Wall paint design: 55 ideas for bedroom, living room & hall

Peach coloured wall paint design with table and seating
Peach coloured wall paint design with table and seating

Modern homes are a testimony to the fact that people love colours and there are enough reasons to justify it! Fresh paint can quickly enliven and elevate the ambience of any room, from the halls, bedrooms, and living rooms, to the kitchen, and kids’ rooms.

In this article, we have broken down wall paint ideas for every room. We have also added detailed information on topics such as key considerations before painting a wall, types of paints and finishes, how to choose, create, and maintain a painted wall, and Vastu tips. Find ideas to turn your home into a masterpiece here.



Trending wall paint design idea for your home


Wall paint ideas for bedroom

The color of the bedroom plays a crucial role in enhancing the overall ambience of the space.


Idea for bedroom #1


A beautiful bedroom with a wall paint design idea on the wall a bed a lamp and plant.
A warm and cosy wall paint design in the bedroom

Image Source: Miss Pie Designs


Neutral warm shades and accessories create a calming and cosy sleep sanctuary.


Idea for bedroom #2


A accent wall paint design idea with colourful hexagon with a bed
The latest DIY trend to follow this summer

Image Source: Interiormatches


An accent wall with a honeycomb pattern is an ideal choice to boost the aesthetics of your space.


Idea for bedrooms #3


A bedroom wall with stripe wall paint design idea along with a bed and a lamp
Vibrant mix of colours

Image Source: StencilsLAB


This room paint with stripes is balanced by the plain ceiling which ensures that the pattern doesn’t overwhelm the senses.


Idea for bedrooms #4


Pale green wall paint design idea in a beautiful bedroom
An elegant two-toned wall

Image Source: Trendland


This elegant design is ideal to create eye-catching feature walls in the family room. Furthermore, the different shades of the same color creates a subtle contrast.


Idea for bedrooms #5


A green bedroom wall paint design idea with imprints with a bed and lamp
A wall that showcases expert pattern mixing

Image Source: Dressyourhome


A creative mix featuring a wall mural painted on a green wall makes this master bedroom stand out.


Living room walls paint ideas

Elevate your living room with our wall painting idea catalogue, suitable for all styles.


Living room paint ideas #6


A pale blue wall paint design idea with sofas and table
A minimalist living room

Image Source: Loveproperty


Pastel paint colors in two-tones is a wonderful way to infuse your living room with a soft ambience.


Living room paint ideas #7


A sky blue wall with floral imprint
This wall paint idea makes blue and gold unite in radiant harmony

Image Source: Wayfair UK


An ornate stencilled pattern painted in golden colour on this dark blue wall makes a statement in this living room.


Living room paint ideas #8


Purple living room wall paint design idea with sofa
Purple has the power to captivate the senses

Image Source: John Lewis 


Purple offers various shades that can evoke different moods. You can also add a gallery wall to this living room to take this look to the next level.


Living room paint ideas #9


White and blue wall in living room with table
This colour blocked wall makes a bold and impactful statement

Image Source: Wallhub


Opt for textured wall paint for a pleasing living room interior. You can also elongate the room by extending a slated pillar to the ceiling.


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Living room paint idea #10


Colourful wall in a living room with sofa
A playful wall for the interiors

Image Source: Trendsideas


This accent wall will make your living room chic, and lively. It will also reflect your personality perfectly.


Wall paint ideas for the hall

Similar to the living room, choosing bold and vivid paint color for the hallway has become a recent trend. Explore the latest trends below.


Idea for the hall #11


A green hall with sofa plant and table
A wall to add depth and dimension to the space

Image Source: fonQ


Make a bold decor statement with light and dark shades of the same colour in the living room.


Idea for the hall #12


A hall in brown colour with sofas and rug
A simple combination of walls with contrasting colours can do wonders for the aesthetics of your room

Image Source: Urban Company


This living room with a neutral colour scheme features a rug with colourful stripes as a focal point.


Idea for the hall #13


Patel coloured hall with plants and book
An elegant way to add colour without going too heavy

Image Source: The Socialite Family


The soft colour of the ceiling gives a contemporary look to the living room.


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Idea for the hall #14


Navy blue and brown wall in hall with furniture
This exquisite textured wall commands attention

Image Source: Novocom


A blue textured wall design can add depth and character to any living room.


