Wall texture design: Revealing 42 trendy decor ideas & techniques

A unique textured wall with a sofa
A unique textured wall with a sofa

We are living in the age of visual aesthetics. When it comes to giving a special touch to our home, wall texture design is one of the most preferred ways. With the use of texture on walls, even the most common colours look way more expensive. In certain cases, an extra layer of texture on walls can help with soundproofing as well. Simply put, if you are conscious enough of the way the walls of your home look, the best thing that can be done to improve it is to have wall textures. In this article, you can find some of the most popular wall texture designs like paint wall texture designs, panel designs, etc. We have divided them on the basis of different rooms like wall texture design for bedrooms, halls, exteriors and more. Now let’s have a look at them.




What are wall texture designs?

Wall texture design is a way to add a lavish and unique touch to the surface of the walls of the home. Basic paints are added with pigments, binders and other additives and used on walls to give them a textured finish. A single textured paint can be used to create multiple wall designs.


Advantages of using wall texture designs

  • Texture paints add an eye-catching and cheerful appearance to the whole room.
  • Textured paint is ideal to create limitless designs and ideas on walls.
  • These textures are a great way to hide imperfections in walls.
  • Wall textures can be used to create optical illusions on walls.
  • Textured paints offer amazing resistance against heat, water, and UV rays.
  • Texture designs require low maintenance.


Wall textures design for home interiors


Wall texture design for bedroom


 Idea #1 – Stone wall texture design for the bedroom


A stone based bedroom wall with outside view
A luxurious modern-day bedroom design with stone-themed walls

Image Source: Freepik.com


Stone bedroom wall texture designs are an attractive option if you want to make your bedroom look opulent and elegant. It draws attention to the other pieces of furniture in the space as well.


Idea #2 – Paint wall texture design for the bedroom


Enrich your bedroom with a paint-based texture

Image Source: Dreams of Paradise


In a paint wall texture design for a bedroom, usually dual or multiple hues are used in different patterns to make your walls look more elegant. This texture gives you multiple colour choices to ornate your place. You can hire a professional to give you better combination ideas.


Idea #3 – Rust wall texture design for bedroom


classy bedroom design with rusty looks
No other bedroom texture can be compared with one having rusty looks

Image Source: Pinterest


Do you find the rusting colours of metals interesting? If yes, then this bedroom wall texture design can highlight your interests. This design looks even better when combined with similarly themed furniture. The rust texture gives your bedroom a retro look.


Idea #4 – Frosty purple wall texture design for bedroom


What better than a purple bedroom wall with a frosty texture

Image Source:  Aapka painter


It is one of the most popular paint wall texture designs. If you are looking to give your bedroom a vibrant look with an energetic colour, this can be a choice you won’t regret.


Idea #5 – Ombre or sponge texture for bedroom


slight blue and white shaded bedroom wall with a plant
White and sky blue can create similar magic in your bedroom

Image Source: Nippon paints


In the ombre bedroom paint wall texture design, we use different shades of colours, from darker to brighter, as we move around with layers of texture. It gives a unique look to the bedroom.


Wall texture design for living room


Idea #6 – Grasscloth wall texture design for living room


Grasscloth texture on wall along with a beautiful sofa and a plant
Grasscloth texture designs are much more than what you call appealing

   Image Source: Natty and Polly


Grasscloth textures have been on the market for so long. These offer one of the most relevant and gentle looks for walls and are best suited for living rooms.


Idea #7 – Floral wall texture design for living room 


 floral background waqlls with a classy sofa
Floral texture designs are evergreen

Image Source: Print my space


Floral designs are one of the most popular choices when it comes to living rooms. The look of these textures adds a fun factor to your living room. These designs are also trendy among kids. 


Idea #8 – Glossy wall texture design for living room


A light coloured texture background with sofa table and other acessories
The smoothness that a glossy texture provides to your living room is irresistible

Image Source: Nerolac


Glossy wall paint texture design has been very popular since the 1990s. It is the best choice if you want a royal texture. It can be considered one of the most versatile wall textures.


