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palm leaves wallpaper in living room


Wallpapers are decoration materials that adorn the walls. So, an artistic wallpaper holds the power to magically transform your spaces. 3D, black, photo, and HD wallpaper designs are the latest developments in the designing sector.

Wallpapers have historically been a part of interiors as far back as the 17th Century. The techniques used then were hand painting, stenciling, and woodblock printing.

Although these techniques still exist as forms of handicrafts, has taken over the techniques involved in manufacturing and hanging wallpaper.

Of late, the range of trends in wallpaper is unimaginable.

From minimalist monochromes to bohemian bursts of colors, there is a for every personality!

This article delves into the modern aspects of wallpapering as it is known today.

It will touch upon the following areas:-



Advantages of wallpaper on walls

There are a number of reasons why you should opt for wallpapers. So, here are the most important ones:

  • Wallpaper designs for walls are available in a variety of designs and styles.
  • They can be removed as and when required since peel and stick wallpapers are quite easy to remove.
  • Wallpapers from trustworthy brands can last for more than 10 years.
  • It is a low-maintenance solution for your walls.
  • Hanging wallpapers is less messy than painting.
  • Unlike painted walls, wallpapers provide a much more consistent design.
  • Wallpapers easily cover up the imperfections in walls.
  • Unlike paints, the color of wallpapers does not fade.
  • Certain types of wallpapers also act as fire retardants.


Types of wallpapers

Wallpapers are categorized into different types according to the material they are made of. So, the main wallpaper types are discussed here:-


Paper wallpaper

This type of wallpaper is the one known to the common man. Also, since the paper has no protective covering, it is prone to wear and tear.

Although popular, these are not recommended if you are looking for a long-lasting option.


beautiful floral wallpaper design
Floral pattern paper wallpaper

Image Source: Pinterest


Vinyl wallpaper

They are the most popular type of wallpapers in use. Also, the vinyl base covered with a vinyl film offers a versatile and durable solution.

These are also quite low-maintenance. Vinyl, however, can be a toxic material so they are not the best choice for poorly ventilated areas.


glossy vinyl wallpaper
Glossy wallpaper

Image Source: Pinterest


Solid sheet vinyl wallpaper

This type of wallpaper offers long-lasting durability because of the additional thickness of the vinyl sheet. Hence, it is quite resistant to moisture and damage.


multicolor wallpaper with flowers
Solid sheet colorful wallpaper

Image Source: Tecnografica


Non-woven wallpaper

This type of wallpaper is a blend of natural and synthetic fibers.

Non-woven wallpaper is the latest trend in wallpapers. They are resistant to damage. The breathable material makes it a good choice for moisture-prone areas.


wallpaper for living room
Quirky synthetic wallpaper for walls

Image Source: Tecnografica


Fiberglass wallpaper

Glass fibers are woven together and compressed into a sheet to form fiberglass wallpaper for rooms.

In addition to being fire-retardant and moisture-resistant, this type of wallpaper is a strong yet lightweight option.


painted wallpaper

Image Source:  Ideal


Liquid wallpaper

One of the latest trends in wallpaper manufacturing, liquid wallpaper looks like sawdust at first glance.

In fact, it is a powdery substance consisting of mica, cellulose, cotton fibers, natural dyes, and adhesive. Therefore, this mixture is diluted with water and then applied to walls.

The applied version of this material is porous and breathable. Also, the main advantage of liquid wallpaper is that it can be moulded to any unevenness on the wall.


living room wall paper
Grey liquid marble wallpaper

Image Source: ilovewallpaper


Bamboo wallpaper

Environment-friendly bamboo wallpaper is a natural product. Also, the color of this wallpaper is long-lasting.

It has antiseptic properties that kill germs and prevent moss. However, it is not resistant to moisture and dust.


bamboo wallpaper
Natural bamboo wallpaper

Image Source: Mr Perswall


Textile wallpaper

Textile wallpapers are a class apart. Fabrics like silk and linen provide a luxurious appearance to the walls. Consequently, they are on the expensive side.

