A chandelier is an embellished branching light that enhances the beauty of our house. The grace of the home can be improved with a chandelier light containing a number of lamps with the ceiling fan. They normally have incandescent light bulbs, fluorescent bulbs, and recently LEDs. The chandelier is for sale at the best prices in the reputed brands mentioned below. An attractive look for the dining room is presented by the chandelier. 

chandelier dining room lights attached to ceiling fan is for sale.
Light your dining room

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  1. Crystal
  2. Glass
  3. Tiffany
  4. Candle
  5. Drum
  6. Neoclassical
  7. Industrial

Chandelier designs for dining room

1. Raindrop

This chandelier provides even illumination of light with a charm all around the space. This suits well for small dining tables. It is made up of crystal glass that fits perfectly in the sphere. 

2. Drum

A grid of bronze that supports a fancy sphere of glass. This doubles the decoration of the dining room with gentle illumination.

3. Smoked glass small chandelier

This gives a glossy appearance with smoked glass crystal that hangs below. It appears luxuriously in your space.

4. Modern twisted shape

This is linear in shape and designed with a ribbon of LED that produces perfect illumination and brightness. This suits the modern rectangular tables.

5. Ring-shaped

It has modern look and is perfectly appealing. For larger tables, this stretches till 49”. Formal dining tables with ring-shaped chandelier looks great and are a perfect decor idea. 

6. Sputnik

This idea has been extracted from earlier atomic era designs. It consists of an adjustable rod that fit all type of ceilings. 

7. Mid-century modern style starburst

A brilliant illumination suitable for smaller rooms and dimmer switch gives elegant look. 

8. Brass

Glamorous and blazed with brass. Low ceiling roofs can have brass chandelier light with a fan that has stylish look.

9. Spider

A contemporary option for your dining room. You can have complete control over each cord of the fixture. For larger tables, it can be spaced apart.

10. Geometric

The sale of a chandelier encased in a modern geometric frame is high. It can be adjusted to long ceilings by extending to 124” inches. 

Chandelier brands in India

  1. Anchor by Panasonic
  2. Havells
  3. Signify
  4. Bajaj
  5. Surya
  6. Jaquar

Chandelier lights are like a crown jewel, an important part of the interior design as it presents an elegant look. Call us now to pick beautiful and dazzled lights for your dining room. 

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