Idea #9 – Delta wall texture design for living room


Delta textures are always the first choice of the creative community

Image Source: colour drive


This wall texture design can be created in a number of ways. It gives a metallic look to the wall, which in many cases looks like a special effect. To give your living room a taste of gentle but fluent design, you can prefer using this design.


Idea #10 – Criss-cross wall texture design for living room


A blue painted wall with textures of azure. Also with a lamp and a flower vase.
Criss Cross can amplify the beauty of your living room

     Image Source: Aapka painter


This wall texture is very youthful. Usually, we use a dark colour with a light colour. Then we try to cross the darker colour over a lighter colour. Criss-cross texture gives contrast to the walls of your living room. 


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Wall texture design for hall


Idea #11 – Wooden plank wall texture design for hall


A wall with wooden texture and a grey coloured sofa.
Comfort is a word best associated with wooden textures

Image Source: Aj wallpaper


If you want your hall to have an amazing aesthetic appeal, a wooden plank texture design can be preferred. It is one of the most known retro hall wall texture designs. It also gives your hall a hint of cottage life.


Idea #12 – Exposed stone wall texture design for hall


best wall texture design with stone texture for hall and living room
You will get the feeling of being in a castle after you use this texture

Image Source: Etsy


Nowadays, in our stressful lives, everyone wants their homes to have stress-relieving vibes. In this case, what could be better than a classic exposed stone design? This hall wall texture design suits every single room of one’s home, but it suits the hall best.


Idea #13 – Optical illusion wall texture design for hall


A wall based on illusion with a table and a beige coloured sofa
An optical illusion on a wall stuns everyone at first glance

Image Source: Etsy


Do you want your guests to be stunned for a moment when they visit you? If you use an optical illusion hall wall texture design, your visitors will definitely appreciate your creativity. It can just make anyone stare at your wall for a few moments as it shows the illusion of movement.


Idea #14 – 3D Wall panel texture design for hall


A floral 3d texture with a sofa and a plant
A 3D embossed texture has the depth it takes to mesmerise you

Image Source: Archi products


A 3D texture hall wall texture design holds the ability to change the perception you have of your hall. There are a number of different designs available with 3D textures. These designs make all the difference between a common hall and a hall with a style statement.


Idea #15 – Hexagonal block texture design for hall


hexagonal shapes on the wall with a chair.
Hexagons never disappoint on walls, especially hall walls

Image Source: Tesoro


Tiles with similar patterns are preferred in this hall wall texture design. These tiles together form a shape on the wall that may resemble a net or a honeycomb. If you want to transform the boring hall wall into something eye-catching, then you can get this texture design.


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 Wall texture design for kitchen


Idea #16 – Stucco-based texture design for kitchen 


Bluish white texture on wall with a kettle.
Stucco has no opponents when it comes to giving sculptural looks to kitchens

Image Source: Stucco veneziano


Do you have an appeal for vintage stuff?  If yes, then this texture design for your kitchen can be one of your best decisions. The texture of the walls in this theme looks classy and elegant.


Idea #17 – Stripped texture design for kitchen


A kitchen wall designed with stripes and kitchen accessories.
Stripes are always a cool choice which gives you an energetic environment

Image Source: Image professionals


Either broad or thin, stripes make your kitchen look way cooler. You can use a combo of dark and light shades or a combo of similar colours. You can also choose between horizontal and vertical stripes.


Idea #18 – Geometric patterns texture for kitchen


Teal blue and white kitchen withy chairs and other accessories.
Geometrical patterns are a creative way to give an artistic look to walls

Image Source:  Beko


Shapes on the wall with colours look extremely appealing. While using geometric patterns as texture, you don’t have to follow any arrangements; the more random it is, the more beautiful it looks.


Idea #19 – Faux wall texture for kitchen


A retro themed kitchen with wooden ceiling and dinning table
Classics such as faux texture enrich your home like no other texture

Image Source: The gazette


We all know the fascination some people have for animal prints. Thus, factory-generated animal skin patterns can be used as wall texture designs in any room of your home. Their elegance is unmatched when it comes to kitchen decor.


