Interior Design

Interior Design

blue and white mattress in a bedroom with brown wooden bed, floors and rug
Interior Design

Best Indian mattress brands | Top 10 mattress companies in India with price

A good mattress does more than just provide you with a good night’s sleep. It also protects your back and maintains the natural curvature of …

Biophilic design by sustainable Canadian Wood
ArchitectureFenestrationFiberboard | Laminates

Biophilic advantages of sustainably sourced wood in interior spaces

Integrating wood elements into interior design spaces goes beyond aesthetics; it’s a choice that can profoundly affect human health and overall well-being. Recognized as one …

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Interior DesignWall Coverings (Paints)

16+ Wall decoration DIY ideas for an instant makeover (+5 mins DIY)

Everyone dreams of a cozy and beautiful home. To make your homes look inviting and harmonious, different wall colours are chosen. But a coat of …

all white interior design in an office in Mumbai designed by the best interior designers & top decorators
Interior Design

Top 10 interior designers in Mumbai | Best interior designing firms

Our mood and personality are influenced by the environment in which we live, work, or spend a significant amount of time. Every place feels incomplete …

Interior Design

Interior bedroom design: 39+ decor schemes only experts know

The bedroom is a place to destress and relax. Typically, you start and end your day here, so more thought should go into planning this …

sustainable solution, wood seminar in Ahmedabad
Fiberboard | LaminatesFurnitureFurniture

Canadian Wood hosts a seminar on wood as a sustainable solution with notable architects in Ahmedabad

On September 13, 2023, a notable seminar was organised by Forestry Innovation Consulting India Pvt Ltd (FII India), widely known as Canadian Wood, in Ahmedabad. …

marble mandir, backlit mandir, intricate design
Interior Design

43 stylish modern mandir design ideas for home living room walls

The mandir of our home is the most venerated space. Be it calm or chaos, you would be drawn to complete your pooja ritual every …

cacti for planters, placed in living room, home decor, beautiful living room
Interior Design

Cactus guidebook: Types, care tips & 15+ decor ideas (Buy now!)

The Cactus, which belongs to the Cactaceae family, is a very distinctive and popular houseplant. This desert plant thrives in dry air, limited sunlight, and …

Visitors at HKTDC International Light Fair (Autumn Edition)
Electrical Products | Electrical AccessoriesInterior DesignLighting

HKTDC Hong Kong International Lighting Fair (Autumn Edition) and Hong Kong International Outdoor and Technology Lighting Expo return – Register now!

Hong Kong, renowned as Asia’s premier trade fair hub, has once again become the global destination of choice for business professionals worldwide. With travel fully …

blue coloured king size bed with designer headboard
FurnitureInterior Design

Designer beds: 50 spectacular styles for people with exquisite taste

Designer beds are not a mere investment piece providing comfort; they are a reflection of your design aesthetic. Luxury beds of any kind, whether upholstered, …

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