Idea for the hall #15


White and dark green hall with plants and furniture
A sophisticated wall that ties the look together

Image Source: GeewoonGers


This refreshing paint color featuring a vibrant contrast creates a lively atmosphere and reflects natural light. Furthermore, the green wall stands out because even the ceiling is painted white.


Wall painting ideas for the kitchen

A good room paint can significantly enhance the overall ambiance of a kitchen, making the space more welcoming.


Idea for the kitchen #16


Kitchen wall with geometric design and cabinets
Scandinavian-style kitchen with geometric backsplash and blue and white cupboards

Image Source: StyleatNo5


Use bold geometric shapes like triangles, diamonds, or hexagons in various colours to create a dimensional look for your kitchen.


Idea for the kitchen #17


A colourful kitchen with table, hanging light and appliances
Classic striped kitchen walls

Image Source: Pinterest


Create a classic look with bright colourful stripes of the same width inspired by a rainbow wall. Vertical lines or stripes make walls appear taller, while horizontal lines or stripes widen the space.


Idea for the kitchen #18


Black kitchen design with accessories
Beautiful and creative kitchen

Image Source: Pinterest


Transform kitchen walls into a chalkboard for functional and creative use, adding whimsy to the space.


Idea for the kitchen #19


Ombre kitchen with countertop and accessories
A minimalist kitchen

Image Source: Wallsauce.com


This wall mural has the effect of elongating the space because it looks like lines straight out of a watercolor painting.


Idea for the kitchen #20


A quote on the kitchen wall with a table, accessories and countertop
A quote on the kitchen wall

Image Source: Etsy.com


This kitchen features a wall with a quote written wonderfully across the brown backdrop.


Wall painting ideas for the dining area

An appealing color can effectively transform the look and ambience of the dining room.


Idea for the dining area #21 


A white dining area with dining table and mirrors
A serene dining haven for culinary delights

Image Source: Veranda.com


A classic white dining area with mirrors combines vintage and modern charm, while the POP ceiling adds texture to the room.


Idea for the dining area #22


White and green dining area with table and hanging light
White and green dining oasis delights senses

Image Source: Livingetc.com


Combining green wall and white ceiling creates a calming dining room, perfect for meals.


Idea for the dining area #23


3D shapes on dining area wall with dining table
A dining area with artistic 3D wall decor

Image Source: Arenainteriors.net


A dining wall design with 3D shapes can uplift the atmosphere with liveliness and energy.


Idea for the dining area #24


A super bright dining area in orange with dining table
A vibrant fusion of orange and white, dining delight

Image Source: Mydomaine.com


This combination of bright orangish yellow and white paint colors complement each other very well.


Idea for the dining area #25


Large sapphire blue dining area with tables and chairs
A sapphire blue dining bliss

Image Source: Vweanad.com


Sapphire blue color in the dining area adds elegance, while grey ceiling provides a neutral backdrop to balance the vibrancy in your interiors.


Wall painting idea for the exterior

When it comes to the exterior of your home, the right color can significantly enhance its curb appeal and make a lasting impression.


Idea for the exterior #26


Beige colour for exteriors ion an indian home with trees
A beige exterior that exudes timeless elegance

Image Source: Berger


Beige is a versatile and sophisticated neutral colour that complements modern home exteriors.


Idea for the exterior #27


Rusty orange and grey exterior and lawn
Rusty orange and grey exterior, captivating onlookers

Image Source: Marketwatch.com


For a standout exterior, consider using a combination of rusty orange and grey paint colors.


Idea for the exterior #28


a house with coral red exteriors and trees along it
Coral red exterior, an eye-catching architectural marvel

Image Source: Newmika.com


The dark shade of red contrasts wonderfully with each horizontal line in this beautiful house.


Idea for the exterior #29


A home with a peach and white exterior and trees
Neutral exterior, a refined canvas for style

Image Source: Nerolac


Neutral colours like white and cream give modern exteriors a bright and cheerful look.


Idea for the exterior #30


A cool home with navy blue exterior and a lawn
Navy blue exterior, embracing coastal allure

Image Source: Forbes.com


For a charismatic exterior design, use navy blue its boldness works like magic on the walls.


Wall painting design idea for the puja room

A well painted puja room reflects a balance of serenity, spirituality, and aesthetics.


Idea for the puja room #31


A pooja room with a satin yellow finish, idols and a table
A divine ambience prevails

Image Source: Vatsika. in


This bright yellow finish room paint with subtle lines adds texture of the space; a similar effect can be achieved with diagonal lines.