Also, textile wallpapers are difficult to hang.


designer wallpaper
Wallpaper textile with golden details

Image Source: Archiproducts


Wallpaper trends for 2021

Now that you have thoroughly understood the nitty-gritties of wallpapers, it’s time to look at the trendy designs of the year 2021.


Wallpaper design for bedroom


Wallpaper for bedroom #1

This geometric wallpaper for the bedroom is breathtaking. Especially, the pastel shades that contrast beautifully with the gold highlights of the wallpaper.


wallpaper design bedroom
Pastel wall with geometric print

Image Source: Graham & Brown


Wallpaper for bedroom #2

This beautiful paper will surely get you compliments. Also, it looks luxurious and reflects making the look nice and bright.


bedroom wall paper
Silver and gold wallpaper fior bedroom

Image Source: Pinterest


Wallpaper for bedroom #3

Adding a dark-colored wallpaper in a with white walls and accessories creates a contrasting and beautiful look.


designer wallpaper
Dark green printed vinyl wallpaper

Image Source: Domino


Wallpaper for bedroom #4

This bedroom wallpaper can easily drive out the boredom of plain walls.


abstract wall paper
How about some color for the bedroom?

Image Source: Houze Remodel


Wallpaper for bedroom #5

This bedroom paper is full of glamour and drama. Moreover, the horizontal stripes add layers to the dark blue paper design.


textured wallpaper design
Textured wallpaper for interiors

Image Source: Pinterest


Wallpaper designs for living room


Wallpaper for living room #1

The textured golden accent wallpaper designs are your safest bet for a living design. Also, the pastel with the gold wallpaper offers a plush and rich look.


wallpaper design for living room
Wallpaper for living with golden accents

Image Source: Graham & Brown


Wallpaper for living room #2

Nothing better than the classic black and white color combination. Also, this wallpaper creates a striking visual impact on the spectators.


Black and white striped wallpaper
Graphic white & black wallpaper

Image Source: AliExpress


Wallpaper for living room #3

This bold and statement-making paper for the living is expressive of personal style that will have every bit of guests’ attention.


living rodark green wall with golden accents
Statement-making wallpaper

Image Source: Graham & Brown


Wallpaper for living room #4

This surrealistic paper for the living will enliven your walls. Also, it will redefine the entire look of the space.


Wallpaper full of play and personality

Image Source: Roomates


Wallpaper for living room #5

Such bold and eclectic wallpaper designs can be your go-to when you don’t want to take everything over the top but want to make a statement anyway.


designer wallpaper for living room
Abstract floral designer wallpaper

Image Source: ilovewallpaper


Wallpaper design for office


Wallpaper for office #1

This pastel-themed wallpaper is an excellent option for a workplace. Also, it significantly raises the style quotient of the office.


A subtle yet stylish idea

Image Source: Wallpaper Tip


Wallpaper for office #2

Instead of neutral-toned walls, make the most of the space and experiment with colors and patterns in your office too.

Additionally, pick colors that aren’t too bright to keep the vibe professional.


Simple wallpaper with linework detailing

Image Source: Walls Republic


Wallpaper for office #3

Opt for this grasscloth wallpaper for the office. The color and texture account for the classy and minimalistic look.

Moreover, add cove lights for an extra charm to make space look larger.


Grasscloth paper for office

Image Source: and Deco


Wallpaper for office #4

Wallpaper designs for offices need not necessarily be bland and boring. Since adding a little color never hurts anyone, take inspiration from this wallpaper design.

Moreover, the contrasting is a bonus in this case.


Wallpaper for office in bright hues

Image Source: wallpaew


Wallpaper for office #5

The colors white & black have the fantastic ability to look modern, traditional, contemporary, and classic all at the same time.

Subsequently, add a pop of color with and accessories to keep the feeling bright and lively.


Simple yet meaningful wallpaper for office

Image Source: Decograff


Bathroom wallpaper design


wallpaper design #1

Create the of your dreams with this soothing tropical wallpaper for design. The print ensures that you leave this washroom feeling refreshed!


