Window grill design: Modern & stylish iron, wooden, stainless steel designs

brown house with stylish new modern window grill designs for simple homes
brown house with stylish new modern window grill designs for simple homes

Windows are the source of sublime natural light, and we cannot just do without them. Nor can we do without the window grill designs for houses in India and across the globe. Homeowners make use of window grills to not have to trade off security for the golden light. Even floor-to-ceiling windows are in vogue to furbish the space. But these windows also double as an entry point for intruders. Window grill designs in materials such as iron, steel, wood, etc. solve the problem. But these stylish modern window grill designs do not have to be plain-looking. You have a host of options when it comes to fenestration.
You can fortify your windows with elegant grill designs that work for your room’s decor to keep your dwelling safe and enjoy the panoramic view of the outdoors at the same time.

With mind-staggering options in window grill design, choosing the right one might become tedious if you go in with no prior knowledge. Walking into the window grill store all prepared will help you purchase the best your money can buy.




Ornate window grill designs for modern homes


Designs for different style preferences


Window grill design #1 – Simple yet modern


stylish new modern black window grill designs for designer homes
Minimalistic designer window grill

Image Source: Diamond Windows and Doors


Despite being rudimentary in design, these grills offer immense safety. The grills are fastened to the walls and cause no obstruction to the inflowing fresh air and sunlight. Though these grills do not scream aesthetics, they are often the easiest choice to make when considering security.


Window grill design #2 – Traditional vibes


stylish new modern black window grill designs for designer homes
Simple yet classic

Image Source: Anderson windows


In India, these are the most spotted-style window grills. These have adorned windows, balconies, and even doors. Usually, the starting point of choosing any grill design is this forged metal variety. These look not only charming but also offer adequate safety.


Window grill design #3 – Designer touch


stylish new modern window grill designs for designer homes
Work of art

Image Source: Pinterest


A common sight in office spaces, or commercial outlets, these come in different shades of black and gold. The detailing in these grills is intricate, and they quickly level up the appeal of the area.


Window grill design #4 – Functional & simplistic 


Modern flair

Image Source: Studio McGee


If you are looking for functionality, plus the security of the window grills, you should opt for these black grills. The added features are the bent-outwards design that creates extra space to place your flower pots.


Window grill design #5 – Iron frame


stylish new modern window grill designs for designer homes
Elegant framework

Image Source: CTRALUM


If you are a lover of rustic styles, you will be impressed by this stylish and new window grill design. It adds a modish touch to the regular grills while adding to the beauty of the space. It can be fixed against iron or a wooden frame depending upon your personal taste.


Window grill design #6 – Designer box


stylish new modern window grill designs for designer homes

Image Source: Magic Bricks


This grill style offers foolproof security against vandalism and intrusions. It restricts all of the outside intrusions while keeping space for the movement of air. While industries employ this particular grill extensively, even home spaces can take advantage of the protection that this offers.


Window grill design #7 – Pop of colour


Vibrant red

Image Source: Magic Bricks


If you prefer muted designs in your grills, you can choose these framed grills for the windows of your home. Affixed to the frame, you can customize these in whichever colours you desire to match or contrast with the wall and frame hues.


Window grill design #8 – Serene & sacred


Divine sophistication


A frequent sight in India, these grills display religious figures to add that traditional touch to the space. This style is a one-off in India, and they find their space not just in windows but also doors.


Window grill design #9 – Diamond view


Simple & elegant window design for your home

Image Source: Pinterest


These grill designs are a favorite among those who do not prefer loud styles. The addition of this subtle shape gives a neat and sophisticated look to the windows. The ascending and descending diamond patterns truly look striking.


Window grill design #10 – Beautiful rose


Floral pattern
Floral pattern

Image Source: Pinterest


This is one of the tried and tested styles that is not going out of the market. These are unostentatious, yet they perform the tasks of a window grill perfectly.


Window grill design #11 – Minimalistic design


Window grill for protection

Image Source: Diana Elizabeth


This window grill design is characterized by an arrangement of bars or decorative elements that are evenly spaced around the perimeter or border of a window.


Window grill design #12 – Intricate details


Space for potted plants

Image Source: Pinoy Builders


This grill style does not involve any customization. It includes patterns in straight lines protruding upwards without ending at the frame. A unique, minimalistic style is what it offers.


Window grill design #13 – Vintage vibe 


Curved details

Image Source: Pinterest


Inspired by the architectural framework of the Victorian era, the design involves lots of curves and unique shapes. They look chic and bring about elegance to even the dullest window frames.