Idea #20 – Unfinished concrete wall for kitchen


Kitchen concrete textures are fascinating

Image Source: Home Edit


This kitchen texture looks cool and gentle at the same time. If used with the proper colours, it can create a mystic look for your kitchen. You can use similarly themed accessories to make it look even better.


Wall texture design for bathroom 


Idea #21 – Sand-based texture design for bathroom


Wavy sand design with some bathroom attachments.
Sand texture in the bathroom can create a mystic space for you to enjoy

Image Source: Atlas Concorde


Sand can be another classic texture design for bathrooms. Usually, light colours are preferred in this texture. If you want to design your bathroom in a special theme, sand texture can be one of the best choices you make.


Idea #22 – Tile-based texture design for bathroom


black tiled texture in the bathroom along with a mirror.
Tiles are the most popular choice for bathrooms for a reason

Image Source: Design cafe


Tiled bathrooms look aristocratic. Since tiles have been widely used on walls, to make them look special, you can arrange them around a theme. One can create a lot with the proper use of tiles on their bathroom walls.


Idea #23 – Classic white texture for bathroom


Lavish white bathroom with a tub and other acessories
The class that white delivers in bathrooms is worth watching

Image Source: First choice warehouse


With the use of thicker and thinner coats of white paint, one can create a natural design that looks elegant in bathrooms. White is one of the most preferred colours when it comes to designing bathrooms.


Idea #24 – Minimalist texture for bathroom


a simple bathroom with a minimal texture and a shower.
If your choice is simplicity go for a minimalist texture for your bathroom

Image Source:  Officiana magisafi


If you don’t want your bathroom walls to be too bright or cheerful, minimalist designs are made for you as these are simple yet hold an essence of sophistication.


Idea #25 – Textured stones for bathroom wall


One of the most trending bathroom designs is the stone texture

Image Source: Kbf design gallery



This wall texture design can give your bathroom a dense look if you use dark colours and a fresh look if you use light colours. In both cases, the interior of the bathroom looks appealing.


Wall texture design for home exteriors


Idea #26 – Concrete exterior wall style for compound walls


A large compond wall with gray concrete texture and plants.
The exterior concrete finishes are opulent

Image Source: Behance


The raw look of the concrete textures design of compound walls can’t be compared to any other texture. This design works with all kinds of homes, small or big, modern or traditional. If you pair it with a contrasting, well-finished wall, its beauty goes to the next level.


Idea #27 – Wooden-style exterior wall texture


A wooden exterior wall texture design with plants.
If you want your exteriors to depict class, go for a wooden exterior texture

Image Source: Wood plank


Wooden texture design can be the game changer for the exterior walls. It brings to you a tried and tested option for your exteriors. So, complement this texture with a small outdoor garden and see the magic.


Idea #28 – Brick wall texture design for exterior


an exterior wall with windows with a rugged wall texture design
This exterior wall texture has a rugged and raw look

   Image Source:  Asian paints


Brick texture design for the exterior offers your wall a rugged design. For this texture, you can use red or brown colours. Don’t forget to add lines of grey or white which will show mortar in between.


Idea #29 – Marble wall for exteriors


marble finish exterior wall texture design with a gateway
Due to its solid and aesthetically pleasing presence, marble is the preferred material for exterior

  Image Source:  Areca


We know that marbles own the affection of Indians like no other material. If you want to present an astonishing look for your exterior wall, marble texture design should be at the top of your list of suggestions.


Idea #30 – Paint texture for exteriors


a beautiful azure coloured exterior wall texture design with trees
Texture paints are trendsetters for exterior

Image Source: Indigo Paints


This exterior wall texture design is an easy and outstanding way to make your compound walls look rich. There are a number of designs with different textures and colours available for you to choose from. Consulting a professional is a great idea if you want to use texture design on your exterior wall.


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Wall texture designs based on materials


Idea #31 – Wall texture design with wood


A wooden textured wall with brown in brown colour with a cupboard
Eye-catching wooden texture

Image source: Pinterest


Wood is one of the most premium and stylish choices for interior walls. It has a class of its own and adds an extraordinary appearance to the rooms. The colour of wood can easily be changed with lacquered paint according to the choice of the owner.


