Hall colour combination: 15 ideas & tips for amazing transformation

Hall colour combination with peachy hues
Hall colour combination with peachy hues

Colours hold a world of meaning, conveying emotion and speaking a language unique to each of us. So, it is pertinent that we give the best colours to our house. Although colour combination choices for the hall and the rest of the house depend on individual selection, there are certain essential factors that are standard. When you are selecting the best hall colour combination for Indian homes, you should first consider the impact of the colours and textures on the occupants. 

Ideally, colour combinations for hall walls should tell a story that represents your personality and bring positive vibes. Trendy hall colour combinations and textures will transform the appearance of hall walls and impress visitors.

Let us take you through some finer points of selecting the best colour combinations for halls in India in this article. We have also curated some images to inspire you to select the best colour combination for your next home makeover. Read along to know more about hall colour combinations.




Trendy hall wall colour combination ideas for Indian homes

Colours create a cohesive space and play an essential role in regulating people’s mental health conditions. It is a relief to come home to a soothing environment after a full day’s work. Also, with people working from home, dull and boring is passe while preppy accent walls and decor is in. Hence, to maintain a warm and inviting look, check out some hall painting designs and colours here.


Hall colour combination #1 – Pastel (Peachy corals with warm tones)


Peaches and beige for hall colour combination ideas
Pretty in peaches

Image Source: Elske Willemse on Pinterest


The peach colour is a great alternative to pink for livening up your hall and living room colours. Peach combines well with many colours adding a nice pop without oversaturating any space, which is why pastels have become such a popular choice. 

Here, the peach colour on the walls is aptly complemented by the upholstered pastel beige sofas and a few colourful decor accents. The preppy living room in pastel colours has a soothing appearance and feel, exuding a gentle, neutral, and calming character. 


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Hall colour combination #2 – Beige and White with textured effect


Beige and white hall colour combination
All time favourite

Image Source: British Paints


The shades create an elegant hall and enhance the spaciousness. These are the best colour combination for a hall with texture. Upholstery in similar shades and patterned curtains in slightly darker hues give you a stunning room in which to lounge. A skirting of neon yellow on the ceiling catches your attention and breaks the expanse of beige. The flooring in shades of grey and black is a lovely contrast to the plain sofas, while red accent chairs add a colour pop.


Hall colour combination #3 – Tones of Yellow and Cream 


Sunshine yellows in different tones
Sunny hues for a sunny ambience

Image Source: Pinterest


Pops of bright yellow contrast beautifully with the creamy white ceiling. Shades in lighter hues of the same colours harmonize well with the wooden floor. The colourful carpet and black cushions add to the colour coordination. The bold colours are balanced by the furniture and TV unit in light pine colours.


Hall colour combination #4 – Shades of Lime Green and White


Lime green and white for a cool combination
Zesty green and cool whites

Image Source: Cuded uploaded on Pinterest


Cool shades of lime green pair perfectly with crisp neutrals like grey and white. Here, the refreshing colour combination brings spring accents to your interiors, lending a chic look. Also, the zesty green on the walls contrasts well with the white sofas, ceiling, and accent wall. The tree pattern holds your attention while the light-coloured floor balances the continuity. The colour combo is also maintained in the small decor items on the simple centre table.


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Two colour combinations for hall # 5 – Classic Black and White


Classic black and white colour combination for hall
Black and white elegance

Image Source: Hunker.com


The classic colour combination adds sophistication to the hall walls. Hence, the all-time favourite combination is used to create a modern living area. The small black sofa pairs well with the industrial table, while the brown leather poufs add a subtle pop. Also, white curtains and black accessories blend beautifully with the look.


Two colour combinations for hall # 6 – Cream and Aqua Blue


Shades of blue for hall colours
Cool colours for peaceful interiors

Image Source: Design Cafe


The oceanic hues bring in beachy vibes and a calm feel. It will be a home you will love to return to after a gruelling day. Therefore, these are the best colours for the hall colour combination for Indian homes. Aqua and cream always evoke a sense of tranquillity and exude positive vibes.


Hall colour combination # 7 – Colour blocking


Colour blocking with trendy colours
Preppy accents to uplift your mood

Image Source: The house that colour built


Colour blocking allows exploring opposite colours and pairing them together to create a complementary look.  Here, the interesting shades of coral, peach, and orange complement each other to bring out an eclectic effect. Velvet cushions in dark green shades look stunning. The simple shaggy carpet in white and black adds to the ambience.


