25 simple false ceiling designs to prove that less is more

simple false ceiling designs
simple false ceiling designs

 The paradox of this world is that people run after opulence while forgetting that simplicity is crucial in every aspect of life, including the design of your interiors. Also, simple false ceiling designs for bedroom, kitchen, living room, hall, and other places in a modern layered look with lighting are not appreciated enough for their beauty.

It’s time that we recognize that simple false ceilings are not a synonym for dull false ceilings. There is an abundance of beautiful and elegant simple ceiling designs.

Furthermore, simple false ceilings make your residential and/or commercial spaces neat and uncluttered.

To prove the aesthetic superiority of simple false ceilings, here are 25 modern ceiling designs to make your soul dance!



Ideas for simple false ceiling designs


Profile lighting

Profile lights are an easy way to achieve a modern ceiling design. They are great for lighting up the bedroom.

These lights also come with the option of controlling the brightness of the light. Hence, ceiling designs with profile lights, and bedrooms are just made for each other!


profile lighting
Profile lights in bedroom

Image source: Infinite Space Interiors


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Suspended ceiling 

Suspended ceilings for simple halls are one of the latest ceiling designs in vogue. So, the beauty of a suspended ceiling is that it combines the elements of modern ceiling designs.


suspended ceiling
Suspended false ceiling simple design

Image source: Ontogenesis design studio


Carved borders

The immediate thought that comes to mind when someone mentions carvings is elaborate geometric or floral patterns. But, you can also use the technique to create a simple yet effective false ceiling design for hall.

For instance, this grey ceiling is outlined with white carved borders for a clean-cut elegant ceiling. Recessed lights make for great simple false ceiling lights for hall design.


living room interior design
Grey ceiling with carved borders

Image source: Aum Architects


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Modern false ceiling designs with an extended panel

An extended panel is the best ceiling design for bedroom. Also, it raises the style quotient of your bedroom, especially when it’s made of wood like this one.


false ceiling simple design
An extended panel in a bedroom

Image source: RS Architects


Black and white new false ceiling  design

Here is a suspended false ceiling with cutting edges and an asymmetrical pattern engraved on it. Also, add a dash of color to the hollow part of the exterior tray ceiling.

This ceiling design alternates the black and white striped parts with an uninterrupted cool blue. This gives an appealing look to any simple room.


modern false ceiling design
Black and white ceiling spiced up with blue paint

Image source: Azad Decorator


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Monochromatic new false ceiling designs

This aqua-themed false ceiling design walks the fine line between simplicity and quirkiness. The wooden panels of the false ceiling are painted sky blue.

The interiors are monochromatic- from the blue flooring and walls to the blue shelves and fans!


latest false ceiling design
Aqua-themed false ceiling

Image source: Azad Decorator


Shades of blue and green make for the best false ceiling designs for warm regions. They add coolness to the space.


Silver tray ceiling 

Make your false ceiling ultra-modern with a silvery base. Such a metallic ceiling is an eye-catching false ceiling design. Also, pay special attention to the lighting because it makes the ceiling glow.


metallic false ceiling
Aluminum simple false ceiling design for hall with a metallic shine

Image source: Aeora Designs


Wooden false ceiling design

This wooden ceiling is the perfect inspiration for elegant and simple ceiling designs. In this modern yet simple false ceiling design for dining hall, wooden beams run parallel to each other in a horizontal manner for a chic dining area.


dining room interiors
An enchanting wooden ceiling in the dining area

Image source: Aum Architects


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Strip lighting for blue false ceiling 

To give a scintillating dewy look to your room, get this blue simple ceiling design. Install yellow strip lights to brighten up the room. Also, using cove lighting that drops down towards the floor adds a dramatic effect.


simple false ceiling design
Simple ceiling design in blue color.

Image Source: Behance


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Multi-layered new false ceiling design

 If you have already hyped the four walls of your bedroom quite a bit, you need to dial it down with the fifth wall so it doesn’t look overdone.

Therefore, you can use these simple ceiling designs for bedroom with multiple layers. Also, instead of using different false ceiling colors for each layer, you can simply color the borders of each layer to show the transition.

Additionally, adding false ceiling lighting such as a beautiful chandelier does wonder to the overall look of the simple ceiling design.


multi-layer bedroom
Layered false ceiling with lighting.

Image Source: Behance


Raining crimson ceiling lighting

One of the false ceiling best designs for your personal bedroom/gaming room/theatre would be these new false ceiling designs with crimson false ceiling lighting.

Installing downwards facing cove lighting in red color gives a jazzy and intimate aura.


false ceiling cove lighting
Modern false ceiling cove lighting.

Image Source: Behance


Natural logs 

Are you a child of the wild? This natural wooden false ceiling design is ideal for you. Also, installing a black modern false ceiling design for bedroom with real logs in regular gaps gives an amazing feel to the space.


wooden planks with lights for a dark bedroom
Aesthetic black false ceiling with wooden logs.

Image source: 9gag


Yellow and white stripes false ceilings

Give a unique look to your false ceiling design. So, in order to achieve this false ceiling design, all you need are two false ceiling colors in white and yellow shades. Hence, this ceiling design is budget-friendly and easy.


yellow and white stripes to transform the space
Simple false ceiling color in stripes

Image Source: Twitter


High-rise false ceiling 

The high-rise modern false ceiling gives a totally unique look to your home. Also, if you want high false ceilings, ensure that the lighting is bright enough to light up the entire space properly.

