Bedroom wallpaper design: 45 modern & classy designs for walls

beautiful and bold floral printed wallpaper, adding essence of style and beauty to the bedroom
beautiful and bold floral printed wallpaper, adding essence of style and beauty to the bedroom

Your bedroom is a soothing hideaway from the hustle and bustle of modern life. In simpler words, your bedroom is a spot where you unwind, relax and most importantly, rest. The colours as well as patterns you pick for your bedroom wall not only enhance the decor but also have a significant impact on your mood. So, it becomes important to pick your bedroom wallpaper carefully. In recent years, wallpapers have made a comeback and regained popularity. Adding wallpaper is the easiest way to add textures, colours, and patterns to your bedroom wall design. There is a huge array of options available when it comes to bedroom wallpaper designs, ranging from classy patterns to modern stripes. With the right wallpaper for your bedroom walls, you can revamp your space and bring out its best features. 

So, in this article, we have compiled a list of our favourite wallpaper design ideas to help you pick the ideal one for your space. Feel free to have a look at the exquisite image gallery for inspiration. Also, browse through our top recommendations to ace your bedroom space now! 




35 top-notch bedroom wallpaper patterns and design ideas


Bedroom wallpaper design #1 – Cosy blues  


minimal and cosy blue coloured bedroom wallpaper design for wall, modern decor
Modern minimal decor enhanced with blue wallpaper design for bedroom wall

Image Source: Boutique homes on Pinterest


Top designers foresee blue as the new black in 2023. Thus, this wallpaper design with minimal yet classy prints offers a cosy and elegant bedroom backdrop, adding texture and warmth.


Bedroom wallpaper design #2 – Modern stripes 


brown and beige striped wall decor, classy design for bedroom, wooden furniture
Enhance your space with an essence of sophistication using a striped wallpaper design

Image Source: Sandberg wallpaper on Pinterest


Vertical striped wallpaper elevates room elegance and sophistication. So, this wallpaper design creates the illusion of a taller ceiling, offering a classy touch to any space, especially in modern bedroom design.


Bedroom wallpaper design #3 – Underrated neutrals 


neutral coloured wallpaper with patterns, modern classy design for bedroom
Neutral wallcovering to embrace your bedroom decor

Image Source: on Pinterest


Neutral wallpaper designs give a hint of personality to the space. Also, these wallpaper designs are easy on the eyes and give your bedroom a chic yet classy appearance. Moreover, the refined and sleek texture of neutral hues helps the room feel more welcoming and tranquil. 


Bedroom wallpaper design #4 – Beautiful florals


bold and beautiful wall decor with floral prints, a table beside thee bed, table lamp giving warm light
Statement-making bedroom decor with beautiful and bold floral print design on the wall

Image Source: Flamingo cocktail on Pinterest


This elegant as well as bold wallpaper design gives off a modern, mid-century vibe to your bedroom. Moreover, with a floral print and bright colour palette, it creates a perfect accent for your bedroom walls. 


Bedroom wallpaper design #5 – Classy patterns 


classic patterned wall decor for your space, blue coloured wallcovering with gold prints
Amplify your modern furnishing and room decor with classic patterned wallcovering

Image Source: Print my space


Classic patterns are perfect for interiors with a strong connection to a specific style era. Moreover, wallpaper with classy patterns, as well as intricate designs, does not overpower your bedroom; instead, they blend well with modern furnishings to create an authentic ambience. 


Bedroom wallpaper design #6 – Nature-inspired textures 


palm tree prints on wallpaper giving a natural touch to your decor, hanging light hanged over the bed, minimal bed room decor
Add a biophilic touch with nature-inspired wallcovering to enhance a minimalist bedroom wall

Image Source: Natty and Polly wallpapers on Pinterest


Nowadays, floral and tropical patterns are becoming very popular. These wallpaper designs are best for bedroom walls as they relax you and soothe your nerves. Moreover, these nature-inspired textures add natural radiance to beautify your space. 


Bedroom wallpaper design #7 – Geometric shapes 


geometric shape prints on wallcovering, pastel colour prints, elegant design for your space
Create an outstanding wall design for your space with geometrical prints

Image Source: Wallpaew on Pinterest


Geometric-patterned wallpapers cater to symmetry enthusiasts, offering versatile options from bold to delicate designs that enhance any style. Perfect for a striking feature wall in your bedroom, these wallpaper designs allow for unique colour combinations to truly make your design pop.