Window grill design #14 – Distinct shape


Charming view

Image Source: Pinterest


People who love eccentric designs would be overjoyed by these beachy wave grills. You can even go a step further and add your own embellishment to make the design unique.


Window grill design #15 – Stylish yet simple


Lavish living room

Image Source: Quora


An ornate iron window grill, positioned outside the pristine white living room window, adds a refined touch to the overall aesthetic.


Window grill design #16 – Modern wooden frame


Comfy & cozy

Image Source: Pinterest


The window grill adorning the bedroom’s wooden windows not only enhances the security of the room but also adds a touch of rustic elegance to the interior decor.


Window grill design #17 – Lively burst of colour


Brilliant vibrance

Image Source: Home Online


The colourful vertical window grills on this vibrant window are a visual delight. Their hues and patterns complement the vivid palette of the window’s surroundings.



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Designs for different rooms


Window grill design #18 – Bedroom


Decorated with love

Image Source: Bright Green Door


Be it a modern or vintage grill design, ensure that the grill has cast iron as its core material to provide you with adequate safety. If the colour of the walls is too plain, you may even choose grills with convoluted designs to give the area a distinctive look.


Window grill design #19 – Living room


Forest view

Image Source: Pinterest


The power of simple elegance cannot be undermined. Sometimes, even an ordinary rectangular vertical bar window grill design can become a style statement of the house. With styles from the days of Yore making a comeback, medieval designs are a rage among the people of exceptional tastes.


Window grill design #20 – Balcony


Potted plants

Image Source: Pinterest


Some grill designs would enliven your balcony when you decorate them with your ferns, foliage, and flowers. You would also get the elbow room to hang up your lovely flower pots.


Window grill design #21 – Kitchen


Functional kitchen

Image Source: Mokki Design on Behance


The primary function of a window grill in the kitchen is to enhance security. It acts as a barrier that prevents unauthorized access through the window while allowing for proper ventilation.


Sturdiest materials for window grills


Window grill design #22 – Iron


iron frame cover
Protect windows with iron grills

Image Source: Tricity Properties


Among all the materials for new and stylish modern window grill designs, iron is the strongest of them all. Moreover, it can be molded into many shapes, all at a low cost. One thing to note is that it rusts upon contact with moisture, and the upkeep would add to the expense eventually.


Window grill design #23 – Cast iron


black cast iron railings
Cast iron offers rustic modernity

Image Source: Iron Workinc


Cast iron offers unparalleled durability. The grills of this material are available in various sizes, patterns, and designs. Upon proper maintenance, they can survive the daily wear and tear. But its susceptibility to moisture makes it vulnerable to rust.


Window grill design #24 – Wrought iron


Black grill, contemporary grill, wrought iron window grill
Kitchen window grills offer protected view

Image Source: Eatwell 101


Apart from its thickness and robustness, wrought iron is similar to cast iron. Wrought iron is the best option if you want your grills to incorporate different textures. These are also used for ornamentation purposes.


Window grill design #25 – Steel


steel window grill, simple window grill
Easy to maintain

Image Source: Alibaba


Steel grills are used both indoors and outdoors. These grills come in various patterns, and their standout feature is moisture resistance. It does not require a lot of aftercare.


Window grill design #26 – Stainless steel


stainless steel grill
Low maintenance frames

Image Source: Alibaba


Being the more expensive version of steel, it barely requires any maintenance. For many, it is the most preferred option. Also, a new & stylish window grill design made of steel is more pleasing to the eye.


Window grill design #27 – Sandstone


Give a cultural flavour with sandstone window grill

Image Source: Indiamart


Sandstone grills come in a wide variety of colours and patterns. The spacing in these grills is enough to bring in ventilation while also adding to the room’s charm.


Window grill design #28 – Mild Steel (MS)


stylish new modern gold window grill designs for simple homes
Mild steel are a low cost option

Image Source: Level up to Style


Though they disappoint a tad bit when it comes to toughness, they are inexpensive, and you can obtain many basic designs. But one cannot rely on just these for security.


Window grill design #29 – Aluminum


stylish new modern white window grill designs for simple homes
Stylish grey aluminium window grill

Image Source: Pinterest


Despite not being as strong as the iron and steel grills, aluminum grills are durable and easy to maintain. The main disadvantage is that they can be cut through easily and are not the safest grill option.


