like leaves that grow upright and bear flower when left outdoor

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Mason's congo snake plant

This is an aesthetically-pleasing variety, with dark green leaves and a spotty pale green pattern

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For more information on the benefits, growth, care of snake plants, visit our full article

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