Idea #32 – Wall texture design with tiles


grey tile wall texture design in bathroom with a bathtub and vanity table
Minimalist wall texture design with tiles

Image source: Simpolo.net


Tiles are a popular choice to add sophistication and cheerfulness to the walls of a home. However, they are usually more expensive as compared to wallpapers and paints.


Idea #33 –  Wall texture design with wallpaper


Wallpaper wall texture in the living room with sofa
Light-coloured wallpaper for the living room

Image source: Freepik.com


Wallpapers are one of the most cost-effective options to add texture to the walls. Another benefit of using wallpapers for wall texture designs is that they require less time to be applied as compared to tiles, wood or any other material.


Idea #34 – Wall texture design with marble or other stones


Marble wall texture for living room
A wall with a sophisticated look created with marble

Image source: Cloudfront.net


Marbles are one of the most expensive materials used for wall texture designs. If you want a distinctive look for your wall texture, you can use marble or any other stone that contrasts with the furniture pieces.


Idea #35 – Wall texture designs with paint


reddish textured wall paint in the hall
An appealing wall paint texture design

Image Source: Akzonobel


Paint designs have gained a lot of popularity due to their versatility and the look they provide. One can convert simple paint into a variety of wall texture designs with the help of instruments such as customized rollers.


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How to choose the right wall texture design and its application?

Deciding on a wall texture design can be an overwhelming task for most people. The wall texture used in a room must complement the functionality and other aesthetic aspects of the room for a perfect look.

Wall textures in many cases are also preferred to hide architectural errors to save expensive repair costs. However, it’s not easy to find which texture can work better on hiding the errors of your wall. There are different types of textures to choose from. Some of them are:


Comb texture 


teal comb texture bedroom
Beautiful teal comb texture

Image Source: Yes Painter


This texture consists of lines and grooves that are created with the use of a drywall trowel on drywalls. After 24 hours of drying, one can use colourful paints to give the final touch to the wall.


Knockdown texture 


Grey knockdown wall texture in living room
Wall texture design in the living room

Image Source: Pinterest


This texture is created by applying a coarse texture to a wall and then knocking it down with a scrapper knife to level the surface. 


Spray sand texture 


Deep coloured texture wall design
Spray sand texture in the living room

Image Source: Berger Paints


This texture involves the use of a sand-based mixture known as perlite. A hopper gun is used to spray this mixture onto the wall for an even look.


Sand swirl texture 


Sand and swirl texture in grey
Sand and swirl wall texture in the living room

Image Source: Etsy


If you want to modify the spray sand texture to the next level, then you can change it into the sand swirl texture. Once you have sprayed perlite, use a brush to create shapes on the wall.


Orange peel texture 


Orange peel wall texture design in green
A beautiful feature wall with an orange peel wall texture

Image Source: Yes Painter


This wall texture is created by simply spraying the drywall compound on the wall using a hopper gun.


Slap brush texture


Slap brush wall texture in teal and red
Combo of wall texture in slap brush design

Image Source: twimg.com


This wall texture is mostly used for ceilings. It is created by using a large brush in the solution of the drywall compound and slapping it on the ceiling wall.


Popcorn texture 


Popcorn wall texture in living room
Classic grey popcorn wall texture in the living room

Image Source: Sirca Paints


This texture has been a popular choice since decades to hide the imperfections of ceilings. For this texture, you will need popcorn design which is made using a dry mix of drywall mud and polystyrene along with a hopper gun. Make sure that you cover all the stuff that is not to be sprayed and then spray the texture solution to the wall. Once it dries up, it can be painted in any colour.


Wall texture designs based on paint brands


Indigo Paints

Indigo Paints offer multiple textured paint options for both interiors and exteriors. Let’s take a look at the options below:

  • Metallic emulsion: This water-based Metallic Emulsion gives your walls a gleaming metallic look. This product is available in ready-made lightfast colours and it is good for application on interior and outdoor walls as well as roof tiles.
  • Exterior & interior acrylic laminate: Acrylic Laminate is a high-sheen emulsion suited for both interior and exterior applications. This product is water-repellent and is designed to keep fungal and algal infestations at bay.
  • Rustic texture finish: This paint has a really distinct and vivid feel to it, making the walls stand out. This material has good surface adhesion and may conceal minor flaws.