Quirky tropical wallpaper for

Image Source: Snob


wallpaper design #2

A muted yet tasteful wallpaper should be your choice as it will best stand the test of time. Moreover, such wallpapers for walls can also be used as a backdrop for other colorful wallpapers.


Neutral paper for

Image Source: Unsplash


wallpaper design #3

If you choose to cover your in big bold prints, it will surely catch the eye and transform the entire space.

Similarly, murals are an excellent option to cover your walls. be it massive florals, abstract patterns, tropical prints, or linework, it will surely get the attention it deserves.


Hyper detailed mural wallpaper

Image Source: Cutler Kitchen & Bath


wallpaper design #4

Contrary to the neutral wallpapers, dark-colored wallpapers are the perfect way to create a dramatic and mysterious look.

However, it may be a bad idea for a small as such dark colors can make space look even smaller.


Dark wallpaper

Image Source: Decorait


wallpaper design #5

Floral wallpapers are for artistic souls. You can go as heavy and as with the prints, the choice is entirely yours.

Additionally, floral patterns on and muted background are highly reflective and account for good in the bathroom.


Floral wall paper for bathroom
Floral paper for

Image Source: Wallpaper Tip


Latest wallpaper for


Latest wallpaper for home #1

This designer paper for is a sure shot way to wow anyone who visits as it gives a regal appearance to your home.


Designer wallpaper idea for homes

Image Source: teahub.io


Latest wallpaper for home #2

Monochrome wallpaper designs are a firm favorite when it comes to adding drama. Although there is no such color, the contrast between grays, whites, and blacks is enough to amp up the look.


Monochrome paper

Image Source: Deshpande Foundation India


Latest wallpaper for home #3

The first thing that a kids’ wallpaper should be is quirky. In short, go for designs with hot air balloons, animals, and cartoons to make a kid happy!


Animated wallpaper for kid’s

Image Source: Pinterest


Latest wallpaper for home #4

Since it is important to make a kid happy, adding animated wallpapers can help enhance the appearance of the room. Moreover, bring cute and fun animated wallpapers for kid’s rooms’ ceiling for that extra appeal.


Ceiling wallpaper for kid’s

Image Source: Decoist


Latest wallpaper for home #5

This 3D blue and white wave-patterned wallpaper will make your walls look expensive, without any expense.


Wave pattern blue wallpaper

Image Source: Reno Guide


3D wallpaper


3D wallpaper design #1

As the name suggests, a 3D wallpaper makes walls look three-dimensional. The 3D wallpaper for walls seems to be “popping out” from the wall.

The frames on this are actually just printed blocks on the wallpaper.


A Three-dimensional idea that stands out

Image Source: Eurotex


3D wallpaper design #2

This abstract tunnel wallpaper is the perfect example of a 3D effect.

Moreover, 3D wallpaper designs are an attention-grabber. When paired strategically, these have the ability to transform the whole space.


3d wallpaper for walls
High definition wallpaper with 3D effect

Image Source: Wallpaper Tip


3D wallpaper design #3

A dramatic 3D black wallpaper with a pop of color and mixed patterns is an absolute eye-catcher. Moreover, one of the most elegant designs for home.


3D black wallpaper
3D black wallpaper with and HD effect

Image Source: Canvas & Wallpaper


3D wallpaper design #4

This beautiful, floral, photo-realistic wallpaper will surely bring in that breezy bucolic charm of the outdoors top your space.


beautiful wallpaper design
Floral 3D wallpaper with realistic HD visuals

Image Source: homewallmurals.co.uk


3D wallpaper design #5

Add depth to your boring white walls with this 3D wallpaper. Additionally, the modern pattern matches the sleek and interiors, completing the entire look.


wallpaper design 3D
Statement-making 3D wallpaper

Image Source: Gratex


Brick wallpaper design


Brick wallpaper design #1

Hard to believe, but this right here is a paper in brick print, not a brick wall!