Idea for the puja room #32


A combination of texture and plain wall in puja room with cabinets and accessories
Textured finish pooja room, an inspiring spiritual retreat

Image Source: Homify. in


This puja room stands out because of its clever yellow lighting and textured depth.


Idea for the puja room #33


A dual tone puja room with plants and a window
Dual-tone pooja room, harmonizing devotion with design

Image Source: Timesproperty.com


While painting the puja room, keep in mind that light colours reflect light and darker ones offer cosiness.


Idea for the puja room #34


A pooja room with grey imprints on wall a plant a mandir and a chair
Dusky grey pooja room, a serene sanctuary unfolds

Image Source: Newsncr.com


Grey is a versatile colour that, when combined with different patterns, gives a divine look to the space.


Idea for the puja room #35 


A pooja room with green and yellow patterns on wall and storage
Tropical pooja room, a blissful connection to nature

Image Source: Pinterest


For a tropical-themed puja room, balance vibrant colours, calming elements, and use natural materials.


Wall paint design ideas for the kids’ room

Designing a kid’s room is an exciting chance to be creative and to make a fun, imaginative space.


Idea for the kids’ room #36


Cartoon murals in kids room with bed
Lively cartoon murals, spark imagination all around

Image Source: Peakpx.com


Opt for a bright color scheme and choose colors like blue, yellow and orange to create a playful atmosphere full of life.


Idea for the kids’ room #37



Bedroom black wall with bed and toys
Chalkboard room, where ideas come to life

Image Source: Ceciliamoyerblog.com


Use chalkboard paint on one wall of your kid’s bedroom to enable your kids to express their creativity.


Idea for the kids’ room #38


Funky geometric shapes wall paint design idea in kids room
Geometric shapes on walls, an aesthetic masterpiece

Image Source: Brightcolormom.com


Use large geometric shapes in light colours for a modern and playful touch.


Idea for the kids’ room #39


A kids room with a cute bed and rainbow stripes wall paint design idea
Rainbow stripes on the wall, spreading joy and colour

Image Source: Letscraftinstead.com


Use vertical or horizontal stripes in vibrant colours to create a cheerful rainbow wall.


Idea for the kids’ room #40


Kids room with polka dot wall paint design idea on wall with bed and table
Polka dots on the wall, a delightful patterned display

Image Source: Ubuy.co.in


Choose bright contrasting colors like blue, red and yellow to add colour to your kid’s room.


Wall paints design ideas for the hallway

A hallway with the right colour transforms it into a stylish and inviting space.


Idea for the hallway #41


Ombre hallway wall paint design idea in blue and white with cabinets
Ombre hallway, a captivating transition of hues

Image Source: Pinterest


Experiment by blending several shades of the same hue, going from the lightest color to the darkest color. Like this beautifully painted bright blue wall that accentuates the overall design of the hall.


Idea for the hallway #42


Horizontal stripes wall paint design idea in hallway with paintings
Horizontal stripes hallway, a visually captivating journey

Image Source: Archziner.com


Thick stripes in a darker shade on a light-coloured wall creates a remarkable contrast.


Idea for the hallway #43


Beige hallway wall paint design idea with artefacts
Neutral hallway, a timeless and soothing welcome

Image Source: Pinimg.com


The use of contrasting colors brings out the architectural features in this hallway.


Idea for the hallway #44


A hallway with an accent wall paint design idea plants and windows
Hallway with an accent wall, an eye-catching architectural delight

Image Source: Pinterest


The horizontal stripes gives this classic paint color combination a slight edge.


Idea for the hallway #45


Stucco hallway wall paint design idea in front of entrance
Stucco hallway, a rustic and inviting passage

Image Source: Marmostucco.co.uk


Apply a textured finish, such as Venetian plaster or stucco, to add depth and texture to the walls.


Wall paint design ideas for studio apartment

Use color to delineate different areas such as the bedroom, living room and more within the studio.


Idea for studio apartment #46


A combo of light and dark wall paint design idea studio apartment with table and chairs
White and black studio apartment, sleek and stylish

Image Source: Pufikhomes.com


This studio apartment features a brilliant contrast with a black kitchen with a white living room.


Idea for studio apartment #47


Monochromatic studio wall paint design idea apartment with table, chairs and bed
Monochromatic studio apartment, an elegant and cohesive space

Image Source: Chaukorstudio.com


Opt for a monochromatic scheme which combines different shades of the same colour in the living room.