Window grill design #30 – Wood


stylish new modern window grill designs for simple homes
Real wood grill looks luxurious

Image Source: Wood Window Specialists


You would find wooden frames mostly in luxurious residences. The aesthetics of the wood bring about a rich look to the space. Along with the cost of the wooden grills, the maintenance costs also accumulate, as they lose their charm without regular polishing or painting. This is the priciest option in the window grills segment.


Points to consider when selecting a window grill


Window design

The window design must be stylish and must complement the pattern of the new grills you are willing to install. For instance, only a two-panel grill shall be appropriate for a two-panel window. You do not want to overdo the grill for the smaller windows as it would encumber the space.


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Some materials are more prone to corrosion than others, while some are sturdier. When security is the precedence, stylish and new wrought iron window grill design trumps the other modern materials. If you expect an immaculate look, you may install aluminum grills as these are not susceptible to rusting.



You can apply beautiful paint colours to an iron window grill design. Aluminum grills are usually procurable in metallic shades, and the colour is the same as the window frame. When using wrought iron, there are many colour alternatives you can choose from.



You have many grill style choices in fixed, casement, or sliding varieties. The most secure option among these is the fixed type, and it also happens to double as a fire exit in some homes. Sliding window grills make the entry point more accessible from the outside and are deemed unsafe for children. Louvre grills work the best for spaces like bathrooms where just ventilation is enough.


Cost of window grills in India

  • Mild Steel (MS): ₹70 to ₹300 per square foot.
  • Wrought Iron: ₹250 to ₹600 per square foot.
  • Aluminum: ₹100 to ₹250 per square foot.
  • Stainless Steel: ₹180 to ₹350 per square foot.
  • Custom designs, finishes, and additional features can affect prices.
  • Local market conditions and labor costs also influence the final cost.


Tips for proper maintenance and cleaning of window grills

  • Regularly clean with soapy water and a soft brush or cloth.
  • Rinse thoroughly to get rid of all cleaning residues.
  • Dry grills to prevent water-induced corrosion.
  • Apply a rust-resistant coating or paint as needed.
  • Inspect for loose bolts or screws and tighten them.
  • Lubricate hinges and locks for smooth operation.
  • Trim vegetation near grills to prevent damage.
  • Address rust spots promptly with appropriate treatment.
  • Avoid abrasive cleaners as they tend to scratch the surface.
  • Consider professional maintenance for intricate designs or extensive damage.


Watch this video: Modern window grill designs (4 mins 22 seconds)





What are the advantages of iron grill?

Iron grills offer several advantages, including durability and security. They are known for their strength and resilience, making them a long-lasting choice for window protection. Iron grills also enhance security by acting as a deterrent against unauthorized access. Additionally, they provide aesthetic appeal, allowing for various design options that can complement the overall look of a property while offering peace of mind in terms of safety and protection.


Is there any alternate to window grill?

Yes, there are alternatives to traditional window grills. Security films, window bars, security screens, and impact-resistant glass are viable options. Security films reinforce glass against shattering, while window bars and security screens provide protection without compromising aesthetics. Impact-resistant glass offers security alongside a clear view. The choice depends on security needs and aesthetic preferences.


Which is better – steel or iron window grill?

Both steel and iron window grills have their advantages. Steel is often preferred for its strength and resistance to rust, making it a durable choice. Iron, especially wrought iron, is also robust and known for its decorative qualities, allowing for intricate designs. The choice between steel and iron depends on factors like climate, design preferences, and budget. Steel is suitable for areas with high humidity, while iron grills are valued for their ornamental appeal. However, the decision should align with specific needs and aesthetics.


What is the purpose of window grills?

The primary purpose of window grills is security and protection. Window grills act as a barrier, preventing unauthorized access to a property through open windows, thus enhancing the security of a building. Additionally, they can deter intruders and provide peace of mind for homeowners. Beyond security, window grills may also serve aesthetic and design purposes, adding a decorative element to the facade of a building.


Should grills be installed on the outside or inside of windows?

Grills should be installed on the outside of windows. Exterior installation provides security by preventing unauthorized access while allowing occupants to open and close windows for ventilation without obstruction. Additionally, exterior grills are more visually appealing and do not interfere with interior window treatments or decor.



You might be considering installing window grills for their functionality, but that does not mean you skimp on the home’s aesthetics. New, stylish, and modern window grill designs are one aspect that prepossesses the appearance of both the interiors and exteriors of the house. Should you forget to shut your windows during ungodly hours, window grills would come to your rescue and keep your space impenetrable. Thanks to the options of customized grills, you can extend the display of your refined taste to the façade of the building. So, use this window grill design guide to move over to bespoke grills from the stodgy ones.


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