Architect Talk

Architect Talk

Vandana Buddhia of vermillion standing in a garden with green glass and maroon flowers, an interior designer that designs smart homes
Architect Talk

A high-end kitchen design must incorporate both ergonomics and aesthetics: Vandana Buddhia

For Indians, the kitchen is the pride of their homes. It is a place where food is prepared with love for friends and family. Therefore, …

Ar. Harshavardhan Punja, Principal Architect, Keystone Architects - luxury architects and interior designers in Bengaluru
Architect Talk

Clean & clutter-free space is key to designing a modern luxury kitchen: Ar. Harshavardhan Punja

The kitchen’s design has seen a significant transformation during the past decade. Today, we utilise kitchens for a variety of purposes, including offices, entertainment areas, …

Nandita manwani of the studio designing Indian modular kitchens in modern design
Architect Talk

Appliances are an indispensable part of an Indian kitchen design: Nandita Manwani

Being a gracious host demands a skill set that can be refined over time. The latest trend in the hosting game is to opt for …

ar. simranjit singh
Architect Talk

Sustainability is getting increasingly important in architectural design: Ar. Simranjit Singh

We are moving towards a world order that mandates us to bring ‘sustainability’ to the core of all the construction activities. And an architect is …

Ar. Shailendra Surana Mahapragya Architects Solapur
Architect Talk

Solar passive building techniques contribute to sustainable designs & energy efficiency: Ar. Shailendra Surana

Regarding the future of architecture, there is no doubt that sustainable building materials and designs are a crucial part of it. The building and construction …

Architect Manmeet K. Arora
Architect Talk

Beauty, purpose, and responsibility are the triad of sustainability in architectural design: Ar. Manmeet Arora

In the world of architecture and design, three key elements play a vital role: aesthetics, functionality, and sustainability. Aesthetics ensure that spaces are visually pleasing …

Mr. Sammeer Pakvasa, Managing Director, Eleganz Interiors Private Limited, contractors for WPP campus at bay 99, a display of drywalls and ecophon ceilings for better performance and office design
Architect Talk

User-centric approach would become the norm in office design: Mr. Sammeer Pakvasa, Eleganz Interiors (Turnkey contractors in Mumbai)

With new requirements and expectations that mix physical spaces with technologically-assisted ways of working, the workplace is becoming a center for creativity. The office building …

Ar. Sheetal Rakheja of Aeon Design & Development
Architect Talk

Sustainability in architecture is not just a trend, it’s the need of the hour: Ar. Sheetal

In an era where climate change is becoming an increasingly pressing issue, sustainability has become a top priority for individuals and businesses alike. Many people …

Architectural and interior designer Tahir Dar, expert in technology advancements and architecture in Srinagar
Architect Talk

Interior design and architecture in Srinagar emphasise structural integrity and visual appeal: Tahir Dar

The architectural and interior design industry is in a state of flux, with new trends and practices emerging all the time. However, one thing is …

plumbing work - P Ramachandran
Architect Talk

Plumbing work in projects ecosystem: A Plumbing Consultant’s perspective

Plumbing work – the background We live and work in an integrated and interdependent world. Interestingly, this is also being increasingly reflected in quality construction …

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