The high-definition wallpapers for the create the illusion of a constructed white brick wall.


wallpaper design brick
High definition brick paper

Image Source: Pinterest


Brick wallpaper design #2

Speaking of brick walls, you may also opt for an antiquated look by choosing baked brick wallpaper designs for your home.


realistic looking brick wall for living room
Brick paper for the classic, rustic look

Image Source: Walls Need Love


Brick wallpaper design #3

Stone and brick wallpapers add a rough-looking texture to your walls. Moreover, the deep red tone of the wallpaper brings warmth to the room.


brick wallpaper for living room
HD brick wallpaper for a lively space

 Image Source: Decoist


Brick wallpaper design #4

This neutral brick wallpaper adds a contrasting texture to your smooth surrounding walls. Additionally, the and neutral tones of this will look good in any room.


Something elegant and relaxing

Image Source: Pinterest


Brick wallpaper design #5

This brick wallpaper in black color brings a posh, rustic, and industrial ambience to your abode.


Realistic embossed brick wallpaper

Image Source: Pinterest

Natural wallpaper


Natural wallpaper design #1

an accent with this beautiful paper with flowers, birds, and butterflies on a patterned backdrop. Thus, this natural wallpaper is bound to be the centerpiece of any area.


Minimalistic theme wallpaper

Image Source: Wallpaper Safari


Natural wallpaper design #2

Turn your into a beautiful canvas with this gorgeous mural wallpaper for the room.

This jungle-themed wallpaper is sure to be the center of attraction in any home.


jungle themed wall mural
Mural paper that catches the eye

Image Source: Forest Store


Natural wallpaper design #3

This green, sunny, photo-realistic wallpaper is relaxing and mesmerizing to look at. Moreover, it is an excellent option for rooms that are big enough and require extra lighting.


Scenic nature wallpaper to up your space

Image Source: Amazon


Natural wallpaper design #4

This highly detailed paper is fit for those looking for an interesting pattern and detailing to add to their home.

In addition to the wallpaper, the neutral compliments the entire look.


Bold and beautiful wallpaper for living

Image Source: Colin & Justin


Natural wallpaper design #5

Natural paper designs need not always be bright, bold, and dramatic. This muted wallpaper is the perfect example of it.


Minimalistic nature paper

Image Source: Murals Wallpaper


Flower wallpaper


Flower wallpaper design #1

Bring Japan’s cherry blossoms to your with this flower wallpaper. Most importantly, nature wallpapers like this one infuse breath into your enclosed spaces.


A beautiful paper to take inspiration from

Image Source: Pinterest


Flower paper design #2

The first thing that comes to our minds when we think of paper designs is the classic and traditional floral papers.

You can’t go wrong with a contemporary flower wallpaper design.


Vintage floral paper

Image Source: AO at


Flower paper design #3

The classic blue backdrop in this paper offers an appealing contrast to the stark and minimalist modern flowers.


Colorful floral wallpaper with a blue backdrop

Image Source: Etsy


Flower paper design #4

This paper has vintage elegance that is enhanced by the choice of color of the flowers. Also, the beautiful wallpaper looks almost like the real thing!


Wallpaper with watercolor floral patterns

Image Source: Etsy


Flower paper design #5

What better way to add a bright yellow wallpaper in your room? This flower 3D wallpaper has all the elements to lift up your mood.


A muted yet bright wallpaper that will brighten your day

Image Source: teahub.io


Black wallpaper with a


Black wallpaper with design #1

Embrace the goth in you and get this black wallpaper with motifs! After all, no one ever goes wrong with black wallpaper!


black wallpaper
One of the best paper designs for TV

Image Source: Pinterest


Black wallpaper with design #2

This living paper has overlapping leaves detailed with black and white stripes. The monochrome palette adds simplicity to this beautiful wallpaper.


black and white colored chevron print wallpaper
Chevron print paper for house

Image Source: Pinterest


Black wallpaper with design #3

This wallpaper is a quick and easy way to make a statement with minimal effort. Also, there is no risk involved of going wrong.


black designer wall paper
Gold detailing on a black backdrop

Image Source: Print my space


Black wallpaper with design #4

This black wallpaper has a touch of drama. Also, it will surely be the first choice of a tougher personality.


designer black floral wallpaper
Dramatic black wallpaper to make a statement

Image Source: Pinterest


Black wallpaper with design #5

Black wallpaper with understated class. Additionally, the bold and bright against the black wallpaper add a unique detail to your wall.