Bedroom wallpaper design #8 – Serene scenes 


beautiful serene wall coverings with natural effect, bedroom decor that radiates nature
Nature-inspired wall decor to embrace your space with fantasy

Image Source: Wallsauce on Pinterest


For a blend of nature and fantasy in your bedroom, serene wallpaper is an ideal choice. Additionally, with its diverse scenic landscapes, it appeals to nature enthusiasts. Particularly fitting for a child’s room, this wallpaper can be fully customised in any size and colour, offering endless creative possibilities.


Bedroom wallpaper design #9 – Pomp metallics 


gold metallic wallcovering for your bedroom, bedside table with a lamp placed in it, beautiful designs intricate on the wall
Bring royalty to your room decor with this beautiful wallcovering

Image Source: House boutique on Pinterest


With this stunning metallic wallpaper, you can bring a touch of royalty to your modern bedroom. It has a distinct and delicate appearance which perfectly adds warmth as well as comfort to your space. Moreover, this wallpaper design is a great choice for those who love the thrill of being stylish. 


Bedroom wallpaper design #10 – Catchy murals 


gold and green coloured bedroom, with beautiful mural wallcovering for wall decor, beautiful lightings, bold look
Add a sense of style to your space with a mural wallpaper

Image Source: Graham & Brown


Modern wallpaper comes in a variety of patterns but if you want quirky, statement-making designs, murals are perfect for your bedroom. Since the mural wallpaper has a stunning design, you can make your room look great without putting in too much effort. Plus, it can be bright and bold or neutral and muted as per your liking. You’ll be in awe when you see how well this wallpaper goes with your decor. 


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Bedroom wallpaper design #11 – Abstract adventure


multi-colour wallpaper, quirky wall decor, bedroom wall
Alluring charm for your living room

Image Source: Etsy on Pinterest


Abstract wallpaper is a captivating and imaginative form of artistic expression that brings a touch of uniqueness and sophistication to any space.


Bedroom wallpaper design #12 – Tropical treasure


nature inspired wallpaper for your bedroom wall design
Bringing nature’s beauty indoors

Image Source: India Circus by Krsna Mehta


Elevate your living space with the serene allure of nature-inspired wallpaper. Each intricate detail captures the essence of the outdoors, infusing your walls with a breath of fresh air.


Bedroom wallpaper design #13 – Tranquil blue


gorgeous design intricated wallpaper giving a royal touch to the bedroom wall, classy decor with modern furnishing
Enticing blue

Image Source: Pottery barn teen on Pinterest


The delicate leaves dance across the serene blue backdrop, creating a sense of calm and earthly embrace within your space. This wallpaper effortlessly blends sophistication and a touch of the outdoors, making it a perfect choice for bringing a refreshing ambience to any room.


Bedroom wallpaper design #14 – Simple yet stunning


elegant floral printed wall covering, with neutral hues giving this bedroom a chic yet classy style, beautiful decor
Minimalistic elegance

Image Source: Cococozy on Pinterest


Delicate green leaves, graceful birds, and charming flowers create a serene atmosphere, allowing you to enjoy the beauty of nature without overwhelming your space.


Bedroom wallpaper design #15 – Accent wall


beautiful wallcovering with elegant design, royal yet modern wall decor
A distinctive wallpaper design

Image Source: Aesthetic photos on Pinterest


The intricate patterns in light hues give this bedroom a notable style. Such minimalistic wallpapers give an artistic edge to the room without giving off a busy vibe.


Bedroom wallpaper design #16 – Maximalist magic


blue bedroom with beautiful patterns, bed, chair, side table and a rug
Embrace the beauty of extravagant patterns

Image Source: Wendy Morrison Design


Unleash the full potential of your bedroom’s aesthetics with this vibrant maximalist wallpaper design in enchanting shades of blue. This dynamic composition will also transform your space into a tapestry of nature’s wonders.


Bedroom wallpaper design #17 – Calming symmetry 


minimalist wall decor, geometric shapes making the bedroom wall stand out, bed, console table
A classic colour scheme

Image Source: Hannah Neira on Pinterest


Symmetrical designs possess perfectly balanced elements that come together in harmonious unity, creating a sense of tranquillity that washes over your space.


