Godrej presents Home Decor Handles: A new breed of ideas, designs, and trends for home decor

Godrej modern home decor handle with design sensibility
Godrej modern home decor handle with design sensibility

Great home decor always comes from a great design sensibility. A great design sensibility always picks the right elements: the right architectural style, the right shade of paint, the right furniture style and pieces, the right decorative items, the right fabric for upholstery and curtains, the right rug, the right lights and the many more elements that together make up for beautiful home decor. In the modern world, there are many different design sensibilities or themes. Each theme is one perfect composition of all the elements mentioned earlier. There can be many themes and many home decor expressions, depending on one’s individual taste. Through research with 25 architects and interior designers, as well as nearly 100 homeowners, Godrej has identified four modern home decor themes for handles.

These four aggregate themes are the four most essential and contemporary expressions of home decor. Each handle by Godrej is designed to add immeasurably to a home’s decor. Whether the space is modern, urban, ethnic, or luxurious, there is a handle design waiting to rejuvenate it.


Decor theme 1: Neo Luxury


godrej neo luxury handles
Neo Luxury Handles


A lavish, bold aesthetic with embellished details, Neo Luxury is an indulgent take on modern aesthetics. Neo Luxury is for those looking to make an opulent style statement. It is designed with rich tones and a focus on quality materials.


Decor theme 2: Euro Modern


blue bedroom with bed and plants
Euro Modern Handles


An aesthetic of subtle elegance, Euro Modern has clean lines and a crafted quality that makes it eternally stylish. Simple and minimal, Euro Modern is for those looking to make a confident style statement.


Decor theme 3: Urban Chic


white bedroom with bed
Urban Chic Handles


A vibrant, expressive style, Urban Chic is all about creativity and personality. With a surprising mix of styles and elements, Urban Chic is just right for those seeking a unique, exuberant style statement.


Decor theme 4: Smart Ethnic


Godrej modern home decor handle with design sensibility
Smart Ethnic Handles


An earthy, crafted aesthetic, Smart Ethnic has contemporary sensibilities but with a focus on artisanal and traditional details. Comforting and harmonious, Smart Ethnic Home Decor Handles are for those looking to make a rooted yet modern style statement.



Each handle design is available in five distinct finishes: Satin Steel, Antique Brass, Matte Black, Matte Black Nickel, and the most-awaited PVD Rose Gold finish.

Depending on your vision for your home and its interiors, pick from these four themes and then pick the handle design that best complements the design sensibility you have in mind. With Godrej Home Decor Handles, you get a curated selection of the very best of contemporary design, to add allure and chic to your doors and home.


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