Bold to add a touch of drama and opulence

Image Source: Graham & Brown


Photo wallpaper


Photo paper design #1

paper designs with photos are in vogue these days. Thanks to customized wallpaper designing, you can get any photograph printed as wallpaper.

Moreover, this city landscape photo wallpaper is a great way to decorate the lobby of commercial space.


Customized black paper with

Image Source: Wallpaper Kiss


Photo paper design #2

Photo wallpapers can also be customized. Hence, you have the liberty to add your personal style and preferences. You can get your favourite photograph printed or even one for yourself.


Picturesque HD wallpaper

Image Source: Ebay


Photo paper design #3

This regal customized photo wallpaper will surely turn heads.


A magnificent photo paper

Image Source: Edit


Photo paper design #4

This elegant and subtle paper is perfect for the living room, dining room, and even the master bedroom. Although a little over the top, this wallpaper is a statement maker.


Beautiful landscape wallpaper

Image Source: Godecorus


Photo paper design #5

This, understated and very charming digital art photo-realistic wallpaper, is for those who like to for themselves and want to create a masterpiece in their home.


Customized digital HD wallpaper

Image Source: AJ Wallpaper


HD wallpaper


HD wallpaper design #1

To add depth and character, it is important to have a paper that is high definition.

The brick wallpaper is a statement-making idea which, when combined with HD, makes the space look fancy and realistic.


High definition brick wallpaper
Brick HD wallpaper

Image Source: Woodchip & Magnolia


HD wallpaper design #2

Another paper HD idea would be a dark and textured wallpaper and adding cove lighting.

The lights focus on the wallpaper and due to its texture, is reflected at different angles. This lights up the and creates a beautiful and visually appealing atmosphere.


Textured HD wallpaper with cove lights

Image Source: Teahub


HD Wallpaper design #3

HD wallpaper designs are a total steal if you are looking for something muted yet stylish.


Muted cool-toned HD wallpaper

Image Source: Gratex

HD wallpaper design #4

White on white is the new trend when it comes to designing.

Thus, using different tones of the same color results in a classy and soft look. Absolutely one of the most elegant paper designs for home.


Beautiful wallpaper HD

Image Source: Pinterest


HD wallpaper design #5

This dark blue paper with streaks of opulent gold highlights is an absolute show-stealer. Definitely eye-catching!


High definition wallpaper with highlights

Image Source: Eve Kelly Interiors


New wallpaper


New paper design #1

This zigzag patterned wallpaper in the summer cool shades of blue and grey makes for a delightful idea. So, opt for this paper for rooms that get a lot of natural light.


Trendy wallpaper with shades of blue and grey

Image Source: The Spruce


New paper design #2

This faded paper for the living is in pastel shades of blue and pink. Most importantly, this house wallpaper creates a warm and welcoming atmosphere that will put guests at ease.


 wall paper colors
Faded paper designs that adds to the aesthetics

Image Source: Pinterest


New paper design #3

What could be trendier than designing wallpaper in the Pantone colors of the year!

Moreover, this geometric wallpaper for walls in the colors Ultimate Gray and Illuminating (yellow) will add warmth to your room.


Wallpaper featuring Pantone colors of the year 2021

Image Source: TenStickers


New paper design #4

A pop of such perky colors to your walls can be added with this mosaic tile wallpaper. Moreover, it will dress up any in your house.


Bold and lively mosaic wallpaper

Image Source: Maggenta


New paper design #5

Take the unconventional route and get a dark-colored wallpaper for home. Subsequently, contrast the and dark hues of the same color with furniture, preferably wooden, to complete the look.


featuring smoky hues

Image Source: DHgate


Designer wallpaper for walls


Designer wallpaper for walls #1

The herringbone pattern is one of the most popular designs to exist in design. Thus, it’s no surprise that the pattern is a popular choice in wallpapers too.