Bedroom wallpaper design #18 – Fanciful flannel


traditional checkered wallcovering, classy design, yellow and grey colour, planter
A warm embrace

Image Source: Wallpaper direct on Pinterest


Embellish your bedroom with the cosy charm of a flannel-inspired wallpaper, adorned in a harmonious blend of soft grey and warm yellow ochre tones.


Bedroom wallpaper design #19 – Celestial vibe


eye catching serene wall decor, parachute flying in the sky, wooden flooring
An out-of-the-world experience

Image Source: on Pinterest


Immerse yourself in a world of wonder right in your bedroom with this breathtaking 3D wallpaper featuring a hot air balloon soaring amidst picturesque skies. This wallpaper can also be used in a kids’ bedroom.


Bedroom wallpaper design #20 – Artistic heaven


scandinavian bedroom decor enhanced with murals, wooden furniture, rug
A minimalistic wonder

Image Source: Marina Fills Murals on Pinterest


This classy bedroom wallpaper design skillfully merges the simplicity of minimalism with the delicate beauty of nature’s elements.


Bedroom wall paper design #21 – Glamorous grey


grey coloured brick wallpaper, bed, side table, rug, minimal decor
Urban chic

Image Source: Ebay


The textured look of the bricks adds depth and character, creating a sophisticated backdrop that effortlessly merges industrial charm with cosy comfort.


Bedroom wall paper design #22 – Delicate beauty


pink room with a floral wallpaper, a bed, pillows and blanket
Pink perfection

Image Source: Etsy


Indulge in the serenity of a graceful pink bedroom adorned with wallpaper that beautifully showcases delicate birds, intricate flowers, and poised leaves.



Bedroom wall paper design #23 – Weathered vibe


scenic bed room wallpaper in a bedroom with a bed, side table
Enchanting landscape

Image Source: Etsy


This design features an oasis in a weathered look that captures the essence of a jungle flourishing around a beautiful river.


Bedroom wall paper design #24 – Classic and versatile


brown Herringbone pattern wallpaper design in a room with bed and side table
Soothing wallpaper

Image Source: Ondecor


Cosy up your bedroom interior design with the timeless charm of herringbone-patterned wallpaper that mimics the warm appeal of wood.


Bedroom wall paper design #25 – Playful patterns


yellow wallpaper in a kids room with a bed, chair, tiny rug and toys
Eccentric design

Image Source: Spoonflower


Embellish your kids’ room into a whimsical wonderland and spark their creativity with a playful wallpaper adorned with a delightful array of random shapes.


Bedroom wall paper design #26 – Grounded in nature


hyper realistic wallpaper in a bed room with a bed, table and chandelier
Hyper-realistic wallpaper

Image Source: Ever wallpaper


Capture the beauty of nature with a hyper-realistic wallpaper showcasing beautiful leaves adorned with glistening water droplets.


Bedroom wall paper design #27 – Aquatic wonder


fish inspired wall sticker with a white background in a room with a bed
A fishy affair

Image Source: Everwallpaper


This design captures the tranquil beauty of an underwater world, adding a touch of aquatic elegance to your environment.


Bedroom wall paper design #28 – Old-school video game


greenish blue wallpaper in the kids room with a bed, painting and books
Kid-friendly wallpaper

Image Source: Ondecor


Infuse your kids’ room with a sense of nostalgia and playfulness through wallpaper adorned with repetitive gamepad motifs.


Bedroom wall paper design #29 – Fashion blast


black and white wallpaper in a room with a bed
Unique wallpaper

Image Source: Etsy


Express your unique personality with this wallpaper featuring a collection of quirky women cartoons outlined in bold black strokes, each adorned with a splash of vibrant lipstick.


Bedroom wall paper design #30 – Offbeat yet engaging


black and white wallpaper in a room with bed, pillows and blanket
Quirky wallpaper to embellish the walls of your modern bedroom

Image Source: Ondecor


Enliven your bedroom with a touch of whimsy and personality with a quirky wallpaper that’s bursting with imaginative charm.


Bedroom wall paper design #31 – Watercolour effect


watercolour painting inspired blue wallpaper in a room with a bed side table and mirror
Blue serenity

Image Source: Happywall


Immerse your space in the ethereal beauty of a watercolour painting-inspired wallpaper depicting a serene blue landscape with fascinating reflections. This design can also be used in a minimalistic bedroom.