Therefore, install powerful false ceiling cove lighting and recessed lights.


Single layer solutions for a loft house
False ceiling design for high-rise buildings.

Image Source: Wattpad


Glass modern false ceiling design

A black living room makes for an extremely unique and classy space. But, you can twist the entire look by adding a glass modern false ceiling. The view of the sky and trees offers the feel of nature. Therefore, you can enjoy the thrill of luxury and the serenity of nature from the comforts of your living room with this simple false ceiling design.


simple false ceiling designs
Latest glass false ceiling for a black living room.

Image Source: Imgur


Area-based basic false ceiling ideas


Simple false ceiling designs for hall

This double-layered white false ceiling design makes the hall look brighter and roomier. Also, the recessed lights, false ceiling cove lighting, and other decorative lights light up the entire space.


false ceiling for living room
White simple false ceiling design for a beautiful white living room

Image Source: Gyproc


Modern false ceiling for living room

A stark white false ceiling with several recessed lights is one of the latest false ceiling designs. It looks sleek and neat. Also, a decorative lighting fixture hangs from the center to add a touch of grandeur.



simple white false ceiling
Modern living room ceiling

Image source: Sheveluv


Basic false ceiling for kitchen

Modular kitchens are all the rage in the industry right now. Therefore, it is important that the kitchen false ceiling design suits the rest of your kitchen.


kitchen false ceiling
Simple false ceiling design for kitchen

Image source: Zing Architects


Latest false ceiling for bedroom

The bedroom is the most suitable room for modern false ceiling designs. It is a place of rest and relaxation. Unnecessary adornments may make your bedroom look cluttered. Therefore, it is better to go for false ceiling designs when it comes to a bedroom.


simple false ceiling designs
Stylish tray ceiling for bedroom

Image source: Ontogenesis Design Studio


This is a basic tray ceiling design with cove lighting and recessed lights. Also, the ample space at the center allows the installation of a fan (a must-have for Indian homes). This is one of the best false ceiling designs for bedroom.


Modern false ceiling for bedroom

This false ceiling design makes creative use of light sources. Also, the plain white tray ceiling is highlighted with the warm yellow glow of the cove lighting. Different-sized recessed lights are used for different areas for a well-lit bedroom.


simple false ceiling design for bedroom
Breathtaking ceiling lights

Image source: pinterest.com


Best false ceiling for bedroom

 The lights in this false ceiling give a warm glow, the kind that bathes the entire room in a blanket of comfort. Also, the light strip runs in a continuous line along with the entire ceiling, with intermittent recessed lights.

A black modern branch-like fixture drops from the center of the ceiling, with yellow lights at the end. Also, this lighting creates the perfect atmosphere to relax in after a long day.


bedroom design
Modern false ceiling design for bedroom

Image source: Hive Obsession


Strips patterned new false ceiling for bedroom

This fantastic new ceiling design in the striped pattern makes the room look bigger. Furthermore, this modern ceiling design stretches all along the wall behind the bed to give a seamless look.


Single layer solutions
Continuous wall and false ceiling for bedroom.

Image Source: Mauriceyabre (instagram.com)


 Area demarcation in open-plan spaces

Open-space plans are becoming a favorite in urban homes. Also, since apartments are relatively small, the absence of too many walls saves space and gives the illusion of a large space.

But, there is still a need to subtly separate the living room from the dining area using partitions and simple false ceiling designs. So, you can achieve this with the help of different layered ceiling designs for the two areas.

In this particular design, the plain white ceiling is a common feature. Instead of using two designs, take the economical way out. Highlight the living room area with simple modern false ceiling designs.


modern living room design
Open-plan false ceiling for separating two areas

Image source: Morrison homes


The grey simple false ceiling design complements the white base and successfully makes a clear distinction between the living room and dining area. Decorate the plainer side with a remarkable lighting fixture and you are good to go!


For outdoors

The wooden plank ceiling designs look unique and luxurious. You can add recessed lights to your false ceiling and add to its functionality.


wooden planks
Amazing wooden plank ceiling design.

Image Source: Novero Homes


Office false ceiling 

This single layered ceiling design is apt for an office setting. The false ceiling is made of white gypsum boards that come with a variety of features like fire resistance and impact resistance. It provides both safety and style to any workplace.


office interior design
Sleek false ceiling for the workplace

Image source: The Indoor Story


False ceiling ideas gallery




Simplicity is underrated in ceiling designs. This realization prompted us to compile a list of the best ceiling designs.

The ceiling designs we have presented in this article are proof that less is more. After all, simplicity is a requisite in modern design for a reason.

Simple ceiling designs generously involve straight lines and cuts. Also, parallel lines and outlines are a few examples of such designs.

Innovative lighting like profile lighting, strip lighting, cove lighting, and recessed lighting are important in modern ceiling design. Also, you can always add a touch of magnificence to your false ceiling with attractive chandeliers or pendant lights!

Lastly, we hope that we have been able to satisfy the curiosity that led you to seek this article. May these simple ceiling designs inspire you to create your own!


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