This herringbone paper for the can make for a great accent wall.


Trendy wallpaper patterns

Image Source: Wallpaper Safari


Designer wallpaper for walls #2

This premium wallpaper in colours like black, blue, green, red, and orange can brighten up the bedroom since you can play with vibrant hues to separate this part of the from the rest.


Abstract to add a statement in your house

Image Source: blogger


Designer wallpaper for walls #3

This marble stone paper is one of a kind because of the intricate and beautiful patterns and markings of marble.


wallpaper for living room
Marble stone wallpaper that stands out

Image Source: Pinterest


Designer wallpaper for walls #4

Nothing compares to golden accents on a plain white backdrop. This wallpaper idea is a must-try to turn heads.


Luxurious wallpaper design with gold accents
Luxurious paper with gold accents

Image Source: Refinery29


Designer wallpaper for walls #5

Some of us can never shake off our love for comics, movies, or superheroes. Therefore, take inspiration from this comic book wallpaper and transform your space.


wallpaper - comic theme
Comic book inspired wallpaper for the child in you

Image Source: Pinterest


The standard size of a wallpaper

Wallpapers are usually available in rolls. The standard industry sizes for wallpaper width are 21 inches, 27 inches, and 42 inches while the standard length of one roll of wallpaper is 10 meters.

One roll of normal, HD, or 3D wallpaper is enough to cover approximately 50 square feet of space on your wall.


Wallpaper installation tips

At the outset, applying wallpaper on the may seem like an easy task. However, don’t allow complacency to take over because it requires a lot of care.

Pay attention to the following details during wallpaper installation in order to prevent problems:

  • Particularly, use a measuring tape to take accurate measurements of the in order to buy the correct amount of wallpaper (usually available in rolls).
  • Even out the before application of wallpaper since the needs to be primed. Additionally, use an oil-based primer so that the wallpaper can easily be removed when required.
  • Before hanging, mark and match the wallpaper strips to align the patterns perfectly.
  • You can either get a pre-pasted wallpaper (adhesive back) or else you would need to apply the paste evenly.
  • Fold the paste side onto itself and let it rest for 5-10 minutes in order to activate the glue.
  • Start from the top while hanging your first strip and use a smoothing tool to even it out (from the middle to the sides).
  • Repeat the process with wallpaper strips until you have your perfect ready!


Top brands for best wallpaper designs in India


Nilaya by Asian Paints

Asian Paints has forayed into wallpapers with Nilaya- a collection of exquisitely designed wallpapers for homes.

If you are looking for luxurious wallpaper designs in shades such as white, black, or multicoloured HD, Nilaya is a great choice. Sabyasachi has also teamed up with Asian Paints to create designer wallpapers for walls!



Eurotex manufactures a wide range of wallpapers, decals, murals, and paintings for all styles.

Whether you are looking for the latest wallpaper designs for a or a commercial space, Eurotex is designing wallpapers for any place.


Paper Plane Design

Paper Plane is a firm involved in printing technologies, decor, and personalized gifts. Also, t

hey offer a wide range of trendy wallpapers for homes.



IndiaCircus by Krsnaa Mehta offers wallpapers to make your surroundings aesthetically pleasing. Moreover, the brand delivers designer wallpapers for walls in colours like black, white, multi-colours, etc. by taking inspiration from rich Indian art.


Marshalls India

Marshalls is an end-to-end specialist in wallpapers. Also, the brand is involved in the manufacturing, dealing, distribution, and supply of wallpapers in India.

Available in more than 10,000 designs and themes, Marshalls’ trendy wallpaper designs are ideal for both residential and commercial spaces.



With the current collection of inspiring ideas and good quality material, Wallskin transforms your homes into beautiful homes and converts business spaces into an environment of your choice.

