3D wallpaper design for wall: Buy for living room & bedroom online

3D wallpapers for home: Stunning designs and buying options


Walls are the most critical component of our house. These surround us and provide us with safety and privacy. The walls of our home play a vital role in determining the appeal and aesthetic of our rooms. Traditionally, Indian houses used paint to beautify and protect their walls but in recent years, wallpapers have taken the market by storm. The market is now flooded with beautifully designed wallpapers available in different themes from natural prints to fluorescent patterns. However, 3D style wallpaper designs for the living room, bedroom, kitchen and bathroom walls are the biggest trend of all in the wallpapering market. Therefore, in this article, we have compiled a list of designer approved 3D wallpapers for all rooms with handpicked buying options at a competitive price.

As the name suggests, a 3D wallpaper is adorned by prints that appears to be three dimensional. Thus, the 3D patterns on the wallpaper make the room look spacious, interactive and unique. A wall with 3D wallpaper acts as a focal point of the room. Since the 3D wallpaper itself is a decorative feature, it reduces the need for multiple decor accessories in the room and makes decoration an easy task.




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3D wallpaper for wall #1 – Indiacircus Blooming Aisle

Create a grandiose living room aesthetic with this Mughal architecture-inspired 3D wallpaper.


3D design wallpaper for living room bedroom at lowest price

B U Y  H E R E 


3D wallpaper for wall #2 – Lifencolours Golden Leaves 

The design sports golden leaves cascading gracefully across a pristine white background, creating a harmonious blend of nature and modern aesthetics.


3D design wallpaper for bedroom & living room walls

B U Y  H E R E 


3D wallpaper for wall #3 – Home Decoram Tree Stereo

This bewitching 3D wallpaper design will gracefully uplift the aesthetic value of your living room walls.


B U Y  H E R E 


3D wallpaper for wall #4 – BigaMart Gold Yangyun

This artistic arrangement seamlessly breathes life into the room, creating an inviting atmosphere that evokes feelings of relaxation.


B U Y  H E R E 


3D wallpaper for wall #5 – Avikalp Stereoscopic Golden Leaves

The calming grey canvas of this wallpaper provides a perfect background for the delicate outlines of golden leaves that cast a mesmerizing spell.


B U Y  H E R E 


3D wallpaper for wall #6 – Nilaya by Asian Paints Tin Tile 

This design brings a sense of depth and dimension, adding a touch of dynamic texture to the room.


B U Y  H E R E 


3D wallpaper for wall #7 – Wallskins Metallic Cubes 

This design effortlessly merges innovation with aesthetics, resulting in a dynamic ambiance for your living space.


B U Y  H E R E 


3D wallpaper for wall #8 – Wallpaperdirect Crique

Incorporate an element of playfulness to your walls with this wallpaper design boasting a whimsical 3D illusion through an arrangement of geometric shapes.


B U Y  H E R E 


3D wallpaper for wall #9 – Wallpaperdirect Floral Collage

The contrast between the floral intricacy and the dark backdrop creates an ambiance that envelops you in a subtle yet enchanting atmosphere.


B U Y  H E R E 


3D wallpaper for wall #10 – Spoonflower Art Deco Swans

The interplay of the serene white and reposeful blue in this wallpaper design lends an air of placidity to the space.


B U Y  H E R E 


3D wallpaper for wall #11 – Lifencolors 3D Rainbow Wallpaper

Fill your kids room with wonder with this imaginative wallpaper design sporting fluffy clouds and a vibrant rainbow.


wallpaper in a kids room of blue sky with clouds and rainbow

B U Y  H E R E 


3D wallpaper for wall #12 – Jess Home Decor 3D Reed Wallpaper

This serene wallpaper features delicate reeds that stand tall and create a soothing foreground against the backdrop of a calming greying sky.