Idea for studio apartment #48


peach coloured studio apartment with green sofa, chandelier, brown sofa and indoor plants
This peach living room unites comfort and warmth

Image Source: Pinterest


The beautiful peach living room gives a light and airy feel. The soft pastel shade creates an ultramodern vibe.


Idea for studio apartment #49


beige studio apartment with a bedroom and a living room with sofa, chair and rug
Beige offers a timeless tranquility

Image Source: Interiorsmall.ru


This studio apartment boasts a neutral colour scheme which mixes well with the textured living room wall.


Idea for studio apartment #50


Blue Accent Wall paint design idea in Studio Apartment
Studio apartment with accent wall, elevating its ambience

Image Source: Pufikhomes.com


Create an accent wall to serve as a focal point in the living room. Excellent accent wall painting ideas include wallpaper, mural and gallery wall.


Wall painting ideas for outdoor seating area

Outdoor seating areas with the right color scheme enhance the ambience and create a welcoming space for relaxation and entertainment.


Idea for outdoor seating area #51


Grey outdoor seating with plants and chairs
Grey outdoor seating, inviting relaxation amidst nature’s beauty

Image Source: Balconygarden.com


Use mild tones like grey, brown, and blue for a seamless connection with nature.


Idea for outdoor seating area #52


Outdoor seating with patterned wall paint design idea and a tree
This wall blends into the environment so well

Image Source: Asian Paints


The subtle horizontal stripes peeking through this wallpaper design adds richness to the outdoor seating area.


Idea for outdoor seating area #53


Orange wall paint design idea
A beautiful outdoor seating alongside an orange wall

Image Source: Zaneti.com.eu


Orange color for outdoor seating can infuse your space with warmth, vibrancy, and a sense of excitement.


Idea for outdoor seating area #54


Outdoor seating with plants and chair with wall paint design idea
An elegant outdoor escape

Image Source: Pinterest


Keep it simple with a monochromatic colour scheme for a sophisticated look.


Idea for outdoor seating area #55


Garden themed mural with seating and wall paint design idea
Garden-themed mural, bringing the outdoors to life

Image Source: Yvonnescustommurals.com


A garden-themed mural with colourful flowers and butterflies creates a secret garden vibe.


Key considerations before painting your wall



Ensure the walls are properly waterproofed, especially in areas prone to moisture, to prevent water damage and peeling.


Protecting the floor and furniture

Cover the floor and move furniture to avoid spills and splatters, protecting them from potential damage.


Quality of paint

Invest in high-quality paints like those from Benjamin Moore offers better coverage, durability, and longevity, resulting in a more satisfactory and long-lasting finish.


Importance of colour selection

Choose colours carefully to reflect the desired mood and aesthetics. Consider how different lighting affects the chosen hues.


Preparing a smooth surface

Prioritize surface preparation by filling cracks, sanding rough areas, and applying primer to ensure a smooth and even painting surface.


Using the right tools

Select appropriate brushes, rollers, and other painting tools to achieve the desired finish and make the painting process more efficient.


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Types of paints



An emulsion is a versatile water-based paint that is suitable for most interior surfaces.



Enamel is a durable and glossy paint that is resistant to stains and is easy to clean.



Distemper is a budget-friendly wall paint option that is used for ceilings as well.


Metallic paints 

This wall paint is infused with metallic pigments that add shimmer and sheen to surfaces, creating a luxurious and glamorous look.


Textured paints

It offers a tactile finish with patterns or raised textures, adding depth and interest to walls.


Anti-corrosion paints

This is primarily used for exterior surfaces or areas prone to dampness. This paint is primarily used for exterior surfaces or areas that are regularly exposed to moisture.


Eco-friendly paint

These have low VOCs, promoting better indoor air quality and sustainable living.


Speciality wall paints

These are designed to offer unique features and effects beyond traditional paint types.


Types of finishes




Matte wall paint finish in sky blue and peach
A modern wall with a matte finish

Image Source: Berger


This beautiful combination of pastel blue and orange breathes life into this living room.




Glossy wall finish in bedroom
A wall with a glossy finish

Image Source: Indigo

It is a high shine and reflective finish that is durable and easy to clean as well.




Blue semi gloss wall finish with bed
A semi-gloss wall finish in the bedroom

Image Source: Paintingdenver.net


It is a moderately shiny finish that is highly suitable for high-moisture areas.




Grey wall finish with tables and other accessories
A grey wall finish

Image Source: Nipponpaints


It falls between the extremes of matte and high-gloss finishes, offering a balanced and elegant look to your walls. Satin has a subtle and sheen finish that is easy to clean.