Its HD wallpapers, murals, decals, and paintings are inspired by past and present disciplines. Thus, they make very unique pieces of artwork. Whether you choose traditional, contemporary, or ethnic décor, you’ll find ideas and inspiration to help you style your walls.


Excell Wallpapers

The brands bring the ideal blend of traditional Indian grandeur and western grace. Excel Private Limited began its journey two decades ago. Today, it has a pan-India presence with a large distribution network spanning all states and union territories. We have over 5000 different patterns of coverings to pick from.


Wallpaper Direct 

Wallpaper Direct has a stock of over 4000 different wallpaper patterns. The brand has a selection of over 11000 papers on the website. Also, it dispatches over 40,000 samples per month. It offers beautiful HD wallpapers in colorful shades such as pastels, black, white, digital prints, etc.



The brand offers eco-friendly and sustainable products. Also, these products use water-based pigment inks and dyes. Also, the beautiful wallpapers offered by the brand transform the space and make it livelier.



For décor, digital photos, papers, and covering and  Gratex remains a good choice.  You can get picture art and coverings & papers in standard or custom sizes at the best pricing and design. textured


Shop our top wallpaper picks here


Oriental Style Floral Black HD Wallpaper by Jaypore

jaypore black and gold wall cover

B U Y  H E R E


Flamingos by Wallpaper Direct


Flamingos on wall in front of a study table

B U Y  H E R E


Belgian Black Non-Woven Covering by Paper Plane


Belgian Non Woven wall skin

B U Y  H E R E


Warbled Verdure Wallpaper by India Circus

Warbled Verdure with green leaves and pink flowers

B U Y  H E R E


Mod Triangles Navy Mint Pink by Spoonflower 


COLOURFUL geometrical patterns wall cover

B U Y  H E R E


The Great Moghol Traveller by Asian Paints


the great moghol traveller by Nilaya

B U Y  H E R E


Lamborghini Murcielago Hexagon Wallpaper


Lamborghini Murcielago Hexagon Wallpaper

B U Y  H E R E 


Tijuca in Azur by Black Crow Studios


B U Y  H E R E


Human Nature Wallpaper by Mindthegap


B U Y  H E R E


Angles by Erica Wakerly Copper Capsule


B U Y  H E R E


Nuevo by Scion Living


B U Y  H E R E


Het Maidenhair Behang by Cole & Son


B U Y  H E R E


Parterre by GP & J Baker


B U Y  H E R E


Caliber Fine Art Prints by Black Crow Stusios


designer 3D HD skin

B U Y  H E R E


Versace Black Heritage Print Wallpaper



B U Y  H E R E


Funky Flora Candy Pink Wallpaper by Graham & Brown


B U Y  H E R E



Wallpapers are a timeless tradition. The innumerable wallpaper designs leave one spoilt for choice.

Also, wallpapers for walls are a great way to stylize your interiors as they offer a lot of benefits apart from their beautiful appearance.

They are relatively easy to apply and remove when required. Also, they hide the imperfections in the with their consistent design.

Firstly, care must be taken during installation to be accurate. Therefore, wallpaper hanging must be executed evenly across the wall.

There are multiple types of wallpapers available in the market on the basis of the material they are made of. So, from vinyl wallpaper to liquid, HD, and 3D wallpaper, you can choose a type that suits the place you want to be wallpapered.

The year 2021 has put a spotlight on new trends!

From black wallpapers to pastel tones, and from murals to patterns, we delved into all the latest designs. Also, the range, the quality, and the styles are sure to leave you mesmerized.

Good architectural is often underestimated and overlooked by the general public. Also, professionals like and designers are expected to know all the tactics to enhance our space in ways we could not have done ourselves.

Therefore, while choosing the right designs for your next architectural project, consider wallpaper designs as they add intricacy, style, and improve the visual appearance without costing too much.

Lastly, the best wallpaper brands in India like Eurotex, Nilaya by Asian Paints, and Marshalls India should always be on your radar when you are choosing wallpapers.

So, what are you waiting for? Get started on the search for designs that will make your otherworldly!




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