3d reed wallpaper in a living room with a table and chaiir

B U Y  H E R E 


3D wallpaper for wall #13 – Tenstickers Wooden Tunnel Wallpaper

Let the uniqueness of this 3D wallpaper design invite you to embark on a journey of comfort and composure.


wooden tunnel wallpaper in a living room

B U Y  H E R E 


3D wallpaper for wall #14 – Wall26 Abstract Concrete Corridor Wallpaper

Experience urban aesthetics by decorating your bedroom walls with this extraordinary 3D concrete tunnel wallpaper. Also, the industrial charm of the tunnel’s texture will add a contemporary edge to your space.


concrete tunnel wallpaper in a grey bedroom with a bed

B U Y  H E R E 


3D wallpaper for wall #15 – Asian Paints Medieval Masonry

Create a living room ambiance reminiscent of medieval masonry with a wallpaper that captures the essence of ancient stonework.


a living room with a brown brick wall wallpaper

B U Y  H E R E 


Price list of 3D wallpapers available online – An overview


Brand Product MRP
Indiacircus Indiacircus Blooming Aisle 3,299
Lifencolours Lifencolours Golden Leaves 155/Ft2
Home Decoram Home Decoram Tree Stereo 499
Wallskins Wallskins Metallic Cubes 140/Ft2
Wallpaperdirect Wallpaperdirect Crique 8,700
Wallpaperdirect Wallpaperdirect Floral Collage 2,758
Lifencolours Lifencolors 3D Rainbow Wallpaper 155/Ft2
Jess Home Decor Jess Home Decor 3D Reed Wallpaper 4,882
Tenstickers Tenstickers Wooden Tunnel Wallpaper 5,599
Wall26 Wall26 Abstract Concrete Corridor Wallpaper 15,792
Asian Paints Asian Paints Medieval Masonry 1,500


How to choose the right 3D wallpaper print, colour, and texture? 


A sight to behold

Image Source: Nhà Điêu Khắc Lê Quốc Hùng (Pinterest)


The size of the room is to be taken into consideration while choosing a 3D wallpaper. Choose lighter colours and minimal prints for a narrow room to avoid an overdramatic look. For a large room, the colour and prints are not a barrier, but it would be wise to coordinate the wallpaper with the ongoing colour scheme of the room. 

It is advised to only use one wall with loud prints, use the centre wall to create a focus. All walls with big prints and loud colours may lead to dizziness and headaches, thus, try to maintain a balance of loud and minimal prints throughout the home. The use of warm colours like orange and yellow is perfect for rooms that does not experience natural light. Similarly, cool tones like blue and green will add good energy to a room that has ample natural light.


3D wallpaper designs for interior walls


3D wallpaper for living room walls

A living room is a space that experiences the most activity of all rooms of our house. Also, it is the room that most of us use for hosting guests, thus, it always has to be on its A-game. The 3D wallpaper for a living room should, therefore, not be too dramatic to act as an irritant and overpower the room atmosphere. Abstract and natural prints of 3D wallpaper are the ideal choices for the living room to keep the room wall look elegant and sophisticated. 


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3D wallpaper for living room walls #16


3d wallpaper design for walls in a living room with sofa and table
Vibrant charm of the tropics

Image Source: Oilprint-art


Elevate your living room aesthetic effortlessly with a 3D wallpaper featuring tropical fig leaves. The lush foliage brings the allure of the tropics indoors and also injects your space with a burst of nature-inspired energy.


3D wallpaper for living room walls #17


3d wallpaper design for walls in a living room with sofa and chairs
Blast of colour

Image Source: Oilprint-art


Revitalize your living room with a 3D wallpaper showcasing an abstract oil painting design. The dynamic artwork adds a burst of creativity to your space, infusing it with a modern and unique flair.


3D wallpaper for living room walls #18


3d wallpaper design for walls in a living room with a chair, table and rug
Golden wonder

Image Source: Betapet (Pinterest)


Elevate your living room’s atmosphere with a 3D wallpaper depicting leaves on a black background adorned with elegant gold accents. The combination can also add a touch of sophistication to your space and create an environment of modern charm.


3D wallpaper for living room walls #19


3d wallpaper design for walls in a living room with chair, table, sofa and a rug
A sophisticated living room

Image Source: Worldofwallpaper.com


Introduce a touch of elegance to your living room with a navy blue 3D wallpaper featuring the Azzurra Panel design.