A wall with eggshell wall finish
A pale green wall with an eggshell finish

Image Source: Pinterest


It is a slightly sheen wall finish that has better stain resistance than matte. This finish and the whole wall donned in deep green paint color is ideal for an eye-catching living room.


How to choose the right color for your home?

When choosing paints for your home, consider factors like the room’s purpose, natural lighting, and existing decor. Test samples on the wall to see how they look in different lighting conditions. Also, assess it’s durability and ease of maintenance to ensure a long-lasting and satisfactory result.


How to create a wall paint scheme?

Creating a wall paint scheme involves choosing colors that complement each other and align with your desired style. Consider the room’s purpose, select a dominant color, and then choose accent colors to enhance the overall aesthetic.


What does Vastu say about painted walls?

According to Vastu, choose soothing colours, avoid sharp contrasts, and incorporate symbols of prosperity and spirituality to enhance the overall harmony and balance in the space. Incorporate nature-inspired motifs or patterns in the design to maintain a connection with nature.


How to maintain a painted wall properly? 

  • Dust walls regularly with a soft cloth or duster to prevent dirt buildup.

  • Use a mild detergent mixed with water to clean stains and marks gently.

  • Avoid using abrasive cleaners or harsh chemicals that can damage the paint shade.

  • Prevent excessive moisture in the area as it can damage the paint and promote mould growth.

  • Use curtains or blinds to protect painted walls from direct sunlight, which can cause fading.




Which paint is best for wall design?

The best paint for the wall depends on the surface being painted and your personal preference. For intricate designs or patterns, acrylic paint is a good choice as it dries quickly, is easy to clean, and has excellent adhesion. For larger areas or murals, latex paint is a good option as it is durable and has good colour retention.


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What are the most popular designs for wall painting? 

The popularity of paint varies depending on personal taste, current trends, and the intended room or space. Some popular designs include:

  • Geometric shapes

  • Ombre effect
  • Stencilling
  • Murals
  • Stripes


What factors should I consider when selecting a paint finish for my home? 

When selecting a paint finish for your home, there are several factors to consider:

  • Room usage

  • Lighting
  • Wall imperfections
  • Style
  • Personal preference
  • Brand


What factors should be considered when selecting a wall design? 

When selecting a wall design, there are 5 main factors to consider:

  • Room purpose
  • Existing decor
  • Wall size and shape
  • Personal style
  • Budget and time


How do you paint geometric patterns on a wall? 

To paint walls with geometric patterns, follow these steps:

  • Prepare the wall for painting.
  • Apply an undercoat to your wall.
  • Plan out the geometric shapes for your wall.
  • Apply your masking tape.
  • Start painting your geometric wall.
  • Remove the masking tape.


How do you paint circles on a wall? 

Stick to the following steps:

  • Plan your design.
  • Prepare the wall.
  • Trace the circles onto the wall.
  • Paint the circles using a small roller or brush.
  • Allow the paint to dry completely before adding additional coats.
  • Touch up as needed.
  • Carefully remove the painters tape to reveal the final design.


How do you paint a zig-zag pattern on a wall? 

Here are some steps you should follow to achieve a zig-zag pattern on a wall:

  • Plan your design and choose your colours.
  • Clean and prepare the wall.
  • Use painter’s tape to mark off the areas.
  • Apply the first colour within the taped-off areas and allow it to dry.
  • Create the zig-zag pattern by marking off the areas with painter’s tape.
  • Allow the paint to dry completely, then touch up any areas that need additional coverage or detail work. Finally, carefully remove the painter’s tape to reveal the finished pattern.



You can bring more colour and texture to your home with these vivacious color schemes for every nook of the house. Be it your bedroom, living room, hall, puja room, kids’ room, or any other corner of your house. Wall paint colors can drastically change the mood and the entire interior design of your home. After all, it’s pretty painless, relatively inexpensive, and should something go horribly wrong, easy to fix. Create a modern, retro, and traditional-style colour scheme for your rooms, outdoor seating, and studio apartments by taking inspiration from the above-mentioned ideas. Also, invest in high-quality paints from reputed brands like Benjamin Moore, Dulux, etc. Lastly, there is way more to consider than merely which shade to go for while choosing the right wall design to create a masterpiece whether it is a simple or luxury texture for a modern bedroom, hall, or any other place.


*The featured image used in this article is from Realsimple.com


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