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Architect Talk

Seeja Sudhakaran
Aluminium Doors and WindowsArchitect TalkArchitects

Doors and window systems need calculative innovation: Ar. Seeja Sudhakaran

Architecture is an ever-evolving industry. People are exploring newer, more practical, and more efficient technologies for their homes. The door and window trends in building …

Ar. Harshavardhan Punja, Principal Architect, Keystone Architects - luxury architects and interior designers in Bengaluru
appliances for kitchenArchitect TalkArchitects

Clean & clutter-free space is key to designing a modern luxury kitchen: Ar. Harshavardhan Punja

The kitchen’s design has seen a significant transformation during the past decade. Today, we utilise kitchens for a variety of purposes, including offices, entertainment areas, …

Vandana Buddhia of vermillion standing in a garden with green glass and maroon flowers, an interior designer that designs smart homes
appliances for kitchenArchitect Talkdecor

A high-end kitchen design must incorporate both ergonomics and aesthetics: Vandana Buddhia

For Indians, the kitchen is the pride of their homes. It is a place where food is prepared with love for friends and family. Therefore, …

Nandita manwani of the studio designing Indian modular kitchens in modern design
accessories for kitchenappliances for kitchenArchitect Talk

Appliances are an indispensable part of an Indian kitchen design: Nandita Manwani

Being a gracious host demands a skill set that can be refined over time. The latest trend in the hosting game is to opt for …

Ar. Nidhi Vaish of Yellow Brick Road Designs designing luxury kitchen with built-in kitchen automation appliances
appliances for kitchenArchitect TalkArchitects

A luxury kitchen is an experience that combines aesthetics and functionality: Ar. Nidhi Vaish

Our age is marked by tremendous technological development and innovation that is aimed at improving the quality of our lives. Today, we have so many …

Ar. prashant chauhan, zero9, mumbai, premium home interior designer
appliances for kitchenArchitect TalkArchitects

Fusing state-of-the-art performance with cohesive design is essential for designing a premium kitchen: Ar. Prashant Chauhan

In the past 20 years, the kitchen has developed into a hub for communication. The changing needs of the family are directly related to this …

Architect Milind Chingale, SpaceTalk Studio, interior designer in Pune
Architect TalkArchitectsdesign

Flexibility & sustainability in design is an Architect’s roadmap to success: Ar. Milind Chingale

Sustainability is the future of architecture and interior design. The use of energy-efficient products in buildings is witnessing massive growth. Brands such as Stiebel Eltron, …

Ar. Jannat Vasi - top architects in Mumbai for luxury residential and commercial interior design projects
Architect TalkArchitectsdesign

Balance is key when designing any modern luxury interior space: Ar. Jannat Vasi

This year, the upcoming trends for 2022 seem to be consistent across the majority of platforms, which is unusual in the luxury interior design industry. …

Ar. Shailendra Surana Mahapragya Architects Solapur
Architect TalkArchitectsBathroom

Solar passive building techniques contribute to sustainable designs & energy efficiency: Ar. Shailendra Surana

Regarding the future of architecture, there is no doubt that sustainable building materials and designs are a crucial part of it. The building and construction …

Mr. Nilesh Gandhi
Architect TalkBathroomdesign

Right design, appropriate materials & a skilled plumber will give you the perfect plumbing system: Mr. Nilesh Gandhi (MEP Consultants in Pune)

The building industry in India is growing at a fast pace. But how efficient is a building without effective plumbing? The ecosystem of building and …

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