3D wallpaper for living room walls #20


3d wallpaper design for walls in a living room with a sofa, and lamp
Modernistic living room

Image Source: Inoava


Grace your living room with a 3D wallpaper showcasing barren trees in a minimalist style. The depiction of leafless trees brings a sense of raw beauty to your space.


3D wallpaper for bedroom walls

The bedroom is a space that is all about rest and peace, thus, the colour scheme of this room matters a lot. Quiet colours and simple patterns induce a sense of relaxation and calmness. On the other hand, the use of loud colours with bold prints can cause anxiety and sleeplessness. Additionally, the location of the wall with 3D wallpaper should be at the back of the bed instead of the front, to maintain visual aesthetics.


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3D wallpaper for bedroom walls #21


3d wallpaper design for walls in a bedroom with a bed
Delicate beauty

Image Source: backtothewall.co.nz


Introduce a delicate touch to your living space with a 3D wallpaper featuring white roses and petals.


3D wallpaper for bedroom walls #22


3d wallpaper design for walls in a bedroom with a bed, side table and floor lamps
Reposeful mountains

Image Source: society19.com


Capture the majesty of nature in your living space with a 3D wallpaper showcasing towering mountains mirrored perfectly on serene waters. The breathtaking scene also exudes a sense of tranquility and awe.



3D wallpaper for bedroom walls #23


A 3D wallpaper design depicting a textured wall

Image Source: Beautywalls.com


This 3D plaster wallpaper is a fantastic way to add texture, depth, and visual interest to your space.


3D wallpaper for bedroom walls #24


A striking bedroom wall adorning a 3D moon wallpaper design

Image Source: Talisa Tarsia


This amazing wallpaper design brings the mystique of the moonlit night sky indoors, casting a soothing ambiance that’s perfect for relaxation.


3D wallpaper for bedroom walls #25


Relaxing waves

Image Source: Digsdigs.com


Adorning your bedroom walls with a beach waves 3D wallpaper design introduces the soothing essence of coastal living right into your space. In addition, the dynamic depiction of rolling waves brings a sense of movement and energy.


3D wallpaper for kitchen walls

Now, the kitchen compared to other rooms is a bit complex in terms of function and layout. Kitchen walls are subjected to several threats ranging from smoke to stains. Therefore, the quality of any wallpaper used in the kitchen has to be the best. Avoid installing all white 3D wallpaper in the kitchen, since it would require regular cleaning. 


3D wallpaper for kitchen walls #26


An organic design

Image Source: The goodies wallpaper


This design brings a touch of orchard beauty indoors, featuring the lush foliage and vibrant yellow fruit of lemon trees. Furthermore, the wallpaper’s lively patterns create a refreshing look.


3D wallpaper for kitchen walls #27


Beautiful watercolour blooms

Image Source: anitayokota.com


This wallpaper delicately captures the fluid beauty of watercolor painting, showcasing a palette of calming blues that exude tranquility.


3D wallpaper for kitchen walls #28


Classic black and white

Image Source: Remodelista


Revamp your kitchen’s style with a classic touch using a black and white checkered wallpaper. Also, this design offers a harmonious contrast that adds depth to your culinary space.


3D wallpaper for kitchen walls #29


Shades of blue

Image Source: Priority home designs


This dynamic pattern brings a refreshing wave of color and energy, reminiscent of oceanic wonders.


3D wallpaper for kitchen walls #30


A colourful piece

Image Source: Frankikas

This eclectic design brings an array of colors together in a harmonious patchwork, adding a playful and artistic touch to your cooking space.


3D wallpaper for bathroom walls

Like the kitchen, the bathroom too needs rough and tough material quality in 3D wallpaper to serve for a long time. However, bathrooms are the space where you can go all out with your preference of colour. Also, maintaining the contrast between floors and walls is crucial. So, if the floors are bright and loud, choose minimal design 3D wallpaper and vice versa.  