Berger Paints

Berger Paints offer some of the most unique wall texture designs for Indian homes. These designs include:

  • Fabrika: It is a fabric-like texture, perfect for the cosy corners of your home.
  • Crepe: This texture design is a good choice to add a distinctive backdrop to your living rooms or bedrooms.
  • Marble: If you want an alluring and impressive look for your walls without paying the expenses of marble tiles you can choose this marble wall texture.
  • Artistic: With the artistic wall texture design, one can add creativity to the walls of their room.
  • Wifi: This wall texture design is ideal to add a warm and welcoming look to the walls of your room.


Nippon Paints

With the quality textured paint collection of Nippon Paints, anyone can make their homes stand out. These paints include:

  • Momento Dzine Collection: Nippon Paints Momento Dzine Collection comes with some of the most good-looking textures of all time. Most of the textures offered by Nippon paints are metallic, such as luminous gold, silver, and pearl sheen.
  • Matex Gold: Nippon Paint Matex Gold is a premium acrylic emulsion range for interiors. It comes with low VOC making it healthier and safer for rooms. It’s highly washable as well making it suitable for every home.


Asian Paints

Asian Paints being one of the most popular brands of paints in India offers numerous wall texture designs for different corners of your home. Some of them are:

  • Royale Play Stucco: This wall texture paint gives the finish of stones like marble and granite to the homes.
  • Royale Play Special Effects: This paint gives an extraordinary appearance to the walls.
  • Royale Play Dunes: This wall texture design gives a Saharan feel to your walls.
  • Royale Play Metallics: Use this wall texture design to add a chic look to your interiors.
  • Royale Play Antico: This wall texture design can give your walls an exotic Italian look.
  • Royale Play Infinitex: This wall texture design adds a realistic look to your walls.
  • Royale Play Safari: With bright shades similar to the African jungles this texture can add a feel of liveliness to the interiors.


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Watch this video: Textured wall art DIY ideas on a budget (18 mins 01 secs)

Refer to the video below to find some amazing DIY ideas with wall textures:





What are wall texture paints? 

Textured paint is a quick, easy, and inexpensive way to add a 3-dimensional and unique look to the walls of your home. It consists of multiple chemicals like binders and pigments.


What are the different ways of doing texture painting?

Different textures require different application techniques. Anyone can apply some of these textures with a flat puddle in bedrooms, living rooms and other corners of homes. However, some other designs require multiple techniques like stencilling, sponging, colour wash, rag- rolling, stippling, frottage and dragging with multiple pieces of equipment.


How to choose the best texture design for your living room?

Since walls possess most of the visual space in the living rooms, the role of colour and texture becomes much more important when choosing a wall texture for the living room. Take the required time and go for a texture which makes your living room the focal point of your home.


What are the interior and exterior texture design options?

There are numerous interior and exterior wall texture design alternatives for both homeowners and architects. External textures can range from rustic and refined to geometric shapes and bright colours for beautiful modern designs.

Interior textures are equally diverse, with delicate paint hues allowing homeowners to mix and match colours to create distinctive designs. A paint finish, metallic or non-metallic, is perfect to provide character, depth, and visual interest to walls. Texture paints come in a variety of colours and finishes, including matt, gloss, and metallic options, making it simple to pick the perfect wall texture paint finish for any home decor project.

With so many unique wall texture options for interior and exterior texture design, we recommend exploring different textures before choosing the perfect look for your home!


What is the cost of texture painting?

The cost of texture paint in India ranges from Rs. 75 per square foot to several hundred depending on the type of texture.



Texture designs are a way of expressing your creative thinking through walls. These make your home a more vibrant and relaxing place to stay in. We have provided you with super-simplified ideas regarding texture designs for each and every section of your home. Texture has all the capacity it takes to be the style statement of your bedroom, living room or any other corner of your home.

We have also talked about how there are infinite possibilities with the use of texture designs. Now that you know about the transformation that wall textures bring, you can easily find what suits your home from our above-mentioned list of recommendations.


*The featured image used in this article is from Vladila


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