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Hall colour combination #8 – Multi-coloured patterns 


Patterns in multi colours for hall colour combination
 Scribbling patterns

Image Source: Society6.com


Multi-coloured patterns are a bold way to break the monotony of single paint colours. However, it is wise to play with three colours instead of many. Here, the wall becomes an eye-catching accent wall to contrast the simple furniture.


Hall colour combination #9 – Shades of Grey


Grey shades for hall colour combination
Shades of grey for sophistication

Image Source: Indigo Paints


Grey need not be sombre as it is thought to be. It can combine with most bold colours and look great by itself. The image shows an impressive play of grey shades in the walls, furniture, and design elements. The black accents and sofa bring out the style, while the white textures and industrial touch on the ceiling bind the entire look.


Hall colour combination #10 – Embossing


Embossing for a subtle glamour
Stamping glamour

Image Source: NoBroker


Embossing is a beautiful way to bring attention to background walls. The motifs can be self-printed on light shades, or bold patterns can make a statement. The options are unlimited, from traditional designs to quirky ones. The hall in the image shows a trailing vine in a dark beige and white texture. The embossing is classy and not too overpowering for a medium-sized hall.


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Two colour combinations for hall #11 – Metallic colour combo 


Metallic colours for accent walls in hall colours
Mesmerising in metallics

Image Source: Asian Paints


The room in the image is done up in a yellow metallic crinkle on an accent wall. Shades of black and white texture in furnishings and furniture bring out the contrast to a stunning effect. The carpet in shades of grey beautifully ties up the entire look.


Two colour combinations for hall #12 – Turquoise and Pink


Turquoise colour combination for hall walls in India
Tranquil but trendy

Image Source: Hip Couch



Turquoise is a versatile colour that pairs well with pretty pastels. The image here shows turquoise accents combined in different shades. This cool shade can look luxurious with pink.


Two colour combinations for hall #13 – Purple and Gunmetal


Purple with gunmetal for a luxurious hall
Unusual but glamourous

Image Source: Property Geek


The unusual combination offset each other to bring out a glamorous colour combo. The room here plays with the purple colour in furnishings, sofa, and carpet.  In the image, purple tones are in different shades, while a touch of white accentuates the gunmetal shade on the walls.


Two colour combinations for hall #14 – Black and Red


Red, black and white for hall colour combinations
Primary colours for flamboyance

Image Source: Nerolac.com


The primary colours red, black, and white combine to create the most impressive hall colour texture combination. Also, it is royal and glamorous rolled into one. Here, the vibrant combination brings out a theatrical feel, great for a flamboyant personality.




Two colour combinations for hall #15Shades of Blue 


Cream and Aqua blue colours for hall in India
Soothing colours for tranquil vibes

Image Source: Indigo Paints


The cool colour is a mood buster for some and the go-to colour for many. However, blue offers many options in combination and by itself. Here, the cool blue shade paired with white accents in the window and sofa offers a fresh feeling.


How to choose the best hall colour combination for Indian homes?

There is more to choosing the hall colour combination for Indian homes than simply putting textures and colours together. Before zeroing down to the final choices that need to be made, you have to consider your home interiors, floor, personality, mood, lighting, furniture, space, and the shape of the hall itself. You cannot be casual about the hall colours as it sets up the entire ambience of your house. Here are some handy tips for choosing the best hall colour combination for Indian homes.

  • Match with the interiors: Hall colours that complement your home interiors give your entire home a classy look.  Go for pastels, preferably light pink hues, to complement metallic interiors, as they are the best colour combinations for a hall in India.
  • Consider the floor: Traditional Indian homes generally have mosaic flooring or colourful patterns on tiled floors. Hence, it is pertinent to consider the flooring. Lighter shades like beige and grey go well with wooden flooring, while bolder hues are for lighter flooring.
  • Balance the scale: It is the best way to brave Indian summers. A contrast of warm and cool colours is evergreen, rejuvenates the space, and imbues zest. Also, it is the perfect way to pep up neutral shades by pairing them with warm honey-coloured hues to create magic.
  • Size of the hall matters: Modern apartments do not allow much experimentation, however, if the hall is large, you can try different colours and patterns. Also, pastels and neutrals would make your hall appear larger. Indians still live in joint families where the constraint of space is a reality. Therefore, white colour with neutrals or pastels gives the appearance of more space, and it is the best colour combination for a hall in India.
  • The cardboard test: The cardboard test is an amazing way to take an efficient decision while deciding on paint colours. Buy cardboard and try out different shades which you like along your walls or furniture to identify what suits better to the walls.


Vastu tips for choosing colours for your hall

In Indian homes, the hall is a vibrant space with constant energy shifts. It is a gathering space for friends and family members.  Hence, Vastu suggests particular shades for the best hall colour combinations of the hall. Here are some Vastu considerations for hall colours.