Bedroom wall paper design #32 – Splash of colour


blue and black tribal decor wallpaper in a room with a bed, chair and table
Accent wall

Image Source: Ondecor


Enhance your space with a dynamic tribal-inspired wallpaper boasting a fusion of bold black, lively yellow, and lush green tones.


Bedroom wall paper design #33 – Cityscape 


grey cityscape wallpaper in a room with a bed and table
Fascinating 3D wallpaper

Image Source: Happywall


Watch as towering skyscrapers and intricate architecture come to life, creating a breathtaking illusion of depth and dimension on your walls.


Bedroom wall paper design #34 – Intermingling of hues


blue wallpaper in a bed room with a bed and side table
Blast of colour

Image Source: Ondecor


Witness a breathtaking symphony of hues as colours intermingle in this mesmerising wallpaper design. Furthermore, each shade seamlessly flows into the next, creating a harmonious dance of tones.


Bedroom wall paper design #35 – Unconventional design


colourful wallpaper in the bed room with a side table
Classy bedroom wallpaper design

Image Source: Happywall


Experience the allure of creativity with an unconventional wallpaper design that defies norms and sparks conversation.


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Bedroom wall paper design #36 – India Circus Flora Crest of the High Flower

With India Circus wallpaper, elegance and natural beauty seamlessly blend, turning any space into a serene oasis adorned with delicate patterns and vibrant colours. Imbued with a romantic ambience, it also infuses your bedroom with a soothing sense of serenity.


patterned backdrop overlaid with floral motifs and peacock prints, vibrant wallpaper with Indian appeal to your modern bedroom

Bedroom wall paper design #37 – Graham & Brown Christian

The monochrome dogtooth design epitomizes timeless elegance, exuding style in its finest form. So, consider pairing it with dark grey paint, or for a fresh and vibrant ambience, opt for a clean white backdrop.


black and white wallpaper print, classy retro vibe, modern room decor

B U Y  H E R E 


Bedroom wallpaper design #38 – Jaypore Printed Wallpaper

Experience the epitome of modernity with the Ethnic Wallpaper, featuring eco-friendly UV printing and seamless application over any coloured surface.


ethnic wallcover, Ultra Modern UV printed with eco-friendly dyes, blue and white design, bed

B U Y  H E R E 


Bedroom wallpaper design #39 – Lifencolors Gitanjali

This wallpaper by Lifencolors captivates with its exquisite craftsmanship and rich cultural motifs, bringing opulence to your bedroom. The intricate patterns and vibrant hues also create an ambience of regal splendour and artistic sophistication.


wallcover with an essence of beauty, enhance room decor

B U Y  H E R E 


Bedroom wallpaper design #40 – Asian Paints Nilaya By Sabyasachi

Asian Paints’ Nilaya wallpapers by Sabyasachi combine opulence and tradition, featuring captivating designs that exude timeless elegance. Furthermore, their rich textures and intricate details transport you to a world of refined beauty and luxury.


stunning red wall decor, red wooden upholstered chair, wooden table with a flower vase placed on it, red roses

B U Y  H E R E 


Bedroom wall paper design #41 – Freedom Tree Monkii

Step into a world of escapism with Monkii, a vibrant wallpaper inspired by old miniature paintings. Also, delve into its rich textures enhanced with botanical flowers and swinging monkeys that are guaranteed to bring a smile.


classy wallcovering for your room, vintage design and look, wooden furniture, feather texture

B U Y  H E R E 


Bedroom wallpaper design #42 – Wallpaper Direct Rosenholm

Rosenholm Midnight Blue wallpaper reigns with stunning peonies and roses, evoking splendid floral beauty from the 19th century. Moreover, its dominance and misty nuances create a captivating and harmoniously beautiful ambience.


wall decor with dazzling peonies and fabulous roses in magnificent floral splendour, white furnishing blending well with it, gives a 19th century vibe

B U Y  H E R E 


Bedroom wallpaper design #43 – Nicobar Indus Moon

Inspired by the moon and ancient Indus Valley script, this pastel wallpaper showcases a mesmerising mosaic of motifs. So, whether rejuvenating corners or starting afresh, this wallpaper is best for a captivating aesthetic transformation.


pastel coloured wall decor, moon and burrows print, wooden furniture

B U Y  H E R E 


Bedroom wallpaper design #44 – Wall Mantra Flying Flamingos

This wallpaper exudes joy with its vibrant turquoise hue and whimsical flying flamingo design. So, transform your space into a cheerful oasis with this lively and captivating wall covering.