3D wallpaper for bathroom walls #31


A leafy affair

Image Source: muralswallpaper.co.uk


This wallpaper design seamlessly blends nature’s vibrant hues, infusing your bathing space with a refreshing burst of color.


3D wallpaper for bathroom walls #32


A delicate design

Image Source: venuereport.com


This pink wallpaper lends a gentle and inviting vibe to the bathroom, turning it into a serene haven where you can unwind in style.


3D wallpaper for bathroom walls #33


An abstract design

Image Source: Jacob hand photography


This ultra chic black and white artsy wallpaper design will give your bathroom an artistic edge.


3D wallpaper for bathroom walls #34


A luxurious accent wall

Image Source: renovatorstore.com.au


The colour blue is known for its calming qualities which is what makes it a perfect wallpaper colour for the bathroom.


3D wallpaper for bathroom walls #35


Golden accents

Image Source: behangfabriek.com


Select a beautiful wallpaper with a floral design that resonates with you to prettify your bathing space.


Maintenance and care tips


3D wallpaper maintenance and care tips
No hassle & low maintenance

Image Source: istock photo duets


The best thing about upgrading to 3D wallpaper is that these require almost zero to no maintenance. Stains can be easily wiped off with a damp cloth with some detergent. For removing dust quickly, you can also use a vacuum cleaner with a soft brush attachment on wallpapers. Although to be on the safe side, always maintain a distance of at least 20 cm between the 3D wallpaper and a heating appliance to avoid any damage. Additionally, 3D wallpapers even prevent seepage of moisture into the walls which keeps your wall healthy and reduces the risk of moulds. Therefore, 3D wallpapers are low on maintenance and high on performance. 


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Should I buy removable or non-removable wallpapers?

When deciding between non-removable and removable wallpapers, consider practicality and your long-term design preferences. Removable wallpapers offer flexibility, allowing you to easily switch up your home decor without damaging walls. On the other hand, non-removable wallpapers provide a more permanent solution, offering a higher level of durability.


What are the top wallpaper brands?

  • Nilaya by Asian Paints
  • Jaypore
  • Freedom Tree


How long does 3D wallpaper last?

The lifespan of a 3D wallpaper depends upon its quality, installation process, and the environmental conditions of the room. Generally, a good quality, well maintained and properly installed 3D wallpaper lasts anywhere between 5 to 10 years.


Is 3D wallpaper suitable for commercial spaces?

3D wallpapers are suitable for certain types of commercial spaces such as restaurants, cafes, entertainment venues, retail stores, creative studios and hotels. However, in spaces like corporate offices, warehouses, and educational institutions, 3D wallpapers can be a misfit.


Are 3D wallpapers good for walls?

Yes, 3D wallpapers are a great option to consider while updating your space as they are visually stimulating and can add depth and dimension to your space.


How to apply 3D wallpapers?

Start by preparing the surface and ensuring that it is smooth and dust free. After that, measure the height and width of the wall to determine the size of wallpaper required. Prepare and apply a thin layer of the wallpaper adhesive and start applying the wallpaper from the top corner of the wall. Use a smoothing tool to ensure proper adhesion. Finally, allow the wallpaper to dry as per manufacturer’s instructions.


What are the trending 3D wallpaper designs and patterns?

Currently, trending 3D wallpaper designs include nature inspired motifs, abstract textures and geometric patterns. These patterns bring depth and visual interest to spaces, allowing for a unique and captivating wall decor that complements various interior styles.



Wallpapers are truly a timeless solution for home interiors. 3D wallpapers can easily amp up your home interiors from ordinary to extraordinary. Furthermore, the versatility of 3D wallpaper in terms of application, from the bathroom to bedroom makes them a one-stop solution for beautifying your home walls. The enormous variety in terms of texture, style, themes, patterns and design is just endless, thus, there is something for everyone. Moreover, you can now customise 3D wallpapers; design your own patterns to stand out and create a statement. Now is the time to upgrade your home with trendy 3D wallpapers that reflect your wealthy taste and unique personality. So, choose any of the above listed 3D wallpaper and make your walls magnificent!


*The featured image used in this article is from Heart home



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