  • Colour choices: Red is an energy booster and increases the activity level of the occupants. Blue combinations are considered healing, and white is for peace. Green, on the other hand, represents creation and healing. Hence, these are perfect for colour combinations of hall walls.
  • Paint sheen, textures & finishes: The choice of the wall paint itself has a direct impact on the ambience of the hall. Ideally, for hall colour combinations for Indian homes, an eggshell finish works best. Hence, it is better to pick a finish between satin and matte with a flat sheen and subtle luster.


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Various types of paints


Water-based paints

Water-based paints are the most popular choice for their versatile nature and easy maintenance. Professionals prefer these paints due to their ease of application and flexible finish.


Oil-based paints

Because of their water resistance, oil-based paints are commonly used in kitchens and bathrooms. They take longer to dry than water-based paints. Because of this, any irregularities can be corrected before they dry. The only issue with oil-based paints is that they emit a strong odour that can be irritating to work with.


Synthetic rubber

Synthetic rubber paints are made up of a polyvinyl material. When compared to water-based paints, these synthetic rubber paints provide a thicker protective coating.



Water-based paints also include emulsion paints. Water is emulsified with an external agent, and then different pigments are mixed to create them. These paints are also highly durable and cost-effective.



Enamel paints are a popular option for both interior and exterior painting ideas. These paints are used for several other surfaces as well, like metals and wood. These paints usually come with either a glossy or matte finish for you to choose from.


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Various types of finishes


Matte finish 

Matte finishes are preferred by people due to their ability to hide imperfections and their lavish looks. The depth of colour, ease of application, and smooth feel after drying make matte paint a professional painter’s favourite.


Glossy finish

These finishes are very commonly used in Indian homes for the bright appearance and durability they provide. Due to the reflection of light, even smaller rooms having these paints appear a bit larger. 


Eggshell finish

The eggshell paint finish is simply a perfect combination of vibrance and strength. The eggshell finish provides durability without making your walls appear bland and dull. These finishes are very easy to clean and maintain, which makes them ideal for high-traffic areas.


Satin finish

The satin paint finish has a medium gloss sheen that is shinier than matte but not as shiny as gloss paint. These finishes are easier to clean and last longer than lower-sheen paints such as matte.


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What are some good hall colour combinations for small living rooms with a texture theme?

Neutral colours are the best when we talk about colour combinations for smaller spaces, such as halls in India. One can pair colours like off-white or grey with other light shades like beige or cream.


Are wall textures a good choice for neutral-themed living rooms?

Definitely, yes, wall textures don’t need to be flashy all the time. Minimalist wall textures can easily be created using lighter shades for a neutral-themed hall or living room.


What colour combinations are suitable for a bright living space?

Bold and cheerful shades like mustard yellow or citrus orange are ideal colour choices for a bright living room.


What are the main differences between emulsion and distempers?

The main differences between emulsion and distempers are as follows:

  • Distemper paint has a textured and retro appearance, whereas emulsion paint has a feathery smooth appearance.
  • Emulsion paint has a milder odour than distemper paint.
  • Emulsion paint takes much longer to dry than distemper paint.
  • Distemper paint is not completely washable, whereas emulsion paint is much simpler and easier to clean.
  • Distemper paint has a shorter lifespan than emulsion paint.
  • Emulsion paint, unlike distemper paint, does not peel off when wet.
  • When it comes to colour fading in distemper against emulsion paint, emulsion paint wins because its colour lasts much longer than distemper paint.


How does natural light affect wall colours?

The intensity and the angle of sunlight falling on walls make them appear different during the various phases of the day. Some lighter colours look close to white in direct sunlight. Before choosing a colour for your hall, make sure you think about these aspects as well.



The selection of the best colour combinations for a hall wall in India is crucial in setting the tone of the home. Also, the vast array of Indian hall colour combination schemes provides us with the chance to express ourselves.

The pandemic has made us realize the importance of living in a home that inspires positivity and peaceful vibes. It has also accelerated the interest in home decor accessories like plants, furniture, and wall decor to complement the colour combinations in the hall.

After going through our tips for choosing the best colour combination and texture for the hall in India, you must have understood the basics. Feel free to refer to the above-mentioned images to know what will suit your personal style. Thus, you can avoid mistakes that people make while making random choices in colour combinations.

Now that you are well-equipped with all the information needed to give the best colour combination to your hall and living spaces in India, there is no need to mull over revamping ideas anymore. 


*The featured image used in this article is from NoBroker


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