Wallpaper of flying flamingos in turquoise premium quality wallpaper

B U Y  H E R E 


Bedroom wallpaper design #45 – Kalakaari Haath Bird Watching

‘Bird Watching’ wallpaper brings a refreshing ambience, skillfully capturing intricate foliage reminiscent of miniature paintings. Additionally, its vibrancy and natural allure create captivating vibes.


modern bedroom wallcovering with detailed foliage from miniature paintings, imaginary theme, design for kid's bedroom

B U Y  H E R E 


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Wallpaper selection guide

Consider the following factors before buying wallpaper:

  • Budget: Decide on the maximum amount you are willing to spend on wallpaper and stick to it.
  • Durability: Ensure that you invest in good-quality wallpaper.
  • Maintenance needs: Look for wallpapers that are easily washable and moisture-resistant.
  • Room decor: Pick a design that matches your decor and colour scheme.
  • Lighting conditions: If you have a small room that receives little natural light, opt for wallpaper with lighter colours and smaller patterns.




How much wallpaper should be used in bedrooms?

Bedroom wallpaper quantity varies based on room size, pattern, and coverage plan (full or feature wall). Measure each wall’s height and width (minus windows/doors), then consult the manufacturer’s instructions or a professional to determine the exact quantity required.


Which colours are best for bedroom wallpapers?

The choice of colours for bedroom wallpapers ultimately depends on personal preference and the desired atmosphere. However, it is generally recommended to opt for soothing and calming colours such as light pastels and neutrals or cool tones like blue, beige, lavender and green. These colours can create a serene and relaxing ambience conducive to rest and sleep. It’s important to consider the existing decor and lighting in the room to ensure a cohesive and harmonious overall aesthetic.


What is the best method for selecting bedroom wallpaper?

When selecting a bedroom wallpaper, it’s important to consider a few factors. Start by determining the desired style or theme of the room, whether it’s modern, traditional, or something else. Consider the existing decor and furniture and choose a wallpaper that complements or enhances the overall aesthetic. Additionally, take into account the size of the room, lighting conditions, and personal preferences in terms of colour, pattern, and texture to ensure a cohesive and visually pleasing result.


Which wallpaper types are best for small bedrooms?

When choosing wallpaper for small bedrooms, it is advisable to opt for designs that create an illusion of space and enhance the room’s visual appeal. Also, keep in mind that light-coloured wallpapers with delicate patterns or textures can make the room more open and airy. Additionally, vertical stripes or wallpapers with a sense of depth can create a visual effect of height, making the ceiling appear higher and the room more spacious.


Which wallpaper types are best for white bedrooms?

The best types of wallpaper for white bedrooms depend on personal preference and the desired style. However, some popular options include textured wallpapers like grasscloth or linen for a subtle and sophisticated look, floral or geometric patterns for a bolder atmosphere, or metallic accents for added glamour and elegance. Ultimately, it is important to choose a wallpaper that complements the existing decor and creates a cohesive and visually appealing space.


What is the best method for hanging wallpaper in attic bedrooms?

When hanging wallpaper in attic bedrooms, it is important to prepare the walls by ensuring they are clean, smooth, and free from any imperfections. Then, measure and cut the wallpaper accurately. Next, choose the proper adhesive. Apply it evenly to the back of the wallpaper, allowing it to soak according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Finally, hang carefully, start top-down, smoothing bubbles and wrinkles.



Wallpaper, once considered outdated, is now a trending choice. It adds timeless charm and conceals wall imperfections in the living room, bedroom, or bathroom. Statement wallpaper designs can revamp your bedroom in style, bringing energy as well as a sense of relaxation. Whether you want classy room decor or a modern appearance, there are numerous bedroom wallpaper designs available online. For instance, bright wallpaper shows the homeowner’s joyful and lively personality, whereas monochrome wallpaper creates a more focused energy in your bedroom.

Online, you’ll find countless options, reflecting your personality and style. So, choose wisely as wallpapers impact a space’s aesthetic. Also, don’t wait too long for the trend to fade away! Grab your favourite design from our top recommendations and transform your bedroom ASAP! 


*The featured image used